✓ The Secret Correspondence Î Download by × Annette Mahon

✓ The Secret Correspondence Î Download by × Annette Mahon Julie Wong Has A Dilemma Her Next Door Neighbor, Claudia Smith, Has Broken Her Leg And Moved Into The Care Center Where Julie Works Claudia Has Told Everyone That She Doesn T Want Her Son Ned To Know About Her Accident He S Busy With Work, And This News Will Only Worry Him Julie, However, Thinks He Should Be Informed And Decides To Take Matters Into Her Own Hands Unbeknownst To Claudia, She Initiates A Secret Email Correspondence To Let Ned Know What Has Happened Ned Smith Isn T Sure What To Make Of Julie And Her Email It S His Busiest Time Of Year At Work, And He Doesn T Need Any Outside Complications Or Concerns But He Sends Off A Short Note Acknowledging Her Post And, Before Long, Julie And Ned Are Hooked On Daily Emails When The Time Comes For Ned To Pay A Visit To His Mother, Both He And Julie Are Unsure How Their Correspondence Will Translate Into Real Life But One Thing S For Sure With Claudia And Her Nosy Friends Around, Their Growing Relationship Isn T Likely To Stay A Secret For Very Long

Cute story but quite unrealistic as far as getting engaged married.
This is just something that caught my eye at the library It was a short and sweet read.

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