✓ Wolfgang (The Wolfgang Trilogy #1) ☆ Download by ↠´ F.D. Gross

✓ Wolfgang (The Wolfgang Trilogy #1) ☆ Download by ↠´ F.D. Gross The first thing I noticed while reading the pages of this book is how much of Castlevania influence there is in it the setting, the characters, the situations and even the weapons, you can feel that the author has a lot of love for these things, maybe just as much as I do there s even a map at the end that looks very much like one of those old Castlevania levels But I truly believe that Castlevania s structure does not work when trying to create a narrative in book form The moment to moment gameplay of killing hundreds of creatures and traversing stages is translated to this book in the most faithful way, but with the interactive element that is so intrinsic to video games taken out of the equation, we are left with the sensation of watching someone else play the game The decision to use present tense throughout the book never felt You know those mostly old computer games full of quests against beasts in dark dungeons with beautiful damsels in distress either waiting for you as a prize or being sacrificed at the very beginning to spur the hero on This is such a story.
An impossibly powerful evil is vanquished in the prologue or, to be precise, wants and allows to be vanquished Sixteen years later no idea what took so long the hero s family and nearby village get attacked, he loses everything but his son, and therefore goes on a quest to get him back.
Sadly, this was not for me It has too much religiously tinged pathos, the writing often felt chunky, the story as well as the characters felt like cardboard cutouts And what, in the name of all vested Sixteen Years Have Passed Since The Death Of Lord Egleaseon, The Vampire Lord Who Sought To Be Human Again, Defeated By The Famous Noble Lord, Wolfgang One Day After Cleansing The Surrounding Countryside Of Vampires, Wolfgang Returns From His Latest Expedition Only To Be Faced With The Horrible Reality That Everything He Held Dear To His Heart Has Been Taken From Him His Wife Is Dead, His Home Is Burned, And His Son Is Nowhere To Be Found Only The Smallest Inclination Leads Him To Believe His Orphaned Servant Is Somehow ResponsibleHe Is Desperate And Provoked, And Will Do Anything To Get His Son Back, Even If It Means Journeying The Path Of Darkness Thus Begins The Story Of Wolfgang I want to start this review by stating that I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review This in no way changes or affects my review I m always hesitant about vampire stories because they re either done really well or really terribly, there doesn t seem to be an in between I was quite pleased to find this is one of the stories that does vampires really well They re actually quite scary and I loved it I also really loved all the other creatures the characters had to deal with, each time a new one was introduced I was delighted This book was dark and creepy and pure horror and I haven t read anything quite like it My only minor complaint that I had to remove a star for is that the writing is a bit awkward and choppy at times, a couple times I had to reread sentences or paragraphs multiple times because they were slightly confusing B This is one of my SPFBO reads and it s a Vampire hunter story with a lot of potential, but sadly I don t think it really worked out for me Personally I find Vampires aren t my favourite type of character, so I was quite happy to watch someone go around hunting them, but it felt quite repetitive to me and in the end I found myself a little bit too detached and estranged from the character to really be invested This follows Wolfgang, a famous hunter of Vampires who has been killing them for years and who, in the beginning of this book, has just slain a very old Vampire Lord We follow Wolfgang six years after this killing when he returns home to find that his family is gone and his village is burned and in disarray He quickly sets out to hunt down his lost son, and that is where the story begins.
What I liked about this was the concept, it s a story about I had started this in January then had a holiday and things got in the way so I started it again Firstly I need to say that I m not a fan generally of Vampire related books but if they are written well I ll rate them highly This was something quite unexpected.
I really liked the main character, his role as a Vampire hunter and his presence is strong His role is sometimes not an easy one He s got plenty of battles to fight.
The plot is interesting and the setting intriguing This is not sparkly vampire fiction The strength is absolutely in the strong main character I also liked a dark twist on who and why he has to kill No plot spoilers for you however It s quite sad in places This is suitably dark fiction.
I think Vampire book lovers will enjoy this one I do think as a first novel it s a good effort and hope to read from this author in the future 3.
5 stars rounded up to 4 stars f I received a copy of the eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review I ended up purchasing the paperback on my own.
I had a lot of fun with this book It called to mind images from the video games series, Castlevania, and classic horror movies Briskly paced and well written, Wolfgang was very enjoyable to read I never found myself bored with it, and I was glad to see there is a second book coming out this year.
Sometimes, I find myself disappointed with horror novels, as they tend to do everything they can to hold off from indulging in actual horror Creatures left to lurk in shadows a lot of did I see what I thought I saw And then when the creature shows up, it s kind of underwhelming not really worth the wait Fortunately, there is a whole host of baddies in Wolfgang They re fairly traditional in their descriptions and

All the time I was under the impression that this was the video story of a game, with vampires, lechers, bogarts, ghouls and zombies and whatnot spawning from everywhere and trying to rip up the main character I scan the floor for something but there is nothing The table breaks, shattering in two, splintering like the door There is one piece in each hand now Not all is lost The bogart lashes out and I stake the cursed thing through its one yellow eye, pushing it through the back of its head Gore spurts onto the wall and floor.
I was provided by the author with a copy, but this wasn t anywhere near my cup of coffee, sorry.
This can be exactly what the doctor ordered As long as you ve been craving GOOD heavy horror fantasy films that ramp up the action and the pathos in equal time to fighting the beasties Revenge Check Saving his son Check.
Go Medieval on a ton of monsters Hell yeah He IS a vampire hunter, after all Wolfgang is going to use every weapon available, killing bogarts, swamp things, and of course, VAMPIRES Traditional ones With big and beautiful castles And of course, there s villages and poor people everywhere Sound familiar Well, that s because it is exactly what a lot of us want Castlevania In novel form Doing what only novels can do without huge budgets for special effects and big name actors getting their swords bloody Who s the ravening fiend, here That s right It s US We eat this stuff up So did I see this as a movie for the entire tim Synopsis Wolfgang is a nobleman who spends his days and nights purging the countryside of the undead But when he returns home after killing a nest of vampires, he discovers his wife dead, his town in ruins, and his son is missing Desperate to find his son alive, he must fight a race against time, all the while killing the hoards of undead that are trying to keep him from his goal.
PlotThe book opens with a little preamble setting the stage for the story It sort of reminds me of the sliding words on the screen of the beginning of Star Wars movies I think this will be very useful in follow up books in the series, so that readers can be quickly reminded of what happened in the previous books, so the the author can jump right into the plotline in the first chapters.
This novel reads like a rocket fast paced version of Dracula minus the epistolary

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