☆ Read Á Freedom Fire by Elizabeth Evelyn Allen ☆ nikeairmaxcheapuk.co

☆ Read Á Freedom Fire by Elizabeth Evelyn Allen ☆

A WOMAN AS SPIRITED AS THE LAND SHE LOVED Golden Hair Hidden Beneath A Cap, Vibrant Beauty Disguised By Plain Gowns, Rebecca Rayburn Was Defiantly Independent Never, The Vowed, Would She Accept The Cowardly Tory Her Father Wanted Her To Wed Instead, She Turned To The Deep New England Harbor And The Dashing Ship S Captain Who Would Be Her DestinyRebecca Knew Bold American Privateer Philip Keane Would Marry Her In Name Only To Keep Her Fortune From Her Enemy S Hands, Then Return To His Mistress And The Sea But She Knew Nothing Of The Fires That Raged When Strong Fingers Unlaced A Bodice, Gentle Kisses Caressed Flesh, And Proving Touches Reached A Woman S Deepest Passions Nothing Of The White Hot Desire That Would Sweep Her Toward Ruin Or Love S Most Magnificent Dream

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