¼ Deep Ecology for the Twenty-First Century Ó Download by ¼ George Sessions

¼ Deep Ecology for the Twenty-First Century Ó Download by ¼ George Sessions This is a good collections of articles on deep ecology I can t say that I agree hands down with everything written in here but I generally agree with the concepts and viewpoints It is a good introduction to the philosophy of deep ecology for anyone interested.
Every Day, In Newspapers And On Television, We read And Hear About The Ongoing Destruction Of The Environment The Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Layer Depletion, Deforestation, And Air And Water Pollution Deep Ecology Offers A Solution To The Environmental Crisis Through A Radical Shift In Human Consciousness A Fundamental Change In The Way People Relate With The Environment Instead Of Thinking Of Nature As A Resource To Be Used For Human Needs, Deep Ecology Argues That The True Value Of Nature Is Intrinsic And Independent Of Its Utility Emerging In The S As An Influential Philosophical, Social, And Political Movement, Deep Ecology Has Shaped The Environmental Debate Among Leading Activists And Policymakers From Former Vice President Al Gore To Dave Forman, Cofounder Of Earth First Deep Ecology For The Twenty First Centurycontains Thirty Nine Articles By The Leading Writers And Thinkers In The Filed, Offering A Comprehensive Array Of Perspectives On This New Approach To Environmentalism, Exploring The Basic Philosophy Of Deep Ecology Its Roots In The Writings Of Henry David Thoreau, John Muir And Rachel Carson The Relationship Of Deep Ecology To Social Ecology, Ecofeminism, The Greens, And New Age Futurism How Deep Ecology As A Way Of Life Is Exemplified By Two Important Environmentalists Poet Gary Snyder And Norwegian Philosopher Arne Naess The Philosophical Dimensions Of This Environmental Movement By Its Leading Theorist The Politics Of Ecological Sustainability And The Social And Political Implications Of Deep Ecology For The Next Century Deep Ecology for the Twenty First Century contained thoughtful essays related to the deep ecology movement Some pieces were too wordy or theoretical and I admit I did do some skimming Jerry Mander s essay Leaving the Earth Space Colonies, Disney and EPCOT left the greatest impression on me as it was both entertaining and scary.
Early views in the movement to preserve the earth Some is a bit pedantic, but it s an early attempt to bring the issues of the environment into view.
Could not get through all of this The authors have compelling thoughts such as the original Trauma Greatly backs up the work of Richard Louv s book Last Child in the Woods However, this book is too dry for my taste Not a page turner in any regards.
This is a great collection of essays and provided me with a spectacular and multi faceted introduction to Deep Ecology.
George was my proffessor at sierra college Intresting guy believe me, when he says deep he is thinking in depth he talks a lot about the intrinsic value of things I elaborate later.

Only by living the deep ecology philosophy that one would have a deep understanding of it Otherwise, it would remain another tale that one can only tell or talk about for the sake of argument Hypocrisy is the great sin most of us is capable of committing, after all.
A good introduction to the deep ecology movement George sessions lays a lot of foundation for the green revolution and the dark ecology movement rising from its ashes.

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