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[Katarina E. Tonks] ✓ Omertà (Vendetta, #1) [harlequin-romantic-suspense PDF] Read Online Ì Omert Noun As Practiced By The Mafia A Code Of Silence About Criminal Activity And A Refusal To Give Evidence To AuthoritiesScarlett Moves Into Her New Apartment With The Mentality That She Will Start Fresh And Rule Her Own Life But When She Overhears Her Mysterious Neighbour Murdering Someone Next Door, Her Life Takes A Turn For The Worst, And She Is Suddenly Thrown Onto The Italian Mafia S RadarSo Much For Starting Fresh Mature Content Okay this book is probably my favorite book of all time.
I fell in love with Ferro Ferret the moment I read his first line in the book His personality is hilarious and even now I still laugh at the things he says At the beginning of the book he shows little to no respect to Scarlet or women in general but as the story progresses you see the changes in not just Ferro but Scarlet as well Their attitude towards the whole situation grows into something no one can imagine if not read this book I have read and read and re read this book so many times i have lost count This is the type of book once you start you simply cannot put down Theses are characters you can relate to not just Ferro and Scarlet but Fico, Sam, Ben, and Robert None of these characters are perfect, they all have their flaws and things that they hate about themselves Bu

The smut is really unnecessary but the plot is awesome and I instantly fell in love with the characters.
Stays on my Gave up on list until it is updated, cuz it has been forever since the last time that has happened.

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