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[Kavita Kané] ✓ Sita's Sister [monrovia PDF] Read Online ✓ Being a fan of Valmiki s Ramayana, I dove into this book with a lot of excitement This was my first Kavita Kane book and I absolutely loved it Ms Kane didn t detour from the actual storyline She simply enhanced it with the power of her imagination Lakshmana has always intrigued me, and to see him through Urmila s eyes made up or not was indeed a joyWe could never hate each other And hate certainly would not have been able to sustain us for the separation of the next fourteen years It s our love which will, Mila, he continued in a whisper, barely audible to her ears And it s the memory of our full, sustained love which will never make us feel alone or lonely You ll be with me always as I shall be with you, my Mila, my Urmila, my eternal enchantress, my woman of passion and strength I had always wondered what happened to the other 3 princesses, and to read about Urmila finally was Though a bit delayed here is my review of Sita s Sister as promised to Kavita Oh daughter of king Janak, Janaki and princess of Mithila, Maithili I am neither, Urmila corrected emphatically The rightful daughter of Janak and princess of Mithila, Urmila has been deprived not just her birthright but her fair share in the epic too.
She is a muted character of Ramayana Our society has been patriarchal for ages The epic talks about the sacrifices of Ram, Lakshman and Bharat, however little is spoken about the women Their sacrifices are not exalted or even recorded I was interested in reading Sita s Sister as very little is known about Urmila Kavita has done a wonderful job and the book is great work of imagination It takes a great deal to write about a character which we know exist but do not know much about Ur From The Bestselling Author Of Karna S Wife, Comes This Book About Urmila, Sita S Sister And The Neglected Wife Of Lakshman, And One Of The Most Overlooked Characters In The Ramayana As Sita Prepares To Go Into Exile, Her Younger Sisters Stay Back At The Doomed Palace Of Ayodhya, Their Smiles, Hope And Joy Wiped Away In A Single Stroke And Through The Tears And The Tragedy One Woman Of Immense Strength And Conviction Stands Apart Urmila, Whose Husband, Lakshman, Has Chosen To Accompany His Brother Ram To The Forest Rather Than Stay With His Bride She Could Have Insisted On Joining Lakshman, As Did Sita With Ram But She Did Not Why Did She Agree To Be Left Behind In The Palace, Waiting For Her Husband For Fourteen Painfully Long Years I was in Class 3 when my mother first told me the story of Ramayana The sheer grandeur of an epic was intimidating at first, prompting me to stick to the rosy details alone Rama was good, Sita was pure, Hanuman was a hero and Kaikeyi along with Ravana were the Devil or rather Manthara It was simple It was safe Over the years though, this simplicity faded and I read many other versions, so muchcomplex and unforgiving than my mother s tale I found empathy for Urmila at the age of 15, when I first tried to break down her character Her honesty, humanity and most of all, unflinching trust in her husband shook me to the core This book reminded me why it did so.
A tweaked, twisted and romanticized version of Ramayana, if I may, Sita s Sister gives the due respect to a woman wh Review in millennium post by Naila Manal Sita s Sister is a courageous re creation of mythology, which presents us with a subaltern viewpoint It seems to be written in response to Lakshman s burning question O Urmila Will the world ever know of your inner suffering, your divine sacrifice yet it is not just her version Every character is given space and voice, even if the author does not let them break free from the fabric they were originally created in, or turn the events of the story accordingly None is indicted by the author just like none is favoured unduly Perhaps, Kavita Kan intended to erase the black and white idealism that epics are wont to have So, while Kavita subtly shows us ugly cracks in the fa ade of the palace of Ayodhaya hiding a lotthan they showed she also works us a reminder of the little evil residing in all of us While each reader receives and appropriates this into their co O Urmila, will the world ever know of your inner suffering, your divine sacrifice Sita Sister is maybe Kavita Kane s attempt to answer this very question A rendition of the Ramayana written from the point of view of one of the lesser known characters is what this book intends to be, but in the midst of it all, it is a story of a beautiful, strong and intelligent woman, who was, mostly ignored throughout centuries of mythological studies and research on Ramayana Urmila the true born daughter of King Janak of Mithila, sister of Sita and Lakshman s wife A woman who had suffered as much as anyone else during Ram s exile Even though Valmiki has described Urmila s sacrifice of not going along with Ram, Sita and her husband Lakshman as an unparallel sacrifice in his book, he had spared only a few verses to Urmila

just like her last book that I read and so much loved Karna s Wife , this one is no different but what an amazing retelling of epic, it works only if you could ignore its misleading title and that it is from the point of view of Urmila Sita s Sister and Lakshman s wife Palace of Illusions still remains my favorite mytho fiction even now and Karna s wife comes a super second but this one even after my wishes couldn t come any closer to the third spot nonetheless remains a superb one time read no doubts on that The biggest challenge I guess the new generation of Authors face must be how to re tell a story which is already beaten to death by so many in the past We the readers, keep expecting magic in all the upcoming books with A Great Book i cried and laughed with urmilaI actually lived as her while i was readind the book.
So many questions keep flooding a thinking individual s mind,so after reading thought provoking books like Sita s Sister What is just, what is dharma, which is bigger a role or an individual, where does duty of one end and the personal space of another begin, who decides which role takes precedence over another, does love mean being someone s weakness or strength, should love surpass duty or the other way round, and many .
Kavita Kane brings to fore one of those characters of the epic Ramayana who have grossly been ignored by the center stage lights Urmila is often remembered as one of King Janak s daughters, Sita s younger sister and Lakshman s wife Paeans have been written about the sacrifices of the prime characters of the mythology in whose shadow many characters have been eclipsed Lord Ram smilingly renounced his righ

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