Download Epub Format æ 나의 빛나는 세계 1 PDF by ✓ Maru

Download Epub Format æ 나의 빛나는 세계 1 PDF by ✓ Maru , , En anglais My beautiful worldJ ai t tr s surprise par ce premier volume Il a un c t paranormal tr s intrigant et une fin qui donne envie de conna tre la suite.
C est l histoire d une jeune fille qui a le don de voir les envies noires des gens sous forme d une ombre sombre qui couvre le corps de ceux qui l entoure Par exemple, si elle rencontre quelqu un de mal intentionn , il est couvert d ombre Quelqu un qui fait des rumeurs sur quelqu un pour lui faire du mal psychologiquement, un meurtrier, etc C est un peu comme si elle pouvait voir leur aura.
Le probl me est que l ombre peut appara tre n importe quand, chez n importe qui m me chez des proches.
Tr s original J ai h te de d couvrir la suite I got so used to Japanese manga, that reading Korean one feels strange Going back to left to right panel reading order.
The translation team did a good job of providng context in TL notes for us unfamiliar with South Korean language culture way of life This was so goooood June and Yurim, just take a look at them, such a sweet sweet couple melting And don t forget June s hair, so bold yet so perfect for him although in the last chapter he dyed it back to its original color This webtoon is perfect for you who loves fluffy love stories with a good original storyline.
Personally I prefer Japanese manga over Korean manhwa, but webtoon is an exception You can say it s manhwa, but at the same time it s not The differences in drawing style, how the story told, and the character set give you a really different impact I think webtoon has much promising future than Korean classic manhwa no offense to classic manhwa fans.
Well, enough with my rambling Just read Naui Binaneun Segye or My Beautiful World or My Shiny World different scanlation groups may use different title and perhaps you ll love it too

This was my first manhwa and surely not the last one I loved loved loved it Technically I still have to read 10 chapters, or less, but I already know that I will give this 5 stars with closed eyes.
The art is ah mazing, I m still awestruck by it And the colors So pretty Just look at June s hair, ahhh.
I know there s too much drama, but sometimes I just like to read about these things when they re done in the right way.
s The damn website I m reading this on realeses a chapter a week I can t stand these things.
Update I finished reading it yay And in the end I gave it 4 stars because looking at it with a little bit of distance the last 3 4 chapters were chaotic and I didn t like some twists But this was good nevertheless This was beautiful manhwa is different fantasy ,This webtoon is nice for you who loves fluffy love stories with a good original storyline.
in the end i love the couple and i like this manhwa.

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