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[ Pdf Suspected of Independence ☆ psychological-thriller PDF ] by David McKean ¿ A very interesting read about a historical character who has not gotten a lot of attention The subtitle is a bit of hyperbole, although McKean did play a part in quite a few crucial events during this tumultuous time It is interesting also that he seemed to be onone side of an issue at one time and on the other at another time My sense from the reading is that it wasa matter of trimming sails to maintain a steady course, rather than acting as a weathervane.
First of all, I want to thank NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Before seeing the blurb for this book I had never heard of Thomas McKean I had, however, heard of most of the other people mentioned in the blurb, and was curious what kind of life he had lived to intersect into so many critical moments in the founding of the US What I found was that Thomas McKean was a fascinating character full of contradictions He was very loyal to his principles, but not to people He was a political opportunist but believed strictly in following and enforcing the letter of the law as he read it He was also very intelligent, and played a lot of important roles in history In short, I am very glad I read the book and learned of him.
As a book however, Suspected of Independence has some flaws It rea The Last Signatory To The Declaration Of Independence Was One Of The Earliest To Sign Up For The Revolution Thomas McKean Lived A Radical, Boisterous, Politically Intriguing Life And Was One Of The Most Influential And Enduring Of America S Founding FathersPresent At Almost All Of The Signature Moments On The Road To American Nationhood, From The First Continental Congress Onward, Thomas McKean Was A Colonel In The Continental Army President Of The Continental Congress Governor Of Pennsylvania And, Perhaps Most Importantly, Chief Justice Of The New Country S Most Influential State, Pennsylvania, A Foundational Influence On American Law His Life Uniquely Intersected With The Many Centers Of Power In The Still Formative Country During Its Most Vulnerable Years, And Shows The Degree Of Uncertainty That Characterized Newly Independent America, Unsure Of Its Future Or Its IdentityThomas McKean Knew Intimately Not Only The Heroic Figures Of The Revolutionary Era George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, And Benjamin Franklin But Also The Fascinating Characters Who Fought Over The Political Identity Of The New Country, Such As Caesar Rodney, Francis Hopkinson, And Alexander Dallas His Life Reminds Us That America S Creation Was Fraught With Dangers And Strife, Backstabbing And Bar Brawling, Courage And Stubbornness McKean S Was An Epic Ride During Utterly Momentous Times

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