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¶ Melting Fire ↠´ Download by ¾ Anne Mather All the drama of an excellent classic HP written by the master of drama Anne Mather This was sooo un PC and naughty The innocent and her guardian, who also happen to be her stepbrother He basically raised her from the time she was 8 years old and still fell for and seduced her The ick factor was strong in this one In the real world, this would make an excellent Jerry Springer episode Even when I found myself cringing as I read, I still kept on reading It was too intense to put down An excellent read for anyone liking their romance with a touch of ick Heroine was too fickle and annoying for my tastes I Want To Live My Own Life But Olivia S Bid For Independence Was Swiftly Rejected Richard Replied With The Hard Assurance Of A Successful Businessman I Ve Paid For Your Upbringing, Olivia, And Everything You Possess I Expect To Collect The Dividends From My Investment Olivia Gazed At Him In Disbelief She Was His Stepsister, The Only Person He Truly Loved She Had Always Been Spared His Ruthlessness Why Now Did Richard Intend To Control Her, To Use Her In A Way That Both Shocked And Frightened Her The Heroine is nineteen years old and she has just returned home from a Swiss finishing school The Heroine, Olivia and hero Richard are step siblings Richard has taken care of Olivia since their parents passed away Overall, I just found this book a bit dry At times it was a bit difficult to read because it sort of dragged along As an analogy, Melting Fire is to reading what dry meatloaf is to eating when you are hungry There were minor flirtations between the hero and heroine one that really caught me off guard was when the heroine was nude by the pool working on her tan, and Richard walks up to greet her Well she jumps up to hug him without giving a thought to her nudity Then again, maybe it s not a big deal I m an American and we are kind of skittish about nudity Things you may may not like about this novel 1 This is so not my trope I have a major ick factor for step sibling relationships Especially when they ve been raised together as siblings or as in this case the much older step brother basically raised her and was a father figure Having said that This was a well written, angst filled, highly emotive typical Anne Mather book For those who like these elements and don t have a problem with the step sib issue then this could be a good read.
Yes, the hero is quite manipulative and controlling Yes, the hero spoils her with luxuryYes, the hero loves her crazyYes, the hero force seduce herAnd Yes, I loved it inspite of everything.
Only 4 stars because the heroine was an idiot.
Melting Fire is the story of Richard and Olivia, and is an old Harlequin stepbrother romance.
Olivia returns home after finishing her studies, to find her stepbrother Richard has changed and her nursemaid Bella encouraging them to be together She is exasperated, as she s just found her independence in her new boyfriend, the rockstar Jules.
However, it is not Jules s kisses who make her squirm at night.
You have a crazy ott old school obsessed hero and a bold childish heroine TBH in like 80% of the book she behaved like a bratty teenager and seemed attracted to Jules than Richard, unless Richard paid attention to anyone else Even after they sleep together, she runs to the om She was even view spoiler ready to kill the baby to prove her love WTF hide spoiler This kept me intrigued through out to see how this played out but the heroine, Olivia got on my nerves Richard was in love with Olivia but her attitude towards him and her overall fickleness almost spoiled the story There was chemistry between them but she kept denying it and she lacked self awareness The last two chapters was pretty uncomfortable read and I didn t like her The ending was sweet though Only Mather s superb writing kept me going despite all that drama or I would have quit reading but I continued because of that.

Don t think I am crazy for giving this book a 4 star rating I really don t know why I liked it so much It was dated 1979 , the hero was uber to the extreme psycho un PC and the heroine was too young.
This book read like a Harlequin in gothic land and had this dark, gotta look at the accident vibe to it She is alone in the world except for the hero and the housekeeper, her father long dead and her mother and stepfather also dead in an accident when she was very young The hero raises her from age seven The hero at one point says he would rather kill her than let her leave him.
I think he almost meant it He does almost work himself to death when she does finally leave him.
A strangely compelling book emphasis on the strangely.
Guardian ward story involving step sibs with an ambivalent heroine and some serious dubious consent Has all the wtfery that I love Some might be squicked out or want to neuter the H If you generally don t or at least don t let that stop the enjoyment , I don t expect you d want to here.

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