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[R.M.A. Spears] â Armor of Glass [civil-war PDF] Read Online ↠´ Armor of Glass is written in first person narrative using a stream of consciousness technique Those who are unfamiliar with this technique might find it a bit strange, but I think R.
A Spears chose perfectly for this novel Spears s prose is at times quite poetic From the beginning, I found Brick to be a difficult character to like He had qualities about him that I found anywhere from uncomfortable to downright offensive However, the author did a wonderful job of not only making me sympathize with a character I didn t particularly like but also making me understand him By the end of the novel, I truly cared what happened to Brick, even though I still was unhappy with some of his behavior I loved how the novel was very true to life There wasn t a perfectly wrappe In great need of editing by someone who is an actual editor This was a second edition already, so someone dropped the ball here.
Take The Movie An Officer And A Gentleman Add Twenty Years, Twenty Pounds, Three Kids, An Absent Wife, A Bad Civilian Job When A Seductive Old Friend Reappears In The Spirit Of Bukowski And Palahniuk, RMA Spears Paints A Raw Portrait Of The American Everyman As He Navigates The Military, Midlife And Marriage In A Changing World Ride Along As The Grizzled Veteran Battles Commuters On A Dallas Train As He Reflects On A Life Of War And Pain, Of Women And Loss With His Head Down, Bulling Through Various Assignments To Make His Version Of The American Dream A Reality, A Troubled Marine Reaches The End Of His Rope, Only To Let Go And Tumble Into A Turbulent Affair With A High Ranking Woman On The Fast Track To General What He Doesn T Know Is That He Will Be The Spark To Ignite The Powder Keg Of Her PastWinner Next Generation Indie Book Awards For Debut AuthorsBronze Medal Winner In Military Category Readers Favorite International Book Awards A Man Relives The Events That Shaped His Cynical View Of Life It S A Skillfully Crafted Literary read Foreword Reviews STARS One Of The Most Realistic Love Stories I Have Ever read Readers Favorite Eduardo Aduna STARS If You Are Looking For A Summer Novel To Read, You Don T Have To Look Any Further Than Armor of Glass A Novel It Is Fantastic Readers Favorite Kathryn Bennett STARS If You Like Romance, A Sprinkling Of Military Talk And A Lot Of Drama, You Will Enjoy Armor of Glass Readers Favorite Patricia Reding STARS It Is A Lasting Story Those Who Look Closely, Such Stories Bring Understanding And Insight Armor of Glass Is Such A Story A Genuine Tragedy, Honestly Told Readers Favorite Patricia Reding STARS A Riveting Love Story Laced With Corruption And Sexual Misconduct That Prevails In The Air Force Readers Favorite Mamta Madhaven STARS Armor of Glass Follows A Flawed Man At War With His Memories Searching For Peace San Francisco Book Review STARS Spears Long, Illustrious Military Career Gives Him A Clear Knowledge Of His Source Material Kirkus Reviews Professionally Written, The Storybrings Readers Satisfyingly Into The Action With Its Realistic First Person Narrative Blueink RMA Spears Is A Retired Marine, Having Served Twenty Seven Years In The US Marine Corps And US Navy He Now Resides In Rural Missouri, Where He Pursues Dual Careers In Writing And Real Estate Development Brick is a fighter, a lover, a husband and a father Armor of Glass is the story of how the often lost Marine learns to find his true identity by looking past his titles.
The novel begins and ends on a train, where Brick, like many, do most of their thinking It is told in a series of flashbacks beginning with his childhood The reader gets to know Brick and his family as told by his point of view There are lovable characters, and others not so lovable There are even times when, in the midst of his confusion, he is not quite so likable himself, but the dynamic nature of his character makes him relatable even to those who have military history.
Throughout the book, Brick fleshes out some military history in an understandable and interesting way Not only does Armor of Glass by R M A Spears is a so so novel that reads like an autobiography A lieutenant colonel once warned me I was brutally honest I considered myself a realist, not a skeptic or cynic What I thought to be brash and bold, many took as ass and a hole I think not, therefore I am not I settled on my first nickname, Brick Brick is a hard working every man He has been a husband, father, soldier, Marine Brick feels beleaguered and put upon by almost everyone in his life He is skilled at making poor decisions and life choices that he subsequently blames on other people He blames everyone for his mistakes except the one woman he loves and never married Cameo.
Armor of Glass features a disagreeable main character who feels sorry for himself and throws blame at everyone else even though he brings many of his problems as an adult on himself The abuse by a coach when he is young is u I had to force myself to finish this book It was an Herculean effort The writing is rambling, meandering, very stream of consciousness I couldn t discern any real plot it jumped from topic to topic, from riding rapid transit and trying to one up other riders, to child sexual abuse, to combat, to wife hopping You know, if you can t convince the woman you want to marry you, after each refusal, you repeatedly marry the next woman you meet Yes, he says that several times I got the distinct impression that this book was originally written as a therapy assignment, with the author then deciding to try to make a little money off of it I didn t like the main character He s disagreeable, always complaining and whining I could buy that over the sexual abuse, but not over everything else He thinks he s an every man, but I disagree I ve never met anyone like him I doubt you have, either And the maj I received this book through Goodreads Giveaways, directly from the author I usually read write a review as soon as I can I felt bad because it took me so long to finish and I wanted to write an honest, constructive review but I just couldn t find the words and felt guilty for wanting to give it a 2 3 rating This book was not easy for me to get through, most likely because I was having a difficult time connecting with the main character He seemed to always be the victim Sure, I could connect with feeling like that at times in my life but I realized that didn t lead me to any place I wanted to be I grew and learned from the difficult events I d been through This character didn t seem to change or grow.
I was frustrated with how much he seemed to dislike women Also, admittedly as a woman who served 12 years of my life in the Air Force 8 as enlist

It was hard for me to read this book at times because of how the main character, Brick, reflected on his life It didn t seem like it focused too much on the love story between him and Cameo Most of the book was spent explaining how hard his life was, how things never went his way, how he was always the good guy that had so many bad things happen to him Everything was always from his point of view, so you never really knew if his ex wives were as bad as he made them out to be or not Just as an example, he was married to his second wife for a long time He was so unhappy with her because she was horrible to him and their kids and only thought about working on her nursing degree, working at her job, etc So, he has an affair, and that s ok with him It wa Reviewed by Michael McManus for Reader s FavoriteOn a forty minute train ride, Brick, the main character in Armor of Glass A Novel , recounts the low points of his life, a life made up primarily of low points, according to him Brick is searching for a purpose for living His only fear is ending up a nobody who has never done anything of importance This fear pushes him through enlistments in three branches of our military, a myriad of civilian jobs, an intolerable marriage and a love affair as explosive as the passion he feels for a girl he met in school and keeps running into as he travels through the tragedies of his life Brick doesn t crave wealth or fame He just needs some level of success in something Although it may sound like Brick is a total loser, the truth is that his timing is totally off Whenever something looks like it Brick is a shy, unsure, quiet man who struggles with the dating scene He can t seem to find a date until one day his mother tells him SHE found a date for him Not brave enough to ask the woman face to face for a date, Brick calls Cameo to ask her out Cameo agrees to meet him though both she and Brick aren t sure what to expect When he first catches a glimpse of Cameo, Brick knows he s in love with her Though they become great friends, nothing ever happens to make their relationship move forward Brick marries and works hard to provide a good life for his wife and children He had no way of knowing his wife would turn into the person she had become He had no way to prepare for the war about to begin Phenomenal writing, this book will captivate you Characters you can love and those you love to hate make this

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