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Trailer ð We Slept Here PDF by × Sierra DeMulder We Slept Here Is A Case Study In Vulnerability And Honesty In This Sequence Of Memoir Esque Poems, Sierra DeMulder Pulls At The Threads Of A Past Abusive Relationship And The Long Road To Forgiveness The Poems Themselves Become An Act Of Recovery And Reclamation, Wherein The Poet Finds Again The Voice Which Was Taken From Her These Are Hard Poems, Made Up Of Clarity And Healing, Which Attempt To Share Some Of Their Peace With The World Look at us being sodamn human yes, it happened,yes, it was not our most gracefulunfolding, and yes, we were both so present the whole time This, at its core, is a collection about abuse and forgiveness I will continue to read every thing Sierra DeMulder writes and has written, and be shocked at how raw and honest and beautiful her writing is, each and every time.
Sierra DeMulder is well known for her raw and vulnerable poetry, both when written and when she is performing it This book definitely continues that trend Some poems are recognizable as ones she has performed in youtube videos, others seem totally new.
This poetical examination of domestic abuse from the mind of someone who unfortunately experienced one, is both beautiful and heartrending Sierra holds nothing back and I can t admire her enough for that.
This book could be used as an outline for the recovery and forgiveness process, and I recommend it to anyone needing to work through that process.
I can t wait for Spring 2016 when DeMulder releases Today Means Amen.
In this chapbook, DeMulder explores what it is like to endure an abusive relationship and to find forgiveness on the other side, a multifaceted and complex process Each poem is written clearly, with fresh metaphors This book brings an original and intimate perspective to the interpersonal abuse conversation.
At the end, she includes both personal and public resources for abuse survivors this book not only returns a voice to the abused narrator, but it provides a way for others to find the path to healing and finding their own voices again Important and beautiful.
Sad beautiful agonizing true things.
Sierra is a soul spilling poet The poetry in this book is experimental and raw I enjoyed this book, because it is a simple page count that allows the reader to enter directly into Sierra s heart that is still molding or becoming She matches mind with power, but after her experiences teach her vital lessons of how to love and when to love.
5 I believe in gentleness Lord,I believe in light I am my own higherpower I will carry myself out Sierra Demulder s button poetry book We Slept Here packs a hell of a lot of dynamite for not even being 50 pages long She proves over and over, with each poem, that her ability to write raw and beautiful is a gift truly her own She does not shy away from any emotions or experiences here, which is one of the many qualities that makes her writing so strong She is truly one of a kind I always enjoy reading her work and cannot wait for the next collection to come out.
Rudy Francisco has spoiled me I liked this book, some poems pulled me in while others left me feeling kind of meh Still a good read.

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