✓ Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses á Download by ¾ Jenny Hale

✓ Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses á Download by ¾ Jenny Hale originally posted on This Chick ReadsCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Two years ago I had the pleasure to read Ms Hale s debut, Coming Home for Christmas , which is still among my favourite Christmas books It was kind of love at first sight and enough to make me a huge Jenny Hale fan Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses is the fifth novel by Ms Hale, and third she s devoting to Christmas I ve read most of them and after reading her latest I can say that this is definitely my new favourite Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses is a wonderful, warm, festive read full of heart It s focused on Abbey, a single mother who s working for a rich family as a nurse to elderly Caroline There was a time when Abbey had dreams, dreams to have a loving partner and husband, to be an interior designer and for her child, Max to have a father She has none of that, but sh Jenny Hale s Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses is like a shining star at the top of the Christmas reading tree One woman, rich in everything but money meets one man with far too much money and not enough love in his life and the magic begins Like a plain house can be transformed into a Christmas wonderland, this story transforms one lonely man into one who finally finds a reason for happiness in life Abbey has been hired to decorate a mansion that is as barren as the soul of the man who owns it In turn, she will receive money desperately needed to help her family and to give her young son the Christmas she longs to be able to do.
If you need a Holiday read to remind you of what the season is all about, this is it All the sweetness of a slowly building romance, the innocence of a young fatherless child and the magi An Uplifting, Beautiful Story About Never Letting Go Of Your Dreams, The Special Magic Of A Family Christmas And The Rush Of Falling In Love Under The Mistletoe Single Mother Abbey Fuller Loves Her Family Than Anything, And Doesn T Regret For A Moment Having Had To Put Her Dreams Of Being An Interior Designer On Hold But With Her Son, Max, Growing Up, When A Friend Recommends Her For A Small Design Job She Jumps At The Chance How Hard Can It Be Nick Sinclair Needs His House Decorated In Time For His Family S Festive Visit And Money Is No Object What He Doesn T Need Is To Be Distracted From His Multi Million Dollar Business Even If It Is Christmas When Abbey Pulls Up To The Huge Sinclair Mansion, She Has A Feeling She Might Be Out Of Her Depth And When She Meets The Gorgeous, Brooding Nicholas Sinclair, She Knows That She S In Real Trouble With The Snow Falling All Around, Can Abbey Take The Chance To Make Her Dreams Of Being A Designer Come True And Can She Help Nick To Finally Enjoy The Magic Of Christmas Abbey is a single mother who works as a nurse but is hired to be a personal nurse for Caroline Caroline s grandson hires Abbey to also decorate his home for Christmas He is a workaholic worth millions and never has time for family or play Until he meets Abbey who shows him what it is like We get to start seeing a soft side to him and what makes him be the person who he is Abbey has been raising her son along with the help of her mom and Gramps Gramps has health issues and needs meds that are expensive so what Abbey will make doing the interior designing of the mansion, she can afford his meds Abbey s son Max falls for Nick and spends what time he can with him Can Abbey and Max show Nick that family and fun is just as important as work I received this from the publisher for an honest review.
BAH HUMBUG Have to do a Scrooge on this book as well, I am afraid I like make you feel good xmas romances and of course I am aware that suspending disbelief is a Must for most of them Still, I just could not repress my inner Ebenezer while struggling to finish this story First it was just mild eye rolling and sighing and muttering yeah, sure , but it got worse along the way It s a rather lame cinderella story about a lonley, friendless millionaire no kidding why don t you just cry me a river who doesn t know how to enjoy life, until he meets the poor, but honest and simple single mom eyerolleyerolleyerollThe trope of former nurse turned interior decorator with no experience gets hired by millionaire, besides being a total clich , has a rather recycled feeling after reading the a I really enjoyed reading this wonderful Christmas story Very easy to read but hard to put down Recommended.
This was my first Christmas Holiday read of the season and there couldn t have been a better choice For those that have been devouring Hallmark Christmas movies like candy like me , this is the perfect read It s a warmhearted, cozy, Christmas story in novel form I could even see this novel being adapted into a film one day and I can definitely tell you, I d be watching As cute and cozy as the story and setting is, the plot is not all sunshine and daisies which I think adds to the story as a whole I want a real story that reflects the world that we live in even if there is a lighthearted nature due to the spirit of the season With this novel, there is elements of reality and hardship that could be relatable to many For those that lik

I feel like I just read a Hallmark Movie instead of watching it I don t know if that s a good or bad thing at the moment Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses is about Abbey and Nick Abbey, who is a nurse, is your basic single mother who just loves to decorate in her free time Oh, and she s really good at it So one find day she gets an offer to decorate this guys house She accepts and finds out he s a millionaire and owns a super fancy schmancy mansion OH, and she falls in love him too This guy s name is Nick by the way.
Yeah, it s basically a hallmark movie and super cliche I m pretty sure I didn t necessarily hate anything about it but I also didn t absolutely fall head over heels in love with this book either I guess I d rather watch the movie, with On a beautiful cover of this beautiful book, it is written A feel good Christmas romance.
Let me tell you, they didn t lie I felt really, really good while reading this novel.
I played myself soft Christmas music in the background and it was the best experience.
The story follows two main characters Abbey and Nick.
Abbey is a single mother who works as nurse She has a passion for interial design and she daydreams about becoming a full time designer She wants to provide the best possible life for her son She is unselfish and has a good heart.
Nick is a workoholic with a teriffic memory Did I mention he is a multimillioner who hired Abbey to design his house Plus, he is also a good person with a big heart.
Now when I think about it, every single character in this book is a good person.
I m not too sure what to think about 3Middle of the roadStars Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses is one of those books you pick up, read, and forget as soon as you start something else I don t mean that disrespectfully, but I just cannot find anything about the story that stood out as particularly new or different.
Not a huge issue if the writing and characterizations are sound and engaging But the rich, reclusive guy and the single mother struggling in all areas of her life trope needs to be done well to pull me in and Nick and Abbey s interactions in the main were all a bit cold and stilted, and the constant comparisons to what Nick had and what Abbey couldn t afford got a bit wearing after the first fifty or so mentions.
This is my first read by this

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