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✓ Read Ä Fated (Baals Heart, #3) by Bey Deckard æ Baal s Heart is definitely one of my favorite m m series Sexy pirates in dangerous situations having smoky hot sex YES PLEASE Due to Baltsaros madness Jon became captain of Baal s heart and has to take difficult decisions in order to bring the ship out of the dangers that their travel brought apon them Fearing for Baltsaros health, the relationship between all three men turns out to be difficult, but they aren t willing to give up what they had Fated Blood and Redemption is an extremely entertaining read The balance between romance and suspense was very well done The pirates of Baal s Heart had to face lots of difficult sitations, Jon, Tom and Baltsaros were all going through a lot of pain and I just wans t able to put this book down Once again, Deckard s writing style pulled me right in I love the way he is integration flashbacks and dreams into his tale and his Peeks out from Pirate Land Ahoy Matey I ve been in Pirate Land for the week tearing through this Baal s Heart series I just finished the special holiday novella and now I m left empty and giddy at the same time The book hangover that s already creeping up is going to be wicked I haven t felt like this about a series since KJ Charles and Joanna Chambers peddled their historical crack book series I can t even write a real review because I just want to gush over the epicness of this series Some of you may be turned off because M M M isn t your thing Some may be turned off because of the gruesome, dark nature that is present throughout But, this was fucking amazing The whole shebang All 3 full length books and the holiday novella rocked my word It had everything I look for in books and then some added on top Badass menSuspenseRomanceAdventureTop notch world buildingGre I ve held off reviewing this for a couple days to give it a fair shake Y see I binge watched all of Black Sails while reading this I know it s not fair to compare the two but which is why I took some time to digest Black Sails is bursting at the seams with pirates being pirate y They are unscrupulous pillaging, marauding pirate y pirates And they are HOOOOTTTT Exhibit A Exhibit B When they re not stealing gold or backstabbing each other they are fucking And they re not particularly picky about whom they are fucking AND there is peen AND They re cunningly conniving bastards I confess Baby got me started on the pirates All I really knew was they were morally ambiguous people and that appealed for a multitude of reasons, namely being that I am bad wrong Ask anyone.
My point being that I was still circling the novice pirate block and what I ve realized since is 1 3I m going to do one review for all three books because I read them all this week and couldn t put them down to do an individual review but they were 5 for me as a whole.
From the first book, when Jon watches the pirate ship sail into the harbor, his adventure and new life begins Handsome pirate, Baltsaros lives with secrets and lies and Jon affects him like no other Strong, damaged Tom sees Jon alternately as an usurper and is attracted to him In between the sexy times, each book is a a grand, suspenseful adventure that builds towards a truly, loving menage relationship with a lot of heartache along the way as all great romances should have.
To show you all just how much I love this series and my faith in a rereadable series, I originally borrowed 1 2 Thank you, Mercedes have bought the series so I can pay it forward by someone else getting the opportunity to bor

Fascinating story, complex characters, intense action, sweet and kinky lovethis story had it all My interest was kept the whole way through and I dreaded reaching the end.
Pirate life is not for the faint hearted, though, and I cringed a few times while reading Consequences of past mistakes led to unfortunate situations and although I understood the decisions that were made, I hated that any of it happened in the first place.
However, the dark times did move the story forward, and provided opportunities for reflection and growth They were also nicely balanced by the rest of this intriguing story, especially the sweet loving and steamy times Scenes that made me smile And squirm Omgthe neediness in Tom after days of chastity fans self and rope play sigh Tom was beautiful in his submission There were crazy times, but through everything tha A story about beginnings and ends, about illogical things that seem to make sense, about rational things that don t, about mistakes and their consequences, about trust and hope, about struggle and surrender, about madness that calls to madness The last book in the trilogy is dark, violent, tender, and full of heart Fate will find a way Virgil Now available in audiobook UmI hated it j k It had all the things Loved it One of my faves for the year GROUP REVIEW with a couple of unicorns Nearly a year ago, I got to meet Bey Deckard s pirates, Jon, Tom and Baltsaros These three men were damaged, cutthroat, vulnerable, sexy and had one hell of a story to tell The story telling was vivid, the quality was superb Book 1, Caged cemented itself on my 2014 favorites list I wouldn t shut up about it Blabbed to everyone to read this book and if you haven t, seriously read this book I felt like I got my deepest wish I m a bit of a pirate geek And I never frown upon the kink Then Book 2, Sacrificed dropped later last year, and I actually read it I m not one for gobbling a series so soon these days unless I m impressed I came to care for these men they were fucked up, fantasy personified, they were gritty and flawedcouldn t help being drawn to them And n Novel , Words Genre S Historical Fantasy, Erotic Action Adventure, Polyamory, LGBT GSMWith The Captain S Mind In Shambles, Jon And Tom Set Out To Find The Passage Home Through The Black Mountain Range, Hoping To Find A Cure For Baltsaros S Madness However, When The Men Are Forced To Part Ways, Darkness Takes Root In The Schism Created Fate, Lust, And Vengeance Become Obsessions Threatening To Tear Apart The Fragile Bonds Holding The Three TogetherFollowing On The Heels Of Sacrificed, Fated Takes The Pirates On A Quest To Find Those Responsible For The Captain S Bloody Beginnings But Can They Survive What Awaits Them Where Past And Present Meet

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