↠´ Read ô The Seventh Sword: Psychic Quest for King Arthur's Sword by Andrew Collins é nikeairmaxcheapuk.co

↠´ Read ô The Seventh Sword: Psychic Quest for King Arthur's Sword by Andrew Collins é In The Author And A Colleague Located And Unearthed A Sword Which They Believed Had Been Made From A Sword Belonging To King Arthur When He Appeared On Television With His Discovery, Five Other People Came Forward Who, As A Result Of Dreams Or Visions, Had Found Other Swords Belonging To The Set Of Seven According To Legend, When The Seven Swords Are Brought Together There Will Be A Last Battle With The Forces Of Evil At The End Of The Th Century A Group Of Masons Supposedly Tried To Bring The Swords Together But Were Defeated By An Ancient Occult Conspiracy The Masons Dispersed And Buried The Swords In Various Places Around The Country Now The Author Invites The Reader To Help Him With The Renewed Quest For The Seventh Sword Of Destiny When I was in my twenties I was a sucker for anything by Graham Hancock, Colin Wilson, and Andrew Collins As I grew older and wiser I lost a large part of my faith in the first two, but somehow, I ve never been able to read The Seventh Sword or the slightly earlier The Black Alchemist and think This isn t true If this is made up, it s very, very clever the work of a master fictioneer who disguises himself as an indifferent reporter I find it easier to think that it is largely factual, and this makes it an exciting read, though it s not without sections of rather dry historical exposition It also has some endearingly amateurish writing in the form of paragraphs describing the narrator making a cup of tea, or a barman pouring a pint of bee

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