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¾ Graffiti Japan ☆ Download by » Remo Camerota Fantastic Very interesting interviews with japanese graffiti artists Kanji graffiti writing looks hard and beautiful 3 Japan Has Always Been A Breeding Ground For Innovative Approaches To Western Traditions Think Cinema And Baseball Another Example Is Graffiti, Which Covers The Buildings And Walls Of Japan S Largest Cities As Well Its Rural Areas While Graffiti In Japan Shares Many Of The Same Characteristics With Examples From Other Parts Of The World, Distinct Cultural Aspects Of Japan, From Kanji To Popular Anime Characters, Set Japanese Graffiti Apart Tokyo Based Photographer Remo Camerota Has Captured These Culturally Unique Aspects In Graffiti Japan, And In Doing So Befriended Some Of The Country S Major Graffiti Artists Colorful Spreads And Intimate Interviews Provide A Detailed Examination Of Japanese Graffiti, A Subject That Has Yet To Dominate The Graffiti Book Market 1261st 2011 Interesting portrait of graffiti artists across Japan.

Graffiti Japan is an unexpected find full of interviews with prominent Japanese graffiti writers and bombers coupled with some great photographs of their various works.
Through interviews and social connections this book gives a lot of insight into the writer painter behind the art In such a style centric culture it is no surprise that artist choose graffiti specifically as a medium for their expression and just go wild with it Although, part of me was a little disappointed that the book didn t branch out , maybe explaining some about the actual history of the art rather then just the current scene.
The art that is displayed here is amazing The first thing I said when I opened this book was ooooooooo, pretty There is such a variety in the style, locations, and type of graffiti that I couldn t tare myself away I have always loved graffiti It s Strikingly beautifulWhen I was teaching high school in the Los Angeles area in the early 1990s the subject of graffiti was contentious People on the right saw it as defacing public and private property and promoting illegal lifestyles Those on the left tended to be tolerant I had some taggers in my classroom, one of whom was very talented I had him to do a magazine style report on writing It was very good But I was advised by a colleague not to reward such behavior I found it interesting that KRESS in his introduction states that he began writing around 1994 and was influenced by the graffiti in Los Angeles It seemed to me at first that bombing was just marking territory such as when a tiger sprays his domain And perhaps that was t

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