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[Derek Fridolfs] Õ Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice [evolution PDF] Read Online Õ An interesting take on the DC universe The use of notes and and journal entries was a neat way to tie together sections And then there s that moment when I realized that the kid I was looking at in a panel was a young version of the Joker.
Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman team up and investigate their new school I have been meaning to read this since this one came out, sadly I never had the chance until now I am not a big DC Marvel reader, but I do know the characters and I do enjoy reading some comics So I was pretty excited to see Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman team up Though not as adults, but as kids And all of them are still discovering who they are and what they can do.
For instance Clark is slowly finding out his powers, Diana still has no control over her strength or temper, and Bruce is still very much a kid and not the tough hero he becomes as an adult But you could still easily see who they were Not just because of their clothes Bruce wearing something fancy, Clark dressed up as if he has a scoop to hunt for, Diana with her headband but also because of how they act and talk But these are not the o Being The New Kid At School Is Tough, Especially When Your School Is Called Ducard Academy And Your Name Is Bruce Wayne There S A Gang Of Jokers Roaming The Halls, A Muscle Headed Kid Named Bane Wants To Beat You Up, And Your Guidance Counselor Hugo Strange Seems Really, Well, StrangeThis Inventive Novel Follows Young Bruce Wayne And His Friends Clark Superman And Diana Wonder Woman As They Start A Junior Detective Agency To Investigate Their Teachers And Find Out What S Going On Behind Closed Doors At Ducard Academy, All Before RecessThis All New Story Presents A Twist On The Idea Of Junior Sleuths, Using Comics, Journal Entries, And Doodles To Reimagine Batman, Superman, And Wonder Woman As Three Students In The Same School They Ll Try Their Best To Solve Their Case, But Just Because You Re Faster Than A Speeding Bullet Or Powerful Than A Locomotive, It Doesn T Mean You Get To Stay Up Past Eleven I was hoping Secret Hero Society would be similar to the Batman Li l Gotham comic series, especially as it features the same creative team of Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen There s a certain familiarity to the artwork and humour, but rather than a comic, this is an age appropriate kids book consisting of a mixture of black and white sketches, journal entries and other assorted texts Still, the book is an easy and entertaining read for all young super hero fans to enjoy.
Bruce Wayne enrols in the mysterious Ducard Academy and immediately begins to suspect that something is amiss He meets fellow students Clark Kent and Diana Prince and the trio investigate the unusual directive of the school The book is filled with familiar faces from the DC univ I love this book so much I like that they made a story of villains and heroes in middle school It s amazing how Bruce, Kent, and, Diana at the same school It s got funny parts and serious parts This is like me because in the book Bruce is trying to get use to middle school and I don t understand that much of middle school yet.
This read was quite a bit of fun I didn t know what to expect going into it, but what I got was entertaining.
Middle school aged Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Why not Solving mysteries at a young age, trying not to break the rules as they go.
It s worth the read, especially if you are a fan of the original stories Alternate universes that are done well are great For a young adult, adult, or kid, this book could entertain anyone I look forward to of the series.
My little sister wanted me to read this series So here I am, reading a DC Comics graphic novel It wasn t bad, it wasn t good, either way, it was just eh She asked me to read the second and third one, so I am looking forward to that experience.
The dos and don ts to pulverize your opponent Do fight Do cheat Do steal Don t play fair Don t be a good sportGive Out Discipline Or Be Disciplined This was exquisitely cute I really enjoyed the mix of how the story is laid out It switches from comics to private messages to surveillance stills and even private diary entries As an entire whole, this was a well thought out kiddie mystery with some of our favorite villains and heroes Can t wait to continue this wacky series.

This was delightfully adorable and fun.
So fun I love Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs Lil Gotham and this appeared to be just as delightful.
did not disappoint It s a fun what if of the school AU variety that is very popular in fanfic, reimagining the Caped Crusader, Man of Steel and ian Princess as elementary school kids investigating super shady shit at their new school Like NINJAS So Many Ninjas.
Anyone with passing familiarity with the universe with recognize the students and teachers alike Pamela Isley Victor Fries Brainiac and guess the Principal s identity, but as a primer for the young set this will appeal to them I think.

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