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» Read á Wait For Me (For Me #1) by T.S. McKinney Ý WAIT FOR ME is the story of Jasper and Susannah, two fascinating characters, during what is surely the longest, most difficult year of their lives Occurring in multiple settings with verisimilitude, strong subtext, noteworthy character development, and an all consuming plot with unexpected twists, WAIT FOR ME is one hell of a powerful story I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis then quickly deterred when I saw the number of pages it contained DONT LET THE PAGE S SCARE YOU AWAY I very, very, very rarely read books that are longer than 300 pages and promise, this one does not feel lengthy I never once felt like I was reading a book with 600 pages, never In fact, I was shocked at how fast I flew through this book By not restricting the of pages, McKinney and Grinder were able to develop a comprehensive, unique story t Susannah Is A Dominatrix And FBI Agent Jasper Is A Younger Submissive Who Wants To Surrender To Her Every Desire The Dominant Side Of Her Wants Him Badly, But The Age Gap Holds Her Back Susannah S First Assignment Introduces Her To The Sickening World Of Human Trafficking Jasper, A Genius With Computers, Jumps At The Chance To Do Anything That Will Allow Him To Spend Time With SusannahWhen Susannah Is Betrayed Jasper Is Abducted Will Susannah Rescue Jasper Before Too Much Damage Is Done To His Body And Soul Will She Get The Chance To Prove Her Love I really enjoyed this story It pushed a lot of my buttons It was dark without being dark, if that makes any sense The despair was not all encompassing, and that freed my mind to enjoy the character development.
This is a romantic thriller, and although I wasn t particularly attached to the secondary characters who s POV was given, I was completely riveted by Jasper, and Suzannah s story.
Reader beware This story is told from multiple points of view, and can be a bit jarring if you are not used to this type of storytelling, but big BUT if you can hang in there and get through that initial road bump you are well on your way to enjoying all this novel has to offer.
I would also advise to move past the first chapter, if you find your reaction similar to mine To be brutally honest, I almost stopped because of how Suzannah behaved in the car I rolled m A review by The Blogger Girls.
This is a story about sex trafficking, sex slaves to be exact, and the story is one of first hand experience.
It starts with Susannah, an FBI agent who s goal is to crack open and take down a group of sex traffickers Susannah is a rookie who is currently contemplating if she actually wants to stay with the FBI She is also currently lusting after her young neighbor, an 18 year old genius she has friended Jasper also has quite a crush on Susannah, but Susannah has kept things on the friend level due to their age difference Jasper has a submissive streak and is drawn to Susannah s dominant nature.
When things go horribly wrong, Jasper is taken by the very people Susannah has been after He spends 10 months transforming into a sex slave for the head of the operation While some details are given, most is somewhat glossed over, so while the events are horr Firstly I want to say this book has a beginning, a middle and an end This could so easily have been split up into a trilogy but the two authors have put it out as one fairly long book However, just because of its high page count, don t assume you will ever want to skim past anything, because trust me, every word is needed in this story.
I don t even know how to put into words what it was about this story that made me love this book There is no valid reason as to why I should like this book For a start I don t really enjoy reading about Dommes yet the female lead, Susannah, was a Domme I don t normally read mm, yet most of the male characters were gay and engaging in gay sex I don t like forced sex, yet a lot of the sex was non consensual So why did I enjoy the book Well it was the combination of the characters and the There are erotica books you read for alone time and erotica books that have loveable characters and a great story and the erotica component is just the cherry on top For me this was the later Plot wise, this is a story of a pair of FBI agents Susannah and Tyler working to bring down a human trafficking ring While in the midst of trying to take down the traffickers, Susannah and Tyler are ambushed and Jasper Susannah s barely legal neighbor and potential romantic interest is taken After witnessing Jasper being raped, Susannah is released to suffer knowing she failed to protect him Tyler is found barely alive.
Nine months pass Susannah has quit the FBI and moved in with her brother Travis and Dante, his millionaire boyfriend and Dom We learn in retrospect that I was given and ARC of this book for an honest review Wait for me is a dark story of Susannah Valentine who is young up and coming FBI agent Susannah and her partner Tyler are investigating a human trafficking ring She also has an 18 year old neighbor who she spends a lot of time with Jasper is a senior in high school, who speaks several different languages, is also getting a college degree and is a star on the high school football team He also has a major crush on his FBI neighbor Spending time with her consist of him helping her on his computer gathering intel on Victor the head of human trafficking ring One fateful night sees Jasper abducted into the very ring Susannah is investigating The aftermath has deadly consequences This is the story of not only finding Jasper but bringing an end to Victor s reign of terror Be prepared, this book is

Human trafficking, rape, forced cock sucking, double penetration spells a dark book and delves into the BDSM fantasy genre This is fantasy not in the sense of science fiction, but what BDSM lifestylers avoid and BDSM dark readers use for alone time Susannah is a young idealistic twenty five year old, just out of the FBI academy She s attracted to her neighbor Jasper She wants to tie him up and have her wicked way with him Too bad he is only 18 years old Even if he is legally old enough to date, she feels like a dirty old woman.
This book is a nice long novel Be forewarned, the reader does need to suspend disbelief First, a fresh recruit on a human trafficking case is probably not going to happen in real life This isn t Covert Affairs on cable station USA Second, just how many rich people are there in this world And why are they so young T 600 pages gulps this might take me a while to get through6 days later and I m done What a ride, one I enjoyed a great deal This book had a lot going on I loved a lot, some not so much Around the middle of the book it waned, there was a scene that I m sure the author thought was fun, but it bored me to tears and did nothing to drive the plot, in my humble opinion.
The POV changes are swift at times, but 95% of the time there was no mistaking whose POV it was, so I didn t have a problem with it, like other readers appear to have The best thing about this story, was the characters The authors did a wonderful job of bringing them to life, the characters are real people, I swear Love or hate themI couldn t stop thinking about them, their fate, etc Twenty four hours after finishing the book, I still can t get them out of my mind I

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