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Trailer Ô Nostalgia from PDF by ✓ Garfield Whyte Book ReviewTitle Nostaliga from A city set upon a hillAuthor Garfield WhyteGenre Memoir AutobiographicalRating Review After reading TJ s last summer in Cape Cod I was quite excited to read Garfield Whyte s memoir Nostaliga from A city set upon a hill One thing I have noticed about both books if they open with a summary written by someone other than the author, I found these opening to be strange and intriguing and certainly peaked my interest in the book before I began reading Compared to the previous book I read by this author this book is extremely short at only 70 pages making it an extremely quick read for a memoir as Whyte is only focusing on his high school years rather than his entire life Whyte grew up in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, where he and most other boys dreamed of at I received a free copy of this story in exchange for a review Nostalgia is a memoir about the author s school days at Munro College, a school for boys, in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica It brought to mind my own school days, and I found myself agreeing with a quote Mr Whyte included, which seems to be the crux of the memoir It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days Isabel Waxman I enjoyed the story, and found the writing flowed well It was easy to read, and I especially appreciated that photos were included to help us see what he saw as a student I think the book was well named, and anyone who looks back on their years in school with Who Said Boarding School Was Not Fun This All Boys Boarding School Memoir Transcends Autobiography If You Ve Even Wondered, What Boarding School Might Have Been Like, This Memoir Is As Close To Living That Experience As You Are Likely To Get The Book Includes Marvelous Pictures Of Munro College S Buildings And Panoramas Enjoy The His Stories About His Interactions With Other Students And The Pranks They Played, And His Humorous Looks At Some Of The Teachers He Had During His Time There Are Brilliant It S Amazing That The College Was So Isolated In The Rural Countryside And That The Students There Had None Of The Social Outlets That Most Take For Granted Today You May Envy The Closeness And Camaraderie Between His Fellow Students As They Spent Their Free Time Having Bull Sessions And Playing Padda It S A Journey Inside One Of The Oldest And Most Prestigious High Schools In Jamaica For Non Munronians This Memoir Is A Provocative, Riveting And An Animated Account Of The Author S Years At Munro And For Munronians It Must Trigger A Vivid Reliving Of The Munro Experience For a non fiction memoir, this book is pretty entertaining Don t we all love to reminisce on the days of our youth In this memoir, Whyte reminisces on his school days in the City Set Upon a Hill Those were better days, days when students had no cell phones or internet for entertainment, just themselves, their minds, and sports Those were the days when discipline was quite different than it was today, and I can identify, having gone to a religious private school for 5 years There is humor built in with vivid descriptions of the surroundings and photographs of this wonderful school in Jamaica This is a side of Jamaica most don t probably know about Yet, he injects the dialogue with rich local Jamaican dialect, making it all the authentic Anecdotes of the teachers they loved and hated, the strictest disciplin Nostalgia is a mental trip to Jamaica It s a much in depth experience than spending a week long vacation there This story invites me to hang out with true Jamaicans, and to learn about the culture, and meet the people first hand I was fully immersed in the Jamaican culture The average tourist can only thoroughly visit this special place thru reading this book This memoir is a great start to understand the unbelievable strength of the Jamaican people High standards for proper behavior, cleanliness, respect for oneself, and respect for a fellow person are hallmarks of this school, and the Jamaican culture in general Firm grounding is taught in the schools, and thoroughly described in this book Although the setting is a microcosm, Jamaican culture and society permeate the school s walls and functions The reader truly exper A lovingly written nostalgic account of the author s time at a boarding school in Jamaica This is clearly the No 1 establishment on the island, and you pick up the love and pride he still has for it even after all the years that have gone by it comes off every page of this touchingly sentimental memoir.
A lot of the narrative is devoted to descriptions of things like the food, the buildings and the lay out of the school, and at times the book risks sounding like a guide, but the author relates entertainingly about the strange customs and the fraternal feelings that are engendered during his years there For me, the best parts are the interplay between the pupils and the staff and camaraderie as well as the rivalry between the pupils themselves No one who has not spent five years living at a boarding school or been in a concentration camp I m not kiddin I recieved an e copy of this book from the author.
I m giving this book a 4.
5 solely because I don t usually like memoirs as much as full on fiction.
This book is about the authors boarding school days at an all boys school Honestly until this book I never even thought about what it would be like to attend a single gendered school I loved the way it was written, I also loved the way it was carried,It was very consistent and orderly and did not feel all over the place like some memoirs do.
It also felt very much like I was there with the author which is something that some memoir s tend to lack.
Overall I m so very glad I got to read this book and definitely reccomend this to the WHOLE WORLD.

An inspiring book about one of Jamaica s most renowned preparatory academies Garfield Whyte creates a vivid, heartfelt, and enlightening picture of life there as a student in the late 1970 s and early 1980 s Blending significant memories and anecdotes with resonant emotions and powerful rays of wisdom, Nostalgia conveys an unforgettable impression of a school where young men learn to succeed and to help others rise above problems in the world A fun, compelling, and encouraging read.
Nostalgia from Set A City Upon a Hill by Garfield Whyte s book about his life at the High School Munro As most of us can remember their school days, and the writer describes his adventures, events, teachers and the entire complex Munroe High School His nostalgia and love for these times are so evident in every description of the place Through education writer from the boy becomes a man, and after leaving Munro College realizes, however, some moments were beautiful All discipline and learning have been here to gain knowledge of the distant life His writing enthusiastically describes Munro College, which is open to all social classes and for each has equal criteria High maintenance that was the High School in Jamaica is one of the most prestigious and that his students can proudly remember those days I received a free copy from the author without an Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewIn this sentimental memoir, Garfield Whyte takes readers down a wistful, thoughtful, and saccharine journey down memory lane in his book Nostalgia from A City Set Upon A Hill Set in the backdrops of Munro College, an all boys boarding school in Jamaica, Whyte paints a literary tale of flashbacks of his fondest memory of his schooling and the significance and impact that this school bestowed upon From the sights and sounds of the school, to the classrooms, the teachers and students, and the bricks that laid the foundation of this institution, Whyte explains why Munro, in all its simplicity during that time, was the city set upon a hill There were other boarding schools in J

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