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Ñ Feather Crowns ¸ Download by ☆ Bobbie Ann Mason I love everything I have read by Bobbie Ann Mason, and Feather Crowns is no exception There is something very lyrical and mysterious here The characters are very real people dealing with extraordinary events I was very moved.
Like Things Fall Apart , Feather Crowns was required summer reading for high school And like Things Fall Apart , I didn t much care for it It started off good enough a simple young woman gives birth to the first quintuplets in North America And in my home state of Kentucky, no less Go Kentucky But then Oh, I shudder just thinking about what happens next The babies die all of them and then their parents actually put the corpses on display at a circus freak show That s parenting worthy of a Jerry Springer episode, am I right So the reason I only gave Feather Crowns one star is because, although it had a promising beginning, the story radically shifts gears halfway through and it becomes extremely cold, harsh, and disturbing.
Set In The Apocalyptic Atmosphere Of The Turn Of This Century, This Engaging Novel By The Author Of In Country Tells The Story Of A Young Farm Wife, Living In Rural Kentucky, Who Unintentionally Creates A National Sensation When She Gives Birth To The First Recorded Set Of Quintuplets In North America I love Bobbie Ann Mason She is a wonderful thoughtful author including much wisdom in her writing The premise is based on the true incident of quintuplets being born in Kentucky in 1900 I highly recommend this book.
Loved this book ,an imaginative psychological interpretation of a true story of a woman who has given birth to quintuplets in the early 1900s.
She is one of my favorite authors, especially in the short story form Now that I live in SW Virginia I can actually relate to her stories That said, for me this story was too sad I had hard time reading it as I felt it was a little too raw I don t know how she comes up with her ideas This story was about a family in this region of the country who had the first ever surviving quintuplets and how it not only drastically changes her life but that of her community Well written a masterpiece really but just not my speed.
This book is astounding on many levels, not the least of which is that what you think is going to happen doesn t Great characterization.
Christie Wheeler is carrying quintuplets, only she doesn t know it It s the turn of the last century and medical science isn t exactly sophisticated enough for an ultrasound yet All she knows is there s something inside her maybe a monster, or a demon, but definitely not a baby But after she miraculously gives birth to five healthy, if tiny, babies inside her rural Kentucky home, she discovers that her pregnancy is just the beginning She, the new babies, and the rest of her extended family soon get swept up in the country s excitement over their extraordinary set of circumstances.
Feather Crowns is fiction, but it s based on the true story of the first recorded birth of quintuplets in America Even though the story nominally is centered around the babies, it s really an examination of rural life in the early 1900s Chr

I read this book in less than a week, I thought it was so captivating I love a little bit of magic in stories and Feather Crowns feels surreal in some aspects While it is not as magical and fantastic as other tales, there are definitely elements of wonder woven into this family s story I often strive to read female authors and I love getting different perspectives from different backgrounds and cultures, and though this is a thoroughly American story, the setting was still quite alien to me, as its about a 1900 s Kentucky farm family and the birth of quintuplets Which at that time is completely unheard of There is a lot of pain and loss in this story, but something about it felt like a great release at the end.
It is a super easy read, go for it.
I enjoyed this book It reminds me of the superstitions my grandmothers forewarned Especially the ones related to me when I was pregnant They told me all kinds of things I shouldn t do so I wouldn t mark my baby I must have done something right my boys are all wonderful and beautiful Since I have twins, the multiple birth storyline was interesting I really enjoy Bobbie Ann Mason s fiction.

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