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[Kathryn Lasky] ï The War of the Ember (Guardians of Ga'Hoole, #15) [12th-century PDF] Read Online á My favorite part was when they recruited all the different animals to fight with the guardians, and when Soren became king I found the puffins lack of vocabulary very funny, because they took everything literally My least favorite part was when Coryn died, even though I knew it was fair It wouldn t have been fair, or likely, that all the main characters survive the whole thing, or none of them sustain any injuries, so the injuries they have make it realistic, even f I don t like Otulissa losing an eye from the previous book.
The book that I am currently reading right now is called Guardians of Ga Hoole By Katheryn Lasky The story has a mixed amount of main antagonist and protagonists The main protagonists names are Soren Barn owl , Gylfie Elf owl , Twilight Great Gray owl , Digger Burrowing owl , Outlissa Spotted owl , Coryn Barn owl , Cleve Spotted owl , Tengshu Long eared blue owl , and Namara Dire wolf of the Beyond The book s main antagonist are Nyra Barn owl, leader of the Pure Ones , The Striga Leader of the Blue Brigade, Blue owl , and Tarn Burrowing owl, commander of Pure Ones The story takes place in a land known as Ga Hoole, It is made up of two kingdoms known as the Southern, Northern Kingdoms and the Beyond There is a war that is being fought between two different groups of owls, one being called the Pure Ones who want to seek control and take over all six ow Not An Ambush Not A Battle But The Final Confrontation War In This Last Chapter In The Great Of The Guardians Of Ga Hoole The Striga And Nyra Join To Conjure A Malignant Power From Hagsmire Itself When News Of Their Alliance Reaches The Great Ga Hoole Tree The Guardians Call To Good Creatures Everywhere Gadfeathers, Kraals, Polar Bears, Greenowls,puffins, Seagulls, And Dire Wolves An Army Of Free Creatures Marches, Swims, And Flies To The Hot Gates Of The Beyond, Where The Fate Of The Six Owl Kingdoms Will Be Decided Once And For All Gaurdians of Ga Hoole War of the EmberBy Kathryn Lasky Soren , your time has come Those fateful words were empowering and heartbreaking The book was incredible and magnificent and bloody and everything in between My favorite character is by far Teng Shu even though he play only a minor role he has got to be the coolest owl ever Let me put this simply, he is an owl who knows kung fu, and he is blue A BLUE OWL I think Lasky wrote this final chapter to end the FIFTEEN book saga, and to put an end to Nyra and that stupid blue owl Orlando a.
a the Striga Orlando is a demented dragon court owl who escaped and tried to take over the kings mind and then tried to court Nyra Bleakch It great though when the striga got ri This series has had a horrible downfall from the first book Very disappointed, the band seems to be Mary sues Gary sues now Like Gylfie is the best navigator in the history of the tree A non band one is Ruby, she is the best flier in the history of the tree I pretty much hate this book series now I unhappily stuck with it though to see if it would get better, I hope Wolves of the Beyond will be better.
THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS This book series has a lot of bittersweet memories for me When I finished it and cried it was Christmas Eve Ezylryb will forever remind me of my grandfather, who was a true book lover Right about the time I read the part in the series where Ezylryb passed away, my grandfather did as well So when Soren was mourning his noble teacher, I was doing so outside of the page I had always found similarities between myself and Soren, but at that point he felt like my best friend Then, at the end of The War Of The Ember, when Soren was crowned as king of the Ga Hoole tree, it just seemed so perfect This series really touched me, and I hope it does for you as well.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Guardians series While they re surprisingly violent for books targeted at children, I still think of them as a good, easy read and do recommend them The first few books especially were marvelous, though I must admit my favourite part of the entire series are the three books written about Hoole and Grank honestly I think that those three books would have been better suited to the film adaptation than the ones actually chosen, though there were problems with the film that stretched far beyond the choice of material or adaptation decay that I won t get into here Actually writing out the legends instead of relating them piecemeal via exposition or dialogue was an excellent idea on Lasky s part, especially considering what came after them in the series However, I felt that it was after To Be A King that the series really lost its momentum, and it ultimately lets th

While I certainly did enjoy this series I also feel there was a lot of dragging out of stories, chopping out entire stories, and in the last few books, mountains of retconning I personally think the series could have been ended far, far earlier I ve noticed with many of these types of books, looking at you Warriors, that stories are so confusing and drawn out that they re a bit difficult to read While this series was far better in those aspects it s still a bit disappointing When I first started reading this series I really enjoyed it but, as the books went on I realized it was becoming far convoluted and confusing than the original story entailed The random introduction of mates in favor of already established characters plus the sudden Asian owl continent was generally very saddening for me as I really liked the potential relationships and battle rich ending The constant escape of Nyr Just when I started feeling that the series is extending a bit too much, it gets interesting to even think of leaving the series alone Book 15, The war of the Ember, yes finally the ever ending series of the noble owls of the Ga Hoole tree has come to a stunning conclusion.
The strange, maniacal blue owl known as the Striga has been rousted from the Great Ga Hoole Tree Nyra, leader of the vicious Pure Ones, is either dead or laying low in some distant land,leaving the tree finally at peace As if fed by an invisible spring, learning and the lively arts flourish at the great tree and spread throughout the owl kingdoms.
But unbeknowst to the Guardians, in a long empty cave deep in the Northern Kingdoms two ruthless villains join forces to conjure an ancient evil, an evil that will do their bidding and wreak havoc on the world.
When word of this growing malevolence reaches Coryn, This was the final book of the main series, and the one I never knew existed when I blew through the series in middle school I may have cried a little So much nostalgia, a great ending, and some closure a decade later.

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