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[ Read Online At Journey's End ↠´ middle-english-literature PDF ] by Michele Bekemeyer ☆ Alexandra Wolter Is Beautiful, Intelligent, Wealthy And Ruined She S Spent The Last Two Years Abroad Making Peace With Her Fate As She Searched For Happiness On Distant Shores Unsatisfied And Weary Of Travel, She Returns Home To England A Chance Encounter Will Tilt Her World On Its Axis, But Will It Bring Her Happiness Charles Devon Spent Years Regretting The Indiscretion, So When An Opportunity For Redemption Presents Itself, He Seizes It Without Hesitation But Alexandra Is No Longer The Timid Girl She Used To Be And Forgiveness Comes At A Price Love May Mark The End Of Their Travels, But Their Journey Is Only Just Beginning Journeys EndI enjoyed this book, although a few points bothered me The hero and heroine seem to have some sort of conflict with two men in the first few chapters, then it s dropped and we hear nothing of them for the rest of the book Where did they go, what happened Next, during the actual conflict, things just don t seem to come together well Other than that, it was enjoyable, but I liked the first one better.

I found the writing patchy fluid in parts and staccato in others The story had potential but emotionally fraught moments between the H H were squandered, almost dismissed with a few badly written sentences I m disappointed had hoped for much .
I enjoyed this book it shows in the end love does conquer all.
I really like the way the book holds your interest.
Can t wait to readof Michelle s books.
I would recommend this book in the series hoping to see Gabriel s series next I m glad that Gabriel was Alexander s hero

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