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[ Read Online Science Comics Ü soviet-union PDF ] by Falynn Koch Ü In PLAGUES, We Get To Know The Critters Behind History S Worst Diseases We Delve Into The Biology And Mechanisms Of Infections, Diseases, And Immunity, And Also The Incredible Effect That Technology And Medical Science Have Had On Humanity S Ability To Contain And Treat DiseaseEvery Volume Of Science Comics Offers A Complete Introduction To A Particular Topic Dinosaurs, Coral Reefs, The Solar System, Volcanoes, Bats, Flying Machines, And These Gorgeously Illustrated Graphic Novels Offer Wildly Entertaining Views Of Their Subjects Whether You Re A Fourth Grader Doing A Natural Science Unit At School Or A Thirty Year Old With A Secret Passion For Airplanes, These books Are For You Koch, Falynn Science Comics Plagues the Microscopic Battlefield, 122 pages NON FICTION GRAPHIC NOVEL First Second, 2017 13.
A female scientist and her ECHO team have created technology that allows them to speak to germs, bacteria, viruses, ect They created a simulated environment which allows them to learn about the immune system and how the bubonic plague and the Yellow fever plague interact Together with a T cell and a variety of guests the reader learns the in s and out s of the immune system and a whole lot about the history of plagues.
This isn t the first book from the Science Comics series I have reviewed but by far the most interesting topic and I am still not a fan It reads like a textbook that someone tried to inject some fun into It got technical and confus Plagues The Microscopic Battlefield by Falynn Christine Koch is part of the Science Comics series, a graphics series of books each of which explores a single scientific topic In this case, as the title might indicate, its plague, but broadly it s an examination of how pathogens bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites infect and damage the human body, how the body sometimes with medical help tries to fight them off, and, to a lesser degree, how such illnesses have affected human history Plagues begins a bit roughly The frame story is an unnecessarily confusing bit involving conversations inside a virtual body that somehow still gets sick from virtual germs between the scientist whose virtual body it is, a T cell, and two plagues yellow fever and bubonic plague The plagues I LOVED this book because it was very Very VERY informative It had TONS of information in it It was about plagues In this book someone made an AI thing that can simulate anything even yourself If something happens in the simulation, it happens in your body A woman was trying to convince plagues to become antibiotics Along the way the plagues told the woman facts about themselves.
While I like the series Science Comics I thought The Microscopic Battlefield was a little tough to follow The science was complex enough with so many strains of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and flagella to keep track of, but the authors wanted us to follow the story of the scientists who use simulations to study them I found the banter between humans and microbes a bit distracting, but learning about Bubonic plagues and Yellow Fever were fascinating I kept wondering who the intended audience was older students might follow the science but the design and illustrations looks like it was addressing younger readers Still, I think there is a lot for students to take away from this and enjoy.
Science Comics are my new favorite series This one was as gross as it was informative even in illustrated form, you might need a strong stomach to get through this one It followed the history mostly of bubonic plague and yellow fever, but dabbled in all manner of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi explaining how they make us sick, how they spread, and how science can contain them I didn t expect it to be funny but there were many laugh out loud moments like when one poor guy gets all three types of plague and states I don t look so good or when the yellow fever character boops a rat on the nose Also just the fact that throughout, the Yellow Fever character refers to the Bubonic Plague character as Bub hahaha Loved it I m a big fan of the Science Comics series, but this entry is undercooked there s a better, illness related joke there, but I just can t think of it at the moment The framing device revolves around a scientist who has recruited anthropomorphized versions of the black plague and yellow fever to be cadets in a disease fighting force Shoehorned into a lot of weird conversations between germs and humans are various facts about bacteria, viruses, and other assorted tiny nasties That part of the book is fascinating, but any time we return to the framing story, all momentum and interest is lost.
This is an interesting way to disseminate information about not just how your immune system reacts to germs, but the history and methods in which we used to study germs have evolved The content was a teeny bit dry for the younger crowd, but alas I am almost 30 so I finished this book in a day Good, solid info, entertaining and easy to understand.
I recommend this to budding nonfiction nerds, graphic novel enthusiasts who need some help with cell structure, and people who like to learn about body systems in general.
Comics Plagues The Microscopic BattlefieldScience ComicsBy Falynn Christine KochISBN 9781626727526Author s Website to you by OBS reviewer Andra SummaryIn PLAGUES, we get to know the critters behind history s worst diseases We delve into the biology and mechanisms of infections, diseases, and immunity, and also the incredible effect that technology and medical science have had on humanity s ability to contain and treat disease.
ReviewThis is my first foray into graphic novels Science Comics PLAGUES is a journey through history describing the how s of infections, diseases and our immunity Entertaining in such a way that I was also able to follow the educational aspect without getting bored or confused.
Bubonic Plague and Yellow Fever are dropped into a host so they believe and promptly begin their attach on I really enjoyed this graphic novel The set up for this book was very interesting and would be an excellent book for students to read It really goes into the science of plagues and germs and the different types or microorganisms It also explores some of the newer science and where we may be going and how humans relationships with disease has and keeps changing If you have a kid who loves science this series is something you need to look into I did recieve a copy of this graphic novel from Net Galley in exchange for a review This book is scheduled to be published August 29th.

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