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[Kabi Nagata] Ü さびしすぎてレズ風俗に行きましたレポ [world-war-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ The Heart Rending Autobiographical Manga That S Taken The Internet By Storm My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness Is An Honest And Heartfelt Look At One Young Woman S Exploration Of Her Sexuality, Mental Well Being, And Growing Up In Our Modern Age Told Using Expressive Artwork That Invokes Both Laughter And Tears, This Moving And Highly Entertaining Single Volume Depicts Not Only The Artist S Burgeoning Sexuality, But Many Other Personal Aspects Of Her Life That Will Resonate With Readers This was a different reading experience than I was expecting The cover and blurb makes it seem a little goofy, but it s actually quite introspective and is mostly her processing her mental health issues.
I love the vulnerability of this graphic novel It strikes me as a self reflective and self focused version of Alison Bechdel s Fun Home whereas Bechdel pulls apart the underlying mechanisms of her family, Nagata Kabi shines a light on the inner workings of her own mind Kabi addresses a wide range of important topics, including her sexuality, depression, eating disorders, family strife, and her feeling of not belonging anywhere The combination of words and images draws you into the moment with her and gives her story an extra touch of authenticity and realism I most appreciate how Kabi discusses the difficulty of her struggles as well as how she recovered from them, walking us through how she navigated her sexuality and reclaimed her self worth.
A quick and worthwhile read Would recommend to anyone interested in LGBTQ experiences, portrayals of mental

I really enjoyed the focus on mental health in this manga, and the color scheme was very visually pleasing, even if I didn t love the art style However, story wise, this was pretty repetitive, especially for such a short book I enjoyed it, but definitely didn t love it.
Maybe the reason I d been so bad at dealing with people in person, had been how hard I was always trying to make them like meI wasn t expecting to be blown away by this but I was Damn Don t been fooled by the comical artwork This book delves deep into the psyche of a woman struggling with an inner battle with depression, self depreciation, and her sexuality.
My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is an autobiographic comic about a woman who was struggling with a lot of things in her life getting a stable job, developing relationships, approval from her parents, eating, and self harm.
Anyways, let s get back to the review WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS An autobiography made into art Struggles with depression Sexuality Eating disorder Lesbian action not too graphic though, s

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