✓ Alive for Now (The Infected Dead, # 1) Ã Download by Ñ Bob Howard

✓ Alive for Now (The Infected Dead, # 1) Ã Download by Ñ Bob Howard This book shows good potential to be a decent Zombie series.
The book has good makings for a decent Zombie series Is a little odd the writer is over explaining the situations the characters get into period for me that s kind of a turn off because I like the story to read and flow very smoothly And these are just my opinions taken for what they re worth This book was awful I had high hopes for it in the beginning, but after the main character Eddy made it to the compound after the first day the book went downhill Every time they left the compound it was for a stupid reason, and nothing truly awful ever happens to this group of friends that consist of a nurse, cop, first mate, and video game player There was absolutely no character development We know nothing of their pasts, and honestly nothing about their present They literally sat around the entire book creating drama, acting like spoiled children, and making stupid decisions Blow up a Jeep 4WD as a diversion Seriously Lame Especially, in lieu of a suburban They took numerous risks without any cause, and risked their lives for nothing without any result Also, I m not into romance, but it s THE END OF THE FREAKING WORLD Couldn t the author add some heat An excellent zombie book You know a book is very enjoyable when you re oblivious to everything else that s going on around you I can t wait for the 2nd book in the series Right off the top, let me say that Bob Howard s Alive for Now is a well written book that I enjoyed and would recommend It also hit a couple of my pet peeves, but overall my reaction is a positive one.
Alive for Now is what I call a cozy zombie apocalypse novel The protagonists are never really in peril they devise the perfect plan for every situation, and every plan works to perfection every time The few times one of them risks getting bit, one of the others always swoops in to save them in the nick of time Which is all fine, but unusual for the genre.
The main character is Edward Jackson, Eddy for short He s an average guy living an average life in his words, he s thirty two, single, working on a career that was developing too slowly, and being constantly reminded by relatives that they had done better by his age He s also a lucky sonuva Survival StoryThis book was really about a three and a half star book not a lot of zombie action or Gore the normal stuff that is in Zombie novels,it was a very good survival story that takes place during the zombie apocalypse basically all the things they do to continue to survive really a lot life like than most zombie books it was still cool story to read just not action packed but still worth reading I might read the next one

ONE BOOK I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HOPE THE SERIES DOESN T END TO SOON Ed Jackson inherits an Island off the Coast of South Carolina, but it s not just an Island, it s a shelter and an underground one at that One day while he s out stocking up on the one thing that wasn t included in his shelter, he s still trying to figure out what he would ever need it for, when something happens that Ed would never have believed could happen, not in a million years, he realizes how lucky he is Bob Howard has done a great job with this book and I for one love it Something different with the way people try to survive as the world dies around them This is one book I highly recommend I m hoping the series doesn t end to soon I absolutely was very drawn to this book as I love zombie books now The writing was spectacular and flawless I recommend this to all who love the apocalyptic stories I can t wait to read book 2 Thank you Bob Howard for a fantastic bookk Thank you Pretty good bookIf you like zombies and apocalyptic books it s a good one Fast read , good characters and story line Although nothing really new as far as story line goes , I found it entertaining enough to read in a few days time So check it out I believe you will enjoy the book Pretty good readThis was a pretty good read but really not much different from any other zombie book I like my characters fleshed out so I can imagine what they look like.
These guys were pretty lucky to have a safe place prepared There doesn t seem to be any worries or any adversity that they have to face Guess I like to see them struggle.
Anyway, I appreciate any author who has the imagination ability to write a book I will search for the next one This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BAYRRTI Set On The Coast Of South Carolina, An Unknown Infection Has Caused People To Die And Come Back To Life As Reanimated Corpses, Attacking Any Living Person This Is The Story Of The Survival Of One Man Who Was The Benefactor Of A Shelter That Helped Him To Live Through The Onslaught Of The Infected Dead Beginning With The Initial Days Of The Apocalypse, Ed Jackson Watches The World Die From The Safety Of His Shelter, But There Are Others Who Are Also Trying To Stay Alive As They Seek Refuge He Must Decide Who He Will Take Into His Shelter And Who He Will Reject, And Those Decisions Will Help Him To Form The Bonds He Did Not Have Even Before The End Of The World He And His New Friends Are Faced With The Dangers Of The Dead World As They Are Forced To Leave The Safest Shelter Anyone Could Possibly Have In Order To Do Than Simply Exist In A Zombie Infested World

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