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Download Epub Format õ Soul/Mate PDF by å Rosamond Smith A Lonely Widow Is Romanced By A Brilliantly Portrayed Pathological Killer In This Novel By The National Book Award Winning Author Of Them The New York TimesDorothea Deverell Is A New England Art Historian Working For A Boston Museum, Resigned To Entering Middle Age Alone Until She S Swept Off Her Feet By The Flattery Of A Charming Younger Man Who Calls Her His Soul Mate Colin Asch Is Swept Away Too He Admires Dorothea S Gentle Nature, Innate Goodness, Decency, And Acceptance Of Others Without Judgment She S Nothing At All Like The People Colin Has Met Before And Murdered A Self Appointed Angel Of Death, Colin Is Determined To Keep Dorothea Happy By Eliminating Anyone Who Gets In The Way Of His Plan They Ll Be Clever Kills, Untraceable And Fast As A Knife Slash To The Throat Each One Will Bring Him Closer To The Woman He Loves And By The Time Dorothea Discovers What Horrors Passion Has Wrought, She Ll Be In So Deep, So Dark, That Giving In Might Be Her Only Chance Of Survival This Novel, Called A Hair Raiser By El Leonard, Comes From TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Of We Were The Mulvaneys, A Four Time Pulitzer Prize Finalist And Recipient Of The O Henry Award, The National Book Award, And The Bram Stoker Award In Soul Mate, It Is Clear From The Start That We Are In Joyce Carol Oates Territory, For The Book Is Stamped With Her Hallmarks Her Complex, Detailed Prose Her Fascination With Violence Her Obsessive Concern With Rendering Not So Much Action As The Way Action Haunts The Hidden Consciousness Of Her Characters The New York Times As usual, Oates has a roving and imaginative mind In our part of the country I lived a couple miles from her Lockport home for many years we say Joyce has the most interesting mind on the planet Just not THIS planet Fascinating, intriguing plot, handsome psychopathic serial killer, develops a fixation on an innocent Oates like woman, etc She must have a fascinating dream life is all I can say But Oates makes the same mistake other famous writers do she writes like a famous Princeton writer with the cadences and grammatical stuffiness of Princeton or Stanford or Berkeley writers who do not talk the way WE that s you and me homey do It can get annoying to hear adverbs misplaced, sentences truncated for formality and so on Fun book, but for gods sake, come on listen to the way real people, like Lockport NY people, talk Colin Asch had in fact always relied upon the world s stupidity as a factor in his own talent Amid a herd of slow witted bovine beasts he was a leopard capable of running at speeds up to seventy five miles an hour a flash of burnished flaming light.
via my blog Deverell, a New England art historian, goes about her days as a widow, working in a Boston Museum She has a lover, if not entirely hers to keep, and is content to simply live her life as is Little does she know she is about to be charmed into a strange sort of affair with a charming, psychopath the damaged yet brilliant young nephew of her friend No one understands Colin Asch, and if he has to kill to rid the world of such people, so be it That his disturbing darkness is hidden behind his beau I found this a really entertaining and compelling novel, but perhaps one that doesn t bear too much literary scrutiny Writing as Rosamond Smith, Joyce Carol Oates here ventures into the genre of romantic thriller, and does it very competently Colin Asch, her protagonist, appears at first to be a charming and attractive young man, if a somewhat troubled one He becomes fixated on Dorothea Deverell, an art historian working at a Boston institution, and she is initially intrigued, even attracted, by him But the reader knows from the start that Asch has already killed Could he kill again And will Dorothea becomes his next victim The tension is cleverly maintained, and it s not a predictable read by any means, although admittedly not one that always avoids stereotype and clich But taken o HorribleCouldn t wait till it was over Bad characters, no suspense Boring as hell Wasn t worth the money Don t recommend Ugh.
Interesting bookMs Oates is my favorite author of literary fiction ALL her books are great That said, this one is less great than most Several times while reading I d be blindsided by a particularly creative apt and articulate phrase Ms Oates has always had that effect on me More often than not I get wrapped up in her reality and get lost in time and space However, that did not happen in this book For some reason, I have less empathy and or understanding of her main character for all of these particular characters I m not placing responsibility with Ms Oates I just couldn t relate I have my own bit of trauma in my own history, and that may account for my response I will need to cogitate a bit on this to see if I getclarity.
Mouth droppingly fantastic writing, very satisfying character town building and of course some incredible psychopathy.
joyce carol oates writing as rosamond smith is a writer of thrillers, often ones concerned with dualities within human nature it is an interesting side project for an amazing writer in Soul Mate, she seems rather less concerned with dualities andconcerned with a kind of pastiche of the romantic thriller, complete with various overblown situations, scarcely believable characters, and almost purple prose it is an interesting book because oates is an interesting writer it is also rather off putting, maybe because the romantic thriller is still quite alive and breathing nothing new is being said here, which is unusual from an author who usually surprises me with her insights still, the novel features a very sympathetic psychopath, which is always an entertaining achievement and the writing is a savory thing.
Dorothea ist seit Jahren verwitwet Sie wird ab und zu von befreundeten Paaren mit dem leicht durchschaubaren Ziel eingeladen, sie einem m glichen Partner vorzustellen und ihren Kampf gegen die Einsamkeit endlich zu beenden Auch die Weidmanns f hlen sich verpflichtet, Dorotheas Gl ck auf die Spr nge zu helfen Dorotheas verstorbener Mann und Martin Weidmann kannten sich schon seit ihrer Studentenzeit Warum Paare Singles einladen, hat Dorothea nie verstanden Sie ahnt, dass diese Einladung verlaufen wird wie alle anderen vorher Ihr Tischnachbar wird von seinem Beruf erz hlen und Dorothea wird dann kaum mehr zu Wort kommen M nner fragen Frauen nie nach ihrem Beruf Unerwartet taucht an diesem Abend der Gro neffe der Weidmanns auf Das Schicksal des Besuchers, das Ginny Weidmann genussvoll ausposaunt, w hrend Colin im Obe

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