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[Ann Farnsworth] Ú The Throne of David [linguistics PDF] Read Online × You guys my mom WROTE THIS BOOK I finished the book this morning, which is impressive considering I wasn t expecting to get it fromuntil two days from now The book is a page turner for sure, and is what I would call a mystery historical thriller The first half of the book read like most mysteries and was definitely interesting, but the last half was where things came together and the magic happens The author introduced really fascinating legends about England s coronation stone and kept the tension throughout the ending really well, but still introduced surprise plot twists, made me laugh and worry at different times, and left me with a message about the influence of history that inspired me I felt like while there were a lot of characters, the author somehow made each of them real and distinct, painted a great picture of people I would love to know and reminded me of people I a Wow This is an intense story, tightly and precisely written There is no rambling or flowery prose here The author s love of precise vocabulary It s a gift for her and, by extension, to us I cannot stress enough how much I care about truly good writing the mechanics, the grammar, the punctuation, you name it And, wow It s as though Ann Farnsworth wrote this with me in mind.
The Throne of David is able to create a compelling, riveting adventure that is not preposterous or cheesy or formulaic This novel is fun and smart and exciting It will keep you guessing, keep surprising you, and keep you reading and guessing until the final sentence and you ll wish it wasn t.
I am all about thrillers check and history check , and impeccable writing check So, The Throne of David It fits the bill, and then some I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this debut novel I a When A Series Of Secret Letters Throws The Ascendancy Line Of The British Throne Into Disarray, Only One Person Can Prove The Rightful Heir And Everything Depends On A Stone That S Been Lost For Centuries This High Stakes Thriller Leads You On A Deadly Chase Around The World, Following Clues From King David A Mind Blowing Mystery With An Ending You Ll Have To read To Believe 4.
5 stars Fiction books linked to ancient legends are a genre that I tend to enjoyThe Throne of Davidis a wonderful blend of modern day and legends from the past.
Before I read this book I had not heard of the Stone of Scone I began to wonder if this was a fictional relic that the author had made up and described a thought out and fascinating history about Of course, I had to google it and find that it is a real relic from Ireland and Scotland It may have origins in Hebrew or Egypt Ann Farnsworth did a great job at incorporating the legends and making a fascinating fictional story.
The history behind the relic and the quest to find it were my favorite parts of the story The book holds quite a bitthan that in it s pages It is a hunt to find players in a royal scandal It is action and adventu Superb writing, storyline and characters Very well written It was interesting, intriguing and an exciting read Wasn t sure what to expect, but was thrilled from beginning to end A great thriller with suspense and mystery Fans of Dan Brown will enjoy The Throne of David Well done Look forward toto come, hopefully A fantastic read Received for an honest review from the publisher Rating 4.
5Heat rating Sweet Reviewed by AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More First thought was WOW It was a great adventurous ride, like reading a PG version of Dan Brown I was absorbed from the first chapter thinking what a great treasure to find 32 year old letters Then the plot flew off from there, with story going on both sides of the Atlantic The characters were running out of time the intensity, the on the run adventure and suspense I couldn t put the book down and I had to go to work one of life s tragedies when there is such a book to read There are a couple of good twists near the end, but the author has foreshadowed and it all makes sense.
I m giving this book 5 stars and it deserves every one for thoroughly entertaining me without any unnecessary baggage This was the most fun I ve had reading This exciting thriller with the right amount of romance held my interest David Lord of New York is called to London by a former college classmate, Roger, to help with a delicate investigation one where after a private lunch, David is offered a key to an apartment not known to be connected to Roger and told to stay there instead of at the hotel where is credit cards and phone calls can be monitored On their way there, Roger is killed, David almost, but the mystery remains The focus of an elimination attempt headed by a dedicated but misguided captain of the British SO14, David finds himself in constant danger, but not alone as Roger s sister, Cami, finds David in the apartment and insists on joining in solving the mystery Roger hired David to solve as well as discovering the forces behind her brother s This book caught my attention from the very beginning and I didn t want to put it down until I had read every last word It begins with three school boys who want to open a locker What they find is amazing, a mailbag missing forthan thirty years One of the letters, when delivered, sets in motion danger, and adventure for American David Lord He is called by a friend to find out just who could be the heir for the British throne, and that friend is killed before he s able to reveal anything to David David must unlock the mystery of the letter on his own, and some of it from a different continent Danger lurks around every corner for him and anyone that he has had contact with Will he be able to figure out this mystery before he is killed The plot of this book is so great I love the way the author went about it It s g

I thought this book was so much fun to read It was farexciting than I thought it would be David Lord is hired to find out if a letter written 32 years earlier is authentic David had no idea the trouble that letter would bring It sets a whole string of things into motion.
Peoples lives are in danger, a coronation stone needs to be located, and people are not who they seem to be While we follow David and his friends in the search to find out if their is another heir to the throne, we realize that there are several families in danger Someone is killing people that might have a claim to the throne They are going off the year people were born and when they traveled Who knew traveling to England could result in running for you life.
David is also searching for the original coronation stone, so that it can be put back where it suppose 5 STARSThe Throne of David is a exciting blend of action, history, heroes that I did not want to put it down The characters are such a vast range I fell for David and Enrigue Two different characters fighting for answers in there own way.
David Lord owns his own business of Forensic accounting He is single His good friend in England asked him to come help him David goes right away His friend works as a private secretary to Prince George of England It can t be traced back to him but it has to be done with someone he can trust He gives his a list of women s name that left England in 1980 and had a baby in the US He also needed to collect a DNA sample.
Enrique lived on the streets of New York by David s office David got him in rehab He turned to drink after a mission went wrong in Afghan His wife left him He has two daughters He is asked for his h

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