↠´ Read Ù Spiked Boots: From New England's North Country, True Stories of Yesteryear, When Men Were Rugged and Rivers Wild (Yankee Classic) by Robert E. Pike Ù nikeairmaxcheapuk.co

↠´ Read Ù Spiked Boots: From New England's North Country, True Stories of Yesteryear, When Men Were Rugged and Rivers Wild (Yankee Classic) by Robert E. Pike Ù Unflagging fun, stylish prose, and a vivid visit to a bygone era in the North Country.
In The Days Of Log Drives On The Rivers Of New England, Whenever A Riverman Was Killed On The Drive, His Comrades Hung His Spiked Boots On A Tree To Mark The Spot As A Youth, Robert Pike Spotted Such A Pair Of Boots, And From That Moment Was Born His Lifelong Fascination With The Colorful History Of The New England Logging IndustryThe Dozens Of Tales He Collected Are Narrated Here By Old Vern, A Cantankerous Backwoods Character Here Are Legends And Wild Anecdotes Of The Loggers And Rivermen Who Worked In The Woods And On The Connecticut And Androscoggin Rivers, Plying Their Romantic, Dangerous Trade In The Early Part Of This Century Others Tell Of Quaint Characters And Unusual Specimens Of God S Carelessness People Like Ginseng Willard, Who Slept In A Coffin For Two Years Just To Get Used To It, Or Ervin Palmer, A Hermit Who Dreamed Of Making A Violin That Would Duplicate The Sounds Of The Natural WorldAlthough Pike Was A Respected Scholar And Historian And The Author Of Many books, Spiked Boots Is The One He Wanted To Be Remembered By We Are Proud To Restore To Print This Important Piece Of New England Folk History Loved the stories of northern NH and reading about places I grew up hearing about Not always easy to follow tho The line between what s going on now vs the story being told gets blurred I wonder if my maternal grandparents knew him as this book is a numbered copy.

Spiked Boots, 1st published in 1956, tells of a bygone era Here was a young man, author Pike, who wanted to learn 1st hand about the past and at the same time increase his knowledge of the present He sought out those who knew and yearned to perpetuate their knowledge before it was too late The colorful characters in the book would actually have been lost to history were it not for Robert E Pike, future teacher And that is what this book is all about, colorful stories and the likewise colorful characters who told them We learn about wild animals, ghosts, precious gems, survival in the wilderness, folk songs, the N.
E United States S.
E Canada, and of course the early lumber trade Any vivid, remarkable and exciting historic true stories these rugged men and women ha The author Robert Pike collected stories he heard about the rivermen in the logging industry in the early 1900s who had to walk on logs to keep them moving down river When one died, they would hang his spiked boots on a tree to mark the spot Wonderful northern New England stories with all the local color one could ask for I found this book in a used book pile and am glad I read it One man had a necklace made of a thousand porcupine quills from all those he had killed This same man made his coffin and slept in it just to get used to it Actually, the saddest story for me was that of the golden trout that used to live in Lake Sunapee Fishermen used long lines to catch them by the hundreds Now they are gone That attitude of killing animals as if they were infinite prevails throughout One reason why I love the Endangered Species Act and appreciate regulations,

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