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Ú Read Î Evidences and Reconciliations by John A. Widtsoe ¾ This is a collection of short essays by an early twentieth century apostle who was a scientist by training A good book to read for insight into the faith science dialog.
This book was given to me by my mother who received it as a gift from her brother, Earl, in 1944 The book was written in 1943 by John A Widtsoe, an Apostle of the Lord The book is divided into twelve gospel topic sections, namely The Approach to Truth Revelation the Bible Science Salvation Priesthood Church Organization, Church Practice, Marriage and the Family Evil Life Hereafter Miscellaneous Under each section, meaningful gospel questions are asked, then answered 68 questions in all , each answer taking one to five pages While most Latter day Saints can offer a correct, succinct answer to the question posed, Elder Widtsoe provides much greater depth and phrases the answer in such a way that the reader gains much greater insight into Mormon theology I found particularly compelling his answers to the following ques Dr Widtsoe S Pen Has Long Been Active In The Cause Of Truth All Truth His Scientific Papers Are Numerous His Articles And books Crusading For Better Irrigation And Dry Farming Practice Have Been Translated Into Many Languages His Church books, Courses Of Study, And Compilations Go Back To His Early Young Manhood books And Manuals Written By Him And Published Number Than A Score And A Half, In Addition To Magazine And Newspaper Articles, Pamphlets, Tracts, And Encyclopedic And Other Writings As A Research Scholar Schooled In The Finest Institutions Of Two Continents, As A Former President First Of A State Agricultural College And Then Of A State University, As A Consulting Chemist, As Director Of An Agricultural Experiment Station, As A Member Of Government Commissions And Of Scientific Societies, As A Churchman Of Many Assignments, And As A World Traveler, He Has The Stimulating Manner Of A True Teacher, The Open Mind Of A True Scholar, The Engaging Charm Of A True Gentleman, And The True Humility Of A Man Of God His Pen, Sparing In Its Use Of Words And Direct In Its Approach, Is Nevertheless Colorful In Expression And It Quickly Focuses Attention On Fact, Avoiding Unsupportable Generalization With This Brief Glimpse Of A Man And His Work, Neither Of Which Needs Introduction, It Is Gratifying To Bring This Volume To The Readers Who Have Asked For It And To The Many Students, Both Of Science And Religion, Who Will Find In It Many Aids To Faith In A Modern Day This is the best LDS Church non fiction book I ve ever read It was written by an apostle, John A Widtsoe, and it addresses many things that many church members don t like talking about It faces the polygamy issue head on, does not apologize for it, but just gives evidences for its existence and reconciliations of it to their current belief He declares that the church is a liberal religion He says many things that are slightly bold than one is used to hearing from LDS leaders Here is an excerpt Doubt arises from lack of evidence Intelligent people cannot long endure such doubt It must be resolved Proof must be secured of the presence of gold in the ore, or of the dishonesty of the man, or of the correctness of the doctrinal exposition Consequently, we set about to remove doubt by gathering information and making tests concerning the subj This is a compilation of answers to questions sent in to Elder Widtsoe It covers a lot of good doctrinal information Sometimes we just don t know where to look for answers when we don t understand the scriptures It s helpful to know that our prophets and apostles have offered helpful answers to our questions.
I don t give out very many 5 star ratings but any book that I read while holding a pen deserves 5 stars Going into it, I didn t know what to expect I just knew that John A Widtsoe was a highly intelligent and highly spiritual human being Don t let that discourage you from reading this book as it is very readable It is written in simple language, divided into sections, and is in QA format with only a couple of pages dedicated to each question The answers are straightforward, scientifically sound, and true doctrine The questions answered are ones in which we have all wondered about, such as How can the existence of God be verified To what extent may prophecy be interpreted Did the flood cover the highest mountains of the earth How old is the earth To what extent should the doctrine of evolution be accepted Why does the Lord permit war Why did the church practice Really good reference book of church doctrine It s very interesting to see how truths have been revealed since this book was published to add to the truthfulness of the teachings found in this book I ll refer to this book in the future for church doctrine.

Ah, for the days when scientists as well as businessmen were called to LDS leadership I loved this book Every chapter covers a different topic and so many of them are still questions today He covers them very clearly and makes it easy to understand I sure wish I read this before my mission, would of made explaining certain doctrinal points much easier.
This is good Rational Theology and Joseph Smith as Scientist are both better Widtsoe books but he shines here too.

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