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[Ryanne Hawk] î Oliver (Inked Menace MC, #2) [sports PDF] Read Online Ð I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.
Amara has travelled from Britain to seek out her sister s help and that of her MC She has been captured and tortured by a group of people that she thinks may have know Cecilia s ex husband She does, however, come with a secret agenda but the question is, will she act on that or not Things get complicated when she feels the intense mating bond with Pretty Boy, aka Oliver.
I loved this couple when they were together and apart The chemistry between the two was hot, especially a certain scene on the train However, for me, it lacked a certain something I ve sat on this review for a couple of days trying to figure out what it was and I still have no idea It was incredibly well written in Ryanne Hawk s brillia This is the 1st book I have read of Ryanne Hawk I have to say I have enjoyed this book a great deal Though I have not read the 1st book in the series, I can say I did not have any issues following along I am one that loves shifters and MCs and I love how she mixed the two.
Amara is a snow leopard She has went thru so much She was captured and tortured by a scientist named Dustan Octavius the Third This has done so much to her mentally Amara was a Sergeant at Arms in an MC in Britain She had worked hard to get to where she was at and was proud of the title she held Amara knew she was going to need help taking down the ones that tortured her so she decided to head to the US to ask help from the Inked Menace MC She never expected to find the one she was to be mated to, but she knew when she laid eyes on Oliver that h Amaranyth Amara Delco Wants RevengeCaptured And Tortured In The Name Of Science, The Sergeant At Arms And Snow Leopard Turns To Her Motorcycle Club To Seek Vengeance But Things Get Complicated When She Travels From England To The US And Comes Face To Face With Her Fated Mate He S One Entanglement She S Not Prepared ForOliver Pretty Boy Ridgeway Has Never Known True Inner Painuntil A Sexy Shifter With A British Accent Stumbles Into His Life And He Sees Just How Cruel Humans Can Be One Whiff Of Her Intoxicating Scent Is All It Takes For The Tiger To Know He S Found His Mate Now He S On A Mission To Track Down Her Enemies And Prove He S The Right Beast To Stand By Her Side Because Hell Hath No Fury Like Two Shifters On The Hunt For Bloodand On The Run From Their Feelings Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good books Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review Amara is a broken women She was captured, tested on and operated on She has not lived a fully glamourous life She needs help so she goes to the one place she knows she can get help Oliver is a tough guy in a MC club not interested in settling down That is, until Amara enters into his life What will happen when they are left to figure things out for their life and the future Will Oliver accept Amara and Amara accept Oliver as each other s family Another action packed story by Ryanne Hawk The action part of the story was suspenseful and intriguing It left you sitting on the edge of your seat It drew you in and left you Amara is a snow leopard shifter that has had to be very tough to survive as Sergeant at Arms of her MC in England She comes to the US to ask her sister and her sister s club for assistance with getting retribution for her imprisonment by a group of supposed scientists Oliver is a tiger shifter in the club and they both know right after meeting that they are mates It wasn t something either of them were expecting or wanting Amara doesn t even know if she has what she needs to be a mate after the hell she has been through Oliver has enjoyed short term liaisons.
Working with the club to get justice will be dangerous but so is pursuing a life together I liked how feisty Amara was even when she was feeling her lowest She has great strength but knows when she needs help Amara and her sister have a strong bond but it doesn t stop them from provoking one another whene Oliver is the 2nd book in the action packed series The Inked Menace Motorcycle Club I love series they re TV miniseries in a book You get to know all the awesome characters, and the characters in this series are hot biker shifters.
Ryanne s talent dazzles you with vivid descriptions of each scene as she draws readers into the thrilling world of The Inked Menace MC.
Amara Delco a sexy, audacious, resilient, gorgeous leopard shifter suffering from pent up emotional rage, has come from Britain to request the help of Hammer, President of The Inked Menace MC Oliver a hot sexy, strapping, powerful tiger shifter known as Pretty Boy, is moonstruck since Amara entered their buildingThis story is jammed packed with amazing impressive and engaging characters, the banter fabulous, earth shattering danger, life threatening incidents, camaraderie, passion, and jaw dropping heart throbbing I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review Meet Amaratough and assertive on the outside, yet a blend of emotions and vulnerability on the inside Meet Oliverbad boy biker that is underestimated and has sides no one has yet seen.
Amara is battling anxiety and PTSD from her kidnapping and torture that she endured Going to Inked for help in her endeavor, she meets Oliver, her mate From the first, you know that Amara is a force to be reckoned with, yet has so much to mend within herself.
and Oliver is just the hottie to help her Their banter and love dance was adorable, hilarious, and heartbreaking at times Especially when reliving Amara s past With Oliver, Lucky, and the MC Club on her side, Amara strives to overcome her vulnerability, take back her life, and kick some ass along the wayall the while g

Kitty strikes back Super amazing Shifter MC book The story line is exciting and the characters are marvelous Amara is an enforcer in a Shifter MC club in England her leader sent her to get some information on Inked Menace in America Her half sister is the president Hammer of inked menace s mate Maura she is also a lion shifter When Amara gets to the clubs house she meets sexy Oliver aka pretty boy a sexy Tiger shifter There seems to be an instant connection between the two Amara also wants to tract down some leaders of a company called Lexcorp Lexcorp had captured Armara and experimented on her and others they had captured Armara had escaped killed most of the Scientists at the labs only the main leaders got away Now she wants revenge After she tells her and her sisters club members about what happened to her and others l Just when I thought I wouldn t love an of the Inked Menace boys than Lucky, Hawk makes me turn my affections over to Oliver I adored his character and the connection that he had with Amara Lord, will her story break your heart I felt her pain at the hands of the vile scientists who used her as a human shifter lab rat Despite Amara s PTSD, Oliverdear sweet Oliver wooed her to the point that she could not resist the mating pull between them Beyond the many smexy times in this story, Hawk brings the heat with an intensely dramatic storyline as well This one will make you bite your nails and cheer for the good guys I love the little teaser that we got about Flip at the end and I cannot wait to read his story Each one of these books just keeps getti I received an ARC of this book from the author in return for an honest review Although Oliver can be read as a standalone book, I recommend reading Lucky first since it provides background about the Inked Menace MC and the supporting characters I fell in love with all the characters while reading Lucky and was excited about reading Oliver s story.
The story of Oliver follows Anara Delco, a Snow Leopard, who travels from Britain to the US to enlist the help of Maura, her sister, who is mated to Hammer, the Alpha of Inked Menace MC She wants their help to seek revenge against Dustan Octavius III, the scientist who held her captive and tortured her before she was able to escape Anara suffers from both physical and mental scars from her ordeal They are further complicated when s

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