Trailer ç Dungeon Madness (The Divine Dungeon, #2) PDF by Û Dakota Krout

Trailer ç Dungeon Madness (The Divine Dungeon, #2) PDF by Û Dakota Krout An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BNUQABoth Cal And Dale Have Become Stronger, Each In Spite Of The Other The Dungeon Cal Knows Exactly How Much Their Strength Has Increased, And Is Working Hard To Become Exponentially Powerful His Schemes Are Becoming Complex, And His Dungeon His Body Deadly Dale Has A Nasty Surprise Waiting For Him As He Works To Thwart The Plans Of The Devious Dungeon You See, He Is Hearing A Voice In His Head That Tries To Distract Him In Critical Moments, And So Must Fight His Mind As He Fights Deadly Creatures Unbeknownst To Both, They Are In For The Fight Of Their Lives As Madness Threatens The Land Better than the First Disclaimer In the interest of full disclosure I personally know the author, and I received access to a temporary pre release copy in exchange for editing services A review was never discussed, but I enjoyed the book and feel it is deserving of a review Please note, I did pay for permanent access to the final copy of the book Also, my personal relationship with the author has had no impact on the following review, unless said impact was grading aspects a bit harshly Quick Look Dungeon Madness is the second book in the Divine Dungeon series and is a fantastic follow up to the first book The concept is the same in that the main character is a dungeon, but the scenarios play out quite a bit differently than in the first book Again, this book is a L I liked this one than the last one because we get to see of what s going on in the world and there s a bit depth to the book.
The adventurer main character is struggling how to hold on to his authority in the dungeon raiding camp, dealing with elves, royalties from around the world, and other shit that just makes his life difficult Do you let this faction or that faction have control of security, what do you do about the over abundance of royal twits coming and thinking they should be top dog How do you deal with rationing out the spoils of the dungeon, how do you make roads and trash removal function properly That sort of thing There s of course dungeon raiding, monsters, new insights into how the magic works There was actual character development in this book rather than just characters being vessels for the plot which is fine given the story type , but I always en What a great concept The concept of a story from the perspective of a sentient dungeon was enthralling for me Better, the cast of characters were fantastic as is the overarching story line The author did a commendable job of writing an entertaining and novel story The only home I found through the entire story was that no one had any suspicion of the dungeon s sentience despite numerous clear indicators That bothered me a bit through both books but not enough to prevent me from enjoying them thoroughly.
I highly recommend this novel and the Audible version voiced by Vikas Adam Adam s voice acting is superb and captures the characters and settings brilliantly A must read for fantasy or video game fans.
FINALLY So it s been months since I finished Dungeon Born and since then I ve been binging on LitRPGs Now that I m much versed on the genre, I appreciate the way this series is constructed even Everything just feels very cohesive, organic, and fluid I m never left skeptical of why an event happened or questioned a characters actions Nothing feels forced or formulaic, or there because other books do it, or to check some arbitrary box Krout even managed pop culture references in a non obnoxious way, making me grin instead of sigh in annoyance Hint to Aleron Kong it s because it was subtle and rare view spoiler It s hard to discuss anything about the plot without spoilers as nothing ever seemed to follow the plot line I expected Krout does a good job of setting up the tensions in the world c 3.
5Still silly Still enjoyable Still too many puns.
Book 2 continues the adventure, expanding the world and characters I didn t enjoy it as much as Book 1 for a couple reasons First, the in depth mechanics of the RPG leveling system began dragging it down at parts as we got VERY in depth I enjoy the creativity, but it also drags Second, it doesn t feel as polished which Book 1 already had some polishing problems Jokes get repeated or scenes from the same book get re capped as if we hadn t just read them A solid edit could have cleaned that up Also, and this is just a minor pet peeve, the book winks at the audience just a little too much Talking about that scribe names Dakota the author s name then mentioning Dakota again as if we hadn t heard it the first This sequel to the first book of the Divine Dungeon, Dungeon Madness starts where the first ends and goes immediately to the next storyline.
Although I still rate it highly, I ll put it relatively below Dungeonborn There s a couple points from the first book addressed here, but it also adds some new problems My main beef and why I d rate it as 4 4.
5 rather than full 5 stars is the Minya character which is relatively unnecessary I appreciate that she s introduced as a Dungeonborn contrast to Dale, but she creates what I felt unnecessary complexities, and she s also a spoilery source of in universe knowledge for the Council It weakens the story when you have a character that basically can tell everyone the Dungeon mechanics rather than having Dale figure them It s a very difficult balancing act, and one Binge read this sucker the day after listening to the first book on audible After reading this book, I think I prefer reading the series to listening.
Overall a pretty legit book It wasn t completely predictable which was great Cal was amusing, Dani was sassy and got a tad scarier, Dale got lipo, and Craig got vanished but no really he went from a secondary character trainer to disappearing, where d he go.
I m really curious about that Dakota guy though He seemed pretty powerful and intelligent Hopefully he didn t die.
Can t wait for book 3 I have to say that this series has become the gold standard for Dungeon books for me.
There were some twists from the first book that I thought would degrade the main focus of the story, but Mr Krout has done an admirable job of reigning it back in, bringing those loose threads back to the Dungeon.
Levelling mechanics and internal consistencies are top notch and the book has either had professional editing done, or Mr Krout has some very good beta readers.
Eagerly awaiting for the next 7 books in the series.
Also, the covers are awesome

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