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[ Read Online Safe Bridge ↠´ webcomic PDF ] by Frances Parkinson Keyes ☆ Elizabeth Burr Made A Lonely Journey From The Wind Whipped Highlands Of Scotland To The Rocky Hills Of A New England Settlement To Begin Building A Bridge Between Two Worlds Elizabeth S Dour Father Could Not Countenance Her Clandestine Meetings With Her British Soldier He Declared That His Daughter Was Dead As Far As He Was Concerned Elizabeth S Rebirth Took Place Across An Ocean On The Brink Of A Turbulent, Dangerous New Frontier, Where Hardships And Unexpected Violence Became The Fabric Of Her Lifeand Where An Astonishing Turn Of Events Forced Her To Make An Agonizing Romantic Choice I liked the book It had definite passages of flighty romance novel language, and to a casual reader, some of the plot might seem a little contrived What I liked most about the book is that it is based on a true family and many of the characters are real people that lived in colonial Vermont I was given a paperback by a friend to read, this friend is a descendent of this family So I read it with different eyes than looking for a light story The book was inscribed by the family member s mom, and had a mini geneology in the back The author has her own notes in the back detailing the historical names and facts She changed some names, but that part of the book I found most fascinating As to the plot, what I also liked is tha

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