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[E.M. Forster] ë Maurice [zambia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ô listen that might be just my opinion but if a lgbt book from 1913 has a happy ending there is absolutely no excuse for gays dying in books in 2019 Perfect There is probably nothing I can write that hasn t been written before about this work from one of our great English authors It has no doubt been criticised, scrutinised, analysed, investigated, praised and acclaimed, I will just write about how the book made me feel The style of English was so refreshing to read A style and mastery that has been long since forgotten It has a beauty to it that flows and melts coming from an era where conversation really was an art Where every word was carefully picked and every sentence construction built to hold, last and sit precisely A rare treat Forster manages to describe the emotions of gay love by eluding to it but never the vulgar I ask myself what would he think about our modern romances and language if he could read them today The book itself was like having my I took the damned Spoiler Alert alert out I think it keeps people from reading the actual review That said, some of the following comments might be considered Spoiler, but I prefer to think of these comments as what Forster could have done better, should have done better, and any image of Hugh Grant spread eagled on a table deserves to be noticed, IMHO.
At first, I thought rereading Forster s gay novel for a group discussion would be fun I liked it first time around and expected to like it as much this time Perhaps it was having watched the film since the first reading Maybe I couldn t prevent myself from picturing Hugh Grant in the role of Clive Durham and a young Rupert Graves in the role of Scudder whatever the reasons, rereading this n Possibly my new favourite book of the year so far I absolutely loved this one beautiful, moving, such a powerful read.
4 StarsI m not well versed in historic stories of the British upper class, but I m happy to say that despite the fear, despite having to hide, Maurice finds love, grabs on, and refuses to let go.
Though published posthumously, all the stars for having been written at all in a time of blatant unacceptance.

If Dorian Gray is the dramatic, scandal creating gay classic, than Maurice is the snobbish yet emotionally moving gay classic Written in 1913 14 but only published sixty years later, this is a book that is impressive not because of its romance but because of the character s personal journey towards self acceptance.
Began 1913, finished 1914 Dedicated to a happier year With this heartbreaking opening statement, the story begins We get to follow Maurice Hall as he grows up and starts to realize that he s attracted to men This is not an easy realization this story takes place, and was published, in England at the beginning of the 20th century A time in which gay men and women are nonsense or get send to asylums, thank god So this book is already unique for being so open and honest about Maurice s homosexual relationships Despite knowing society s views, Mauric Sublime Oh my God, I won t forget this book Maurice and Alec forever.
Off I go to readE.
M Forster, though I know this was his only homosexual themed book in his esteemed career and the book was published after his death, as he d requested to his friends, knowing the storm it would create in proper English Society.
It s a great work I am humbled before it as a writer.
By the way, the author s terminal note of 1960, on homosexuality, was so brutally true and broke my heart.
Yes, Maurice may get away, but Alec will always be scorned upon by the Clives of the world Vladimir Nabokov wrote in Pnin Some people and I am one of them hate happy ends We feel cheated Harm is the norm Doom should not jam The avalanche stopping in its tracks a few feet above the cowering village behaves not only unnaturally but unethically.
This is true for me as well While of course I was cheering for the titular hero through the course of his internal and external struggle for identity, I can t help but feel, after finishing the book well, that was very nice, but life is not like that Endings are very particular thing, there is no sense of an ending in a novel, that is excepting for death Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, Lolita, etc are all very satisfying in their fatal finales It is the sad ending, the nadir and despair which is reached as the hero comes to the final fall, that is what satisfies a reader It is the bottom which gives us Begun 1913Finished 1914Dedicated to a Happier Year Edward Morgan Forster 1879 1970 wrote Maurice as a relatively young man, aged 34, at a time when old Europe was starting to fall apart However, it was not published until 1971, a year after his death Maurice is probably the first literary work of fiction to deal with male homosexuality in such an open, sincere fashion At the time it was written, men in the UK could still be imprisoned for acts of gross indecency , as in the Oscar Wilde trial Publishing this book at that time would have destroyed the deeply admired English novelist Of course, E M Forster s readers had no idea that the author of very successful novels such as Howards End and A Passage to India loved men Nevertheless, he let his work be reviewed by his literary friends who knew of his sexuality He was loosely connected with the Bloomsbury Group Maurice Is Heartbroken Over Unrequited Love, Which Opened His Heart And Mind To His Own Sexual Identity In Order To Be True To Himself, He Goes Against The Grain Of Society S Often Unspoken Rules Of Class, Wealth, And Politics Forster Understood That His Homage To Same Sex Love, If Published When He Completed It In , Would Probably End His Career Thus, Maurice Languished In A Drawer For Fifty Seven Years, The Author Requesting It Be Published Only After His Death Along With His Stories About Homosexuality Later Collected In The Life To Come Since Its Release In , Maurice Has Been Widely read And Praised It Has Been, And Continues To Be, Adapted For Major Stage Productions, Including TheOscar Nominated Film Adaptation Starring Hugh Grant And James Wilby

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