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Ò Hollywood Dirt Î Download by ã Alessandra Torre 6 Southern Stars Spoiler Free ReviewFilming has begun on Hollywood Dirt For photos and info go here www.
com Hollywood Dirt has Southern charm in abundance and left me ridiculously happy and content I laughed, I swooned and I welled up with emotion This contemporary and VERY SEXY ROMANCE oozes personality, wit and heart warming emotions Alessandra Torre presents a story about a Southern Girl whose world collides with a Hollywood Star, they re opposites in every way possible which is delightfully explored through their love hate relationship and the way it unfurls eloquently before us, warming us to their individual personas and their combined chemistry, which is impossible not to feel The character development and story arc are sublimely flawless This author takes the contemporary Romance genre and rocks it making it a story that will be adored by 4.
5 Coca Cola StarsThis book was such pleasant surprise Alessandra Torre skillfully tells the story of a small town girl falling for Hollywood s top hottie The story is interestingly based on the very real Coca Cola millionaires which I found myself reading about once I finished this book Hollywood s heartthrob Cole Masten is bringing this Coca Cola story to the big screen The filming of this movie will take place in the small, southern town of Quincy, Georgia Summer Jenkins, our heroine, house sits on an estate with her mother, and has been ignored and politely shunned for the past three years by the whole town The mix of city meeting country as Cole falls for Summer and their back and forth, love hate attraction, is pretty entertaining and so very sexy Summer finds herself smack dab in the middle of this multi million FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Sexy, fun, and fantastically well written, with an intense hate to love Hollywood romance that ll make your heart race That s exactly what this book was and I love love LOVED it There s a special feeling you get when you start a genuinely fantastic book where you can just instantly feel that it s a winner I was less than a page into this book before I d fallen in love with it From the start, the story had this almost palm tingly feeling of anticipation, excitement, and intrigue to it and with Alessandra Torre s strong, captivating writing, I found it to be unputdownableCole Masten was the epitome of walking sex and had every woman in town drooling over his arrival Every woman but me, that is I couldn t be For one, he was an ass All cocky attitude and no manners to speak of For two, he was for the next four months my bossSecrets are fascinati 5 stars We are strong We are Southern We have secrets you will never imagine Hollywood Dirt is not the type of read I ve come to expect from Alessandra After reading most of her books, I can say that this is far different from all the rest but equally as good I was in the mood for something lighter, sweeter, with a strong heroine and wonderful hero and that is exactly what she delivered Hollywood Dirt is a feel good romance about two people who started off hating each other and ended up falling hard for one another Summer Jenkins has lived in small town Quincy most of her life Quincy is full of southern people who have money but don t like to talk about it Summer isn t from one of those families that have money She and her mom are working class As much as she loves her mom and she loves Quincy in some ways, she is d 4.
5 City Boy and Country Girl Stars I m so glad that Hollywood and dirt roads met in the uniqueness of Quincy Do you remember the popular gum from the 80 s called Freshen UpImagine the sweet hard gum as it makes contact with your teeth and the first taste of sugar invades your system followed by the bite down on the gum which leads to a delicious burst of syrup to sweeten your body all the way from your mouth down to your toes And that my friends is how I feel about Hollywood Dirt It is a sweet read with witty text, complex characters, down home country and city scenes, sprinkled with some steam, and it all equals up to one power packed burst of sweetness that I will never forget Smile Treat your neighbor as yourself Be gracious Keep your secrets close and your enemies closer Summer is a small town country girl living in Quincy, Georgia She has enjoyed

FIVE SOLEMATE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review BR with Dee and Mel I could hate this man, curse him to hell, but there had never been a question on this earth that the man was beautiful, this his body was sin, that his sexuality was addicting.
SUPERB I have read several of Alessandra Torre s books previously but this one is hands down my FAVORITE It was such an unexpected treat Her stories are usually erotic with some dark undertones This was the kind of story I crave It was funny, with just the perfect amount of angst and sultry steam I lost my heart to the Hero and even fell in love with the heroine as well Don t even get me started on that crazy little rooster Summer Jenkins is a young woman who lives in a small town in Georgia, called Quincy It has a total po Aren t they making this into a movie When Anyone know I CAN T WAIT.
I have only read one book by this author, Sex, Love, Repeat, which I loved having read so many amazing reviews about Hollywood Dirt, I couldn t wait to open up Page 1 It had to be an incredible story otherwise why would there be all those 5 star ratings by my GR friends.
Well, let me just say.
THEY WERE COMPLETLY CORRECT This is a beyond incredible book I could not stop turning the pages.
Even when I should have switched off my lights and get some shut eye I couldn t 4AM.
got to get some shut eye Wake up 9AM.
after dreams of Cole, naturally it was back to Hollywood Dirt No, breakfast can wait Hollywood Dirt one of the coolest and sexiest stories ever One of my favorite books ever Let me share just a few of the many reasons why I adored this story Thi 4 Stars Now I knew why they said you FELL in love I plummeted with no parachute, and hoped like hell he would catch me when I hit the bottom.
Have you ever read a romance novel and it was like a movie reel in your head Like you could actually imagine the actors playing out every line Picture the town and it s residents exactly as they re being described Actually notice absolutely every single minute detail inside your mind That s what Hollywood Dirt was for me At times I felt like I was reading a movie script so than a book At first I thought that maybe that s not really a good thing since it was a slower pace than what I m used to But after taking some time to think about it, I can say that it was refreshingly different.
If you ve read any of the other books by this author, Hollywood Dirt is nothing like them There s no crazy twists Did anyone else see the author s pic when she was in body paint I think it was for Halloween That has nothing to do with this book review, but it was hot.
Cole Masten Abandoned By His Superstar Wife, Hollywood S Perfect Husband Is Now Hollywood S Sexiest Bachelor Partying Hard And Screwing Even Harder Watch Out Los Angeles, There S A New Bad Boy In Town Summer Jenkins That S Me, A Small Town Girl Stuck In Quincy, Georgia I Cook Some Mean Chicken And Dumplins, Can Bluff A Grown Man Out Of His Savings In Poker, And Was Voted Most Friendly My Senior Year We Were From Different Worlds Our Lives Shouldn T Have Collided But Then Cole Masten read A Book About My Small Town And Six Months Later, His Jet Landed On Our Dusty Airstrip, And He Brought Hollywood With Him From The Start, I Knew He Was Trouble For Our Town And For Me Sometimes, Opposites Just Aren T Meant To Attract

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