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µ Handbags and Homicide (Haley Randolph Mysteries) ò Download by Ì Dorothy Howell Witty, Smart, And Always Chic To Die Despite A Less Than Glam Checking Account Balance, Haley Randolph Has It All Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Coach, Burberry And She D Kill For The Newest Louis Vuitton Handbag It Seems She S Not The Only One When Someone S Passion For Designer Purses Leads To Murder, Haley Goes Shopping For A Killer To Clear Her Name According To Haley Randolph, You Can Never Have Enough Handbags She Has One For Every Occasion, But That Doesn T Mean She Won T Go To Any Lengths To Get The Latest Louis Vuitton Unfortunately For Haley, Her Life Goes From Glam To Grim When Her Passion For Fashion Outlasts Her Credit Cards, And She S Forced To Work During The Holiday Season At Holt S A Mid Market Department Store That Doesn T Even Stock Designer Labels Much To Her Horror Looking For A Bit Of Shopping Inspiration, Haley Abandons The Sales Floor And Sneaks Into The Stock Room To Get A First Glimpse Of Holt S Ultra Fab Holiday Promotion A One Of A Kind Selection Of Handbag Styles But Instead Of The Newest Vuitton, Haley Discovers Her Boss Is The Ultimate Fashion Victim He S Face Down In Lingerie Stone Cold Dead According To The Security Tapes, Haley Was The Only Person In The Stockroom Before, During, And After The Murder With Everyone In The Store Eyeing Her Like Last Season S Marc Jacobs, Haley Turns To The Hunky Ty Cameron, Who Heads Up The Store S Loss Prevention Unit, To Help Her Investigate The Murder In A Race To Clear Her Rep, Haley S Knowledge Of Hot Trends Will Take Her From The Sales Floor To The Boardroom To The Gritty Streets Of LA S Garment District Now, Haley Must Find A Killer With Impeccable Fashion Tasteand Get Her Hands On That Perfectly Checkered Louis Vuitton Bag Before Time Runs Out I loved the storyline, it was a captivating read, but found it a bit repetitive and detailed where it wasn t necessary A few too many characters and I was disappointed with the ending.
Tried the Kindle sample of this one From the description, it sounded like Confessions of a Shopaholic with a murder mystery so I expected the main character, Haley, to initially be irresponsible with her money But I wasn t expecting a lazy, shallow, disrespectful, mean spirited main character Within just the short Kindle sample, she manages to inwardly call a customer the B word just for complaining that the store was a mess which it was , insult her again, inwardly for being only a 32B and only pretend to look for an item in the back for her She followed it all up by reveling in satisfaction when the customer got fed up and stormed off And she did all this with an air of superiority, though I m not really sure why since it wa What a stupid novel, what a totally unlikeable, lazy, bad work ethic main character Wow really disappointed I got to chapter 3 and when she got upset because her supervisors were going to watch tapes that might include her practically mapping in the stock room when she was supposed to be attempting to assist a customer, got upset that her boss was killed and that might crimp her plans, and she specifically avoided a store customer who needed help not that the customer had any redeeming qualities herself I just had to quit Is the author a 20 something with this same attitude, one of I am me, therefore you should fall down and worship me, my 700 purse, and my massive piles of debt incurred while buying things such as the aforementioned 700 purse and others like it If so, no thanks, I get enough of that in my classroom and at Some books I m embarrassed to admit that I read and this is one of them But I want to get it on my list to remind myself not to read any in the series The main character, Haley was completely unlikable shallow, lazy, dumb and irresponsible with money I enjoy a well written chic lit mystery but this was not it I figured out the two mysteries long before she did and I kept saying to her you were set up because they knew you were stupid Near the end when she also figured it out she asked Why me and she went on to say because I m stupid On that we agree.
You can see this review at Tales Between the PagesHandbags and Homicide by Dorothy Howell is a fun read that is perfect for summer It s funny, fast paced, and there are enough designer handbag references to make you drool I m not a handbag afficionado I buy cheap at Target But the book even had me drooling when I looked up pictures of the handbags in question.
I had a hard time liking Haley at the beginning of the novel I found her vapid and narcissistic and not too like able For a while, I wasn t sure if I was going to like the novel at all I mean, she finds a dead body and it s not big deal Why isn t it a big deal Dead body Pool of blood BIG DEAL But, something shifted for me around the time she figured out she was being accused of embezzlement She had this moment of How could I have been so stupid and vowed to never let it happen again That moment of self realization shifted me fr I read alot of mysteries but had decided that I wouldn t give any 5 stars 5 star ratings are reserved for my all time favorite books Well after reading a clunker previous to this I just fell in love with this funny mystery Handbags are quite bountiful in the world of Haley Randolph She is funny, smart, relatable and sassy Most mysteries have the typical solve the crime and all the pieces come together at the end This one had a couple of nifty twists and turns at the end A complete and utter joy to read More Haley please I must confess that I could not finish reading this book I had high hopes, as I love cozy mysteries but this was just horrible from the get go It seemed promising, but I just couldn t connect with the main character, and I had to force myself to turn the page The main character was over the top materialistic, shallow, self centered and lazy I couldn t connect with her whatsoever This was my first and last Dorothy Howell mystery.
You know how in Evening Bags and Executions, Haley Randolph s work ethic gave me physical pain Well, in Handbags and Homicide it is the same dealexcept with finances Her spending habits had me literally cringing But then, maybe I m just not enough of a purse person At any rate, despite horrid finances and a total Confessions of a Shopoholic vibe, I still immensely enjoyed this book She makes terrible life decisions but I like Haley The mystery was terribly predictable and I don t know why she ever considered herself a serious suspect for the cops, but I liked the vibe of the mystery Finally, I loved Ty I didn t mean to, especially not after starting in book 6 where Haley is newly single But he has a really sweet personality and I especially found it hilarious how often he tries to ask Haley out and she totally misses the cues But st I should have known from the very start that I would never identify with the main character But I kept reading, hoping she would do something to redeem herself To me, she reads as shallow, stupid and selfish, and I just couldn t get over that and follow along happily with the story The plot itself was decent enough, and the twists though a little convoluted worked out The writing wasn t bad either It was mainly the protagonist that I just didn t like.

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