Trailer ↠´ Lesbian Juices - Rival Cheerleaders Soaking in Secret PDF by ↠´ Scarlett Steele

Trailer ↠´ Lesbian Juices - Rival Cheerleaders Soaking in Secret PDF by ↠´ Scarlett Steele On The Outside, The Wild African American And The Sexy Swedish Head Cheerleaders Were Bitter Rivals On The Inside, They Shared Their Wettest And Dirtiest Secret Together Facing Each Other In The Finals The Females Are Put To The Test As They Struggle To Hold Their Screaming Sexual Hunger For Each Other As Deep As They Can In Front Of The Public S View Scarlett And Violet Are Two Of The Hottest Cheerleaders On Their Respective Basketball Teams Rivaling Cheerleading Squads While Scarlett, The Gorgeously Wild African American Head Cheerleader, And Violet, The Beautifully Sexy Swedish Head Of Her Team Hate One Another In Public, They Are Secretly Partaking In A Steamy Lesbian Love Affair In Private It S All Fun And Games Behind Closed Doors As The Insatiable Couple Work To Keep One Another Incredibly Wet And Fully Satisfied Through Outrageous Acts Of Taboo Eroticism But When Both Of Their Cheerleading Teams Get Invited To Compete In The Cheer Competition Nationals, How Will They Handle Having To Compete Against Each Other, Steer Clear Of One Another, And Keep Their Ravenous Hands And Mouths To Themselves Warning This Word Short Story Contains Mature Themes Including Female To Female Sexual Acts, Squirting, Use Of Sex Toys And Two Head Cheerleaders Dirty Secret That Only The Two Share And Know Excerpt Violet Began To Feel Faint With Pleasure As She Held Onto Scarlett S Shoulders And Gripped Them Firmly, Fearing That She Would Collapse Onto The Floor And Pass Out She Squeezed The Insides Of Her Thighs Against Scarlett S Face When Scarlett Began Plunging Her Tongue In And Out Of Her P Y At A Frenzied Pace And Swirling It Around Slowly, Then Faster, Then Slowly Again Scarlett Slid Her Tongue Out And Flicked It Over Her P Y Until It Reached Her C T, Then She Once Again Wrapped Her Full Lips Tightly Around It And Sucked As H D As She Could Violet Struggled To Maintain Control Of Herself As Her Body Began To Tremble Uncontrollably She Felt Scarlett Slip Two, Then Three, Then Four Of Her Fingers Inside Of Her Drenched

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