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✓ Heat (The Stark Affair #1) Ö Download by ì Skylar Cross Sofia Martinez is a cop in Miami She is a tough woman and isn t afraid to say what she thinks She is sent in an undercover mission get close to Colton Stark, a billionaire playboy, in order to discover if he s involved in drug trafficking and if he s been embezzling money from his company Colton Stark is a billionaire playboy and the face of Stark Worldwide Although he owns 49% of the company, Stark Worldwide is controlled by his father s friend and business partner Jasper Van der Graaf and by the Board He wants to leave the company and has a plan to do it.
This is a short novella, the 1st novella in a 4 part series of novellas.
This is a very interesting story and also very sexy I loved how Sofia dealt with the scumbag in the club Loved that scene Colton s story is very gripping and I can t wait to read what he has been planning, what is The Group and in Sofia is a cop is a Miami police officer She has followed in her father s footsteps, even against his wishes She is a tough girl Colton Stark is the face of Stark Worldwide, but that s about all he is within his father s company.
Let s start off with what I liked about this book I liked the storyline A tough cop sent on a secret assignment due to a possible leak within the agency She is way out of her element with this assignment but enjoys a challenge so she is all in A rich, spoiled, HOT man who has secrets Secrets we get hints at within this first book I get the impression that they are not the typical secrets the reader is used to reading about with rich HOT characters I liked Colton s character because yes, he is rich and has everything he could possibly want but he has this other side to him One we get glimpses of throughout There were po Book Of The Book Series The Stark Affair By Skylar Cross Colton Stark Is Filthy Rich A Billionaire Playboy Who Drives Fast And Plays Hard, He Enjoys An Endless Stream Of Party Girls At The South Beach Nightclub He Owns But Behind His Chiseled Face And Tall Muscular Frame, Colton Stark Is A Man With A Dirty Secret Not Only Is He On Miami Dade Police Department S List Of Suspected Narcotics Traffickers, His Devotion To The Mysterious Talon Group Is Leading Him To A Fateful And Permanent Decision Tough Girl Cop Sofia Grew Up On The Mean Streets Of Miami, Unafraid To Kick Anyone S Ass When Asked To Investigate Colton, She Doesn T Even Consider It A Challenge Until She Comes Face To Face With His Penetrating Blue Eyes After A Steamy Meeting, Sofia Finds Herself Playing A Dangerous But Sexy Game With Her Own Principles WARNING My books Are The Raw, Unfiltered Vision Of A Slightly Schizophrenic, Sex Obsessed, Vodka Swilling Living Contradiction With Profanity Issues They Are Often Unrealistic Translation FUN Depictions Of What Life Would Be Like If Erotic Romance Fantasies Came True, So Sometimes Gaspthings Happen That Aren T Realistic You Know, Kind Of Like How Dull Boring Everyday Life Is Realistic Seriously, Do You Want To read About That If You Are Offended By The Excessive Use Of Dirty Words, Crass Descriptions, Or Crude Stream Of Consciousness Writing Laced With Potty Mouthed Expressions And Graphic Descriptions Of Non Traditional Carnal Delight, Then You Need To RUN From My Writing Right Now Don T Say You Weren T Warned Oh, And You D Better Be Over Don T Even Think About Buying My books If You Aren T Approximate Length , Words A Novella Book Is Now Available I am sooooo in for this one Screams my cup of tea Adult readership only Status XRA Real Time Play by Play Reaction Review of The Stark Affair Heat Great opening line It got my attention and made me want to dig in right away I love the name Colton Stark It sounds dark and dangerous, but also mysterious I want to know this man What was it about his eyes that made such an impact I totally liked the fact that I got to read about two strong female characters right out of the gate I got the impression that they were both driven and knew what they wanted Is Sofia bisexual What Sofia was all kinds of funny with her potty mouth Hahahahaha OkayummI was so not ready for the G on G Seriously I want Colton NOW Goodbye Kristy Keep on walking Now onto Colton BAM I knew Colton had secrets He s a good guy wrapped up in wrongs at no fault of his own Ugh I did not sign up for this Can Colton and S Heat begins when Sofia is asked to take on an undercover assignment off the books Her mission is to see what billionaire Colton Stark is up to He could possible be stealing money, and the company could also be shipping drugs around the world So, now it is up to her to figure out what is going on But Colton is not at all what she expected, and she also didn t expect to have a major attraction to him either This was a short story that is the beginning of a very interesting serial I love serials and this one was actually quite interesting Sofia is a little different than most girls She s not a girly girl, and she s a touch as nails cop But she also has a few other differences as well I really liked her personality for the most in the book I just didn t connect with Colton though I really didn t like him all that much from what I got to see in the first book But other then tha 3.
5 StarsColton Stark is the CEO of Stark Worldwide He s on the radar of the Organized Crime Section OCS for drug trafficking his company is running drugs from Columbia whether he knows it s happening or not It seems he s also embezzling from his own company.
LaTashia Washington is the head of OCS and she puts Sofia on a secret personal mission to find out what it is exactly that Colton Stark is up to Sofia, a self professed tom boy bitch cop with a short fuse and profanity issues is sent undercover to extract whatever information she can from him.
What Sofia doesn t expect is a man that makes her panties wet from just looking at his photos When she comes face to face with him in his club, aptly named Heat, his affect on her is 10 fold How can this man be a thief and a criminal This is the first part of a four book s

Check out of my reviews on my blog StarsThe Stark Affair Book One Heat is the first book I have read by this author, I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes.
God where to start with this novella length story, well considering its short Skylar Cross has managed to pack in some serious smut lol I m not sure what genre this book is classed as but as far as I m concerned it erotica with a capital E Skylar Cross is a dirty, dirty, dirty minded bunny If the edgier side of sex makes you cringe then this is not the book for you there s descriptive anal and some girl on girl action in fact id probably say that there not much vanilla about this story That being said there s also a deeper story going on in fact I m ARC provided by author through NetGalley for an honest review.
5 Billionaire Playboy StarsDetective Sargent Sofia Martinez Vallejos is asked by her boss to check into the dealings of Playboy Billionaire Colton Stark, off book There are rumblings that drugs may be being run through Stark International, but it also seems that young Colton Stark is siphoning money from the business, which doesn t make sense Though he s the name on the company it s really run by is deceased fathers friend, Jasper van der Graaf and the Board When Sofia and Colton meet they are immediately attracted to each other But since Colton knows she s a cop and the one he was warned was coming to check into him, what happens next This book started out way too slow When things picked up it felt like it was starting to get good, which is why I gave it 2.
5 stars It was just a little too late There was way too muc The Stark Affair generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I just could not for the life of my get into this story When reading a really great story the writing always draws into the setting and plot of the story I always felt like an outsider not wanting to be part of the world this author created The characters didn t provide me with any redeeming quality or engaging disposition I skimmed through the first 40% before putting it away for good.

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