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↠´ Greeth Ô Download by ↠´ Charles LaFave Putting down Greeth, by Charles LaFave, a 380 page mammoth of a novel, I m still trying to comprehend how I feel I spent a lot of time with this dark fantasy, gory horror, noir style novel, and I am left with many questions left unanswered The creature called Greeth, for one, what is she Who what are those beings called the Others and why are they so important that they are mentioned many times throughout the novel What exactly is the conflict of the novel Is it that Greeth threatens to come back to the human realm Things happen to the characters in this novel, but it s rarely clear why they happen that way Having finished reading Greeth, however, one can t deny that there is a certain charm to LaFave s writing style, and the way he rushes confidently head I m a bit torn on how I feel about GREETH.
Structurally I found it kind of confusing The world appears to be an alternate earth where wizards are real and these different types of wars happened on this earth timeline instead of the wars we know of happening I had a hard time orienting myself whenever the larger world came into play because the book didn t explain the past It just explained things as if the wizard wars in the 13th century were a normal thing that happened in our world that s not a specific reference but one like it was made in the book So alternate history Wizards came to power at X time I m not entirely sure and that kept me from fully settling into the story itself.
Everything else I didn t have much problem situating myself with, from the magic, to Peter Buraku Was A Wizard Until He Was Tried, Convicted, And Sentenced For A Terrible Crime He Could Never Cast Another Spell And For Eight Long Years, He Begged For The Worst Jobs, Lived In The Slums, And Worked For Humans Then A Wealthy Stranger Came Into His Life With An Impossible Promise You Can Be A Wizard Again Too Late, Peter Discovers An Ancient God From Another Dimension Is Using Human Agents To Open A Portal So It Can Move Into This World, And Wizardry Soldier Julie Alvarez, The Lost Love He Hasn T Seen In Years, Is In Danger Three Children Are Dead Many Are Missing Something Dark And Terrible Is Rising A Breach Has Opened Between Worlds And An Ancient God Will Be Reborn On Fertile Earth The Flesh Of Humanity Will Feed Its Many Children Peter Embarks On A Quest For Redemption To Stop The Ancient God From Destroying The World Will His Unique Ability To Create Life Be Enough To Change What He S Done Or Will Guilt From His Role In Helping To Destroy So Much Life Be His Undoing Basically, a journey of a guy with an eye patch, an old hairy wolf, a trunkless talkative head, a Ninja with a guitar and a 2 dimensional bear This book is not for the faint of heart I received the Review Copy of this book in exchange of an honest review, did I mention I m brutally honest Hmm Caution Rant ahead You know, while I m reading a particular book I sometimes go, Ooh I wonder what goes around this author s mind , and there s always this small meditative smile on my face as I innocently ponder And as usual I slipped into that space But.
Then I looked down at what I was reading and honest to god, the smile melted right off my face, and my inner voice threatened me with, Don t go there,woman Don t even It is so gory and no I think the author does a great job with the dark, magical fantasy world he has created The main character is Peter Buraku was once a wizard Alas, life doesn t always treat us well and Peter has lost that magic he once possessed He gets a chance to get his wizardry back, but of course it is at a price The author adds a lot of suspense and science fiction into this book along with just about every genre making this a great book for readers who enjoy than one type of book The writing was really good and this author knows how to tell a dark tale Is there maybe a follow up read the book and see for yourself Well done.
Greeth is a fantasy horror novel that combines both elements into a well crafted story The story blends modern day wizards into a world that still feels retro ninjas, swords, etc and it works really well The wizards and magic, and Hideo, the ninja, give the book an urban fantasy feel and it does have some fantastic elements in a world that feels both familiar yet alien at times The story telling is good, as are the characters The characters are complex and engaging, and they blend perfectly with the story The horror elements are woven into the plot in the beginning and become central as the story progresses Warning, if you are squeamish in any way about bugs, this might not be the best book for you I think the horror elements are excellent, it plays on a common fear and it really translated well to the So this is some sort of mix between horror and paranormal and sci fi It s all over the place but in a beautiful way.
The basic, boiled down plot is about something ugly coming to life and a few of our protagonist need to figure out what it is.
Honestly, I don t know where to even begin with this review I think this book is smarter than I am I can t even sort through all the stuff going on Wizards from another world Others from another world Humans Bugs Golems Ninjas Werewolves Wars upon wars I mean, I think there s , but at some point my mind kinda ignored all the history and crazy stuff going on and just focused in on the characters and boiled down plot.
For people that love a detailed world, you might really enjoy this I n What an adventure in human life and decay, potential and waste Don t believe I am going to tell you the story I would just not be able to do so It is too complicated with too many layers, both time and space layers, if not even existential layers between any two of the others You can get lost in that labyrinth, underground and over ground, caves and jungle Charles Lafave is telling us the end of humanity the way it has been forever and the birth of another humanity that is not even described apart from being in continuity and yet waiting for the return of that Peter Buraku who disappeared from the surface of the earth and yet The Japanese inspiration is obvious from the very start We are beyond some war that enabled humans allied to wizards to defeat the negative forces of the water wizards who were exterminated and apparently to

Greeth was one of those books that was a little bit outside of my box I m not a big fan of wizards, I generally prefer books that are set in the world I know.
Charles LaFave did an excellent job of intriguing me First off, when he asked me to read Greeth, he compared it to Horns Even my son said, Just because Harry Potter played the guy in Horns, doesn t mean you can compare the two While true, Charles LaFave had my attention.
What really grabbed me was the darkness of Greeth The scenario that was created by the author wasn t centered on wizards casting spells and defeating mysterious, mystical beasts Greeth was about a troubled man overcoming loss and challenging a far stronger foe It was about determination and overcoming hopelessness, the rest was window dressing that enhanced Peter Buraku s story.
Charles LaFave created a detailed wo Full disclosure the author sent me a free ecopy of this book in exchange for a fair review He said he had liked my reviews of books by an author to whom he had been compared, an author whom I hold in very high esteem, so I agreed.
I would have given this book one star but it is obvious that CL went to great lengths to see his work in print He even self published the book I cannot number the times I wanted to just stop reading this collection of words What kept me going was my agreement to read and review the book and all those five star ratings, one of which said that somehow, in the end, the author tied all the intertwining story lines together.
I beg to differ What I read was a collection of ideas and scenes, loosely tied together, never making sense in any contiguous way The author drops the reader into flashbacks without letting the reader know and switc

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