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[Meghan Quinn] ¿ Stroked (Stroked, #1) [young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Just throwing this out there right away, I loved Reece Paisley If this was a book with just two POV, Reece Paisley s, I would have been head over heals in love But of course it couldn t be that simple Had to make it three POV s Bellini I have nothing nice to say about her, so I am just going to end my review with, I love this author, loved Reece and Paisley and I m looking forward to getting of them in the next books in this series They were hot, they were cute, and they stole my heart They deserve all the stars for just having to deal with Bellini I hated, no I completely loathed Bellini What a nightmare On to the next Looking forward to getting Bodi s story 4.
5 STARS Netgalley ARC This was one seriously sexy book Reese was a super hot alpha hero and the story was thoroughly entertaining, well except for all of the annoying parts with the over the top reality star, Bellini.
I m afraid she s probably in the next two books since all of the Heroines are linked to her because of her show but oh well, maybe Meghan will make her character likable in the next two books Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 4Plot 4.
5Angst 4Steam 5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 Reese King Olympic Medalist, Underwear Model, Greek GodHis Body Is Chiseled From Rock, Sculpted By The Weight Room, And Refined By WaterOn A Daily Basis His Skin Is Completely Bare For Everyone To See, Tan And Defined, Only Covered Up By A Minuscule Piece Of Spandex There Is No Denying His Sex AppealI Hate To Admit It, But I M Head Over Heels Infatuated With HimThere Is One HUGE Problem Though His Achingly Gorgeous Abs, Inked Up Arm, And Cocky Swagger Belong To My Boss, The High Profile, Reality Star Bitch From Hell And Certified Heinous Human Being, Bellini ChambersWhat I Think Is Going To Be An Easy Job Assisting A Glorified Wench Turns Into A Cluster F Ck Of Epic Proportions Bellini ruined this book for me, simple as that I don t think I ve ever hated a character so much before in my life She was absolutely horrid And the sad fact is, she wasn t even the main character, just a bitchy secondary A secondary character should not be able to ruin a book so much for me, but Bellini overshadowed the romance and story of Paisley and Reese to the point I just couldn t ignore her I think Bellini was supposed to be so crazy that it was funny, but for me she was just so crazy I wanted to choke the ever loving shit out of her Then bring her back to life just to do it all over again She made me so frustrated I had to stop reading multiple times just to calm myself down Closer to the end she wasn t such a big part of the book, and that s what sort of saved it for me But still only bumped it up to a two star Story Rating 4 STARS Hero Rating 4.
5 STARS Heroine Rating 5 STARS Romance Rating 4 STARS Heat Level 3.
5 STARS Humor Level 5 STARS Ending 4 STARS Overall Rating 4 Fun and SEXY STARS I was just finishing up a book wondering what I was going to read next when I saw my good friend Shelby trains flying monkeys was readingStrokedwhich I had been wanting to read too So I decided to give it a go and I really enjoyed it, SO thank you ShelbyStrokedwas a fun and sexy read about a sexy Olympic swimmer named Reese He recently joined a reality show with Bellini a rich beautiful socialite that everyone hates They are pretending to be in a relationship on camera when in real life Reece wants nothing to do with her In walks Paisley, Bellini s new assistant, just one look at her and Reese wants her He goes about trying to attract her attention It s Paisley s first day on the job a job she must keep 3 Olympic StarsReview Vanilla Spice booksMy love for the quirky humor and sweet story of Hustler by Meghan Quinn Jessica Prince had me excited for this one The premise of a hot swimmer who has earned himself the moniker of The Silver Stroke because he can t win an Olympic gold medal for the life of him Count me in So why only 3 stars I ll explain Reese has been a swimmer since he was a teenager He was an Olympic contender twice and while he managed to win many silver medals he never made it to the top These next games are going to be his last ones, his last chance to take home gold Of course his concerns are about his future, what s after his athletic career His agent comes up with the idea to secure his future by getting into a fake relationship with a reality show star, Bellini Paisley is a sound engineer who made a carrie 4 Timely, OTT Hysterical Stars Never let it be said Megan Quinn doesn t know comedy, snark and swoon worthy romance She has the type of humor you pray your bestie would have when out drinking or shooting the sh t after a crazy day She has this knack of taking something actual and mixing it with farce to the point where it balances between the danger zone and just rightWith this book, she did it right In Stroked Stroked 1 , she has taken the Olympics and coupled it with a heinous level of human beings thrust on the public through their infamous reality tv stardom To couple the pursuit of excellence in sport, life and accomplishing the pure goal of lifetime achievement with the crass to the insane level of this celebrity father and daughter should be cr If I didn t like Reece and Paisley so much, I would have quit Bellini was a nightmare She was over the top annoying and I could have reached through my kindle and choke slammed her Her presence was unnecessary in my opinion and ruined it

I m late to the party on reading a smexy times book with an athlete in it Most likely because my idea of exercising would probably go something like this Ain t nobody got time for that BUT this was a Meghan Quinn book And I found this So I decided I had some time Kelly and I have decided that Meghan Quinn should be our real life friend but we haven t stalked her enough yet for it to happen This chick writes some funny stuff Check out The Virgin Romance Novelist and The Mother Road if you don t believe me This story is the story of a production assistant named Paisley who kinda blew her chance at a decent job with a little boo boo and now her room mate and best friend Jonathan has gotten her a job as a personal assistant to reality star Bellini Chambers Think Kardasians times a million Bellini is freaking aw Find all of my reviews at Because FREEEE today 12 22 Make your spirits bright, all you horny little perverts Oh, there s a Meghan Quinn book available to review OMNOMNOMNOMNOM Being the red blooded Murican I am, I was totally down for a real patriotic type of read especially one about a swimmer turned reality television star and his quest for gold in the Rio Olympics Yeah yeah yeah I know Divers aren t swimmers but seriously tomato tomahto when it comes to gifs After all, they both wear Speedos and Tom Daley is totes farking adorbs.
Okay, on with the book This is the story of Paisley WTF with these stupid ass names in romance novels, right I feel ya An unfortunate hot mic incident that went viral left Paisley unemployed and blacklisted with every production crew

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