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[Curtis Edmonds] ☆ Wreathed [fire-services PDF] Read Online Ù Wreathed by Curtis Edmonds is a must read romance A novel that is funny, intriguing, and alluring Curtis Edmonds well written plot and main character, Wendy Jarrett will steal your heart and keep you hooked Taking a story that starts out at a place where one would think be the saddest moment ever turns into a lot especially for the daughter of a woman whose boyfriend just died Both go to his funeral and that s where everything changes for Wendy Life is good for both her and her mother until she finds out that the guy s interested in should be the rightful heir to the estate that her mother recently inherited Wendy isn t sure how to take the news and decides to find out why her mother was the one chosen and not the nephew And then out of nowhere a jealous classmate comes out making Wendy s life even complicated and puzzling than eve I was surprised to see how the book actually played out I was figuring that book mostly be about the uncle and the mother and be set in the past But when it actually played out that the uncle was still alive and the mother and him reunited after so many years Very well written There was a certain amount of suspense to the book Whether it was from Wendy adam or Sheldon and the mother The characters were equally balanced out There was not an over powering of any of the characters It wasnt about one character than another I loved how he included the sister at the right points I received this book as part of goodreads.
com first reads giveaways Nice Leather like feal to the cover Defiantly a good read.
When Wendy Jarrett S Mother Dragged Her To A Mysterious Funeral, Wendy Wasn T Expecting To Meet The Man Of Her Dreams But Wendy Felt An Immediate Attraction To Adam Lewis, The Nephew Of The Dead Man But When A Fight Over An Inherited Beach House Threatens To Separate Wendy And Adam, She Has To Take Action To Answer The Unresolved Questions About Adam S Crazy Uncle In Order To Find True Love This Review Has Spoilers I have mix feelings about this book At the beginning I absolutely loved it, the main character Wendy was funny and independent, a character that I could relate to Unfortunately as she progressed I found her completely annoying and unrelatable It was only when she was with Adam that she said and made stupid decisions I just cringed the whole time they were together I felt no real love or connection between Wendy and Adam, it just felt like they fell in love because her mum and his uncle were married over fifty years ago Actually I felt no real love between any of the characters It kind of felt like desperate women though they are well educated , searching for men I especially didn t understand the relationship between Wendys sister, Pacey and her husband.
I wish the story between Wendys mother, Emily, and Ada If you follow my reviews, you may be interested in knowing that I ve completed my second novel, WREATHED, and it will be available starting November 4, 2014 in the inventories of book purveyors near and far.
I have to admit I LOVED this book I dont want to be a skeptic butits written by a man and therefore I didnt think it would be a romantic and funny as it was I think if you are a Charles Sheehan Miles fan or just q romantic comedy fan you will love it The characters and the entire plot were fabulous I loved Wendy Gwendolyn the main character and her Mom and sister Pacey What a complex plan The dynamic between the girls and their Mom was so enjoyable They truly made me laugh so hard and a few times I just stopped breathing I really want to scream about the reveals but I cant, trust me its a must read Glass of Chardonnay is optional but recommended Hmm strange Confusing I don t know I m just glad it s over.
First, a disclaimer I have known author Curtis Edmonds for several years now, though all of it is online, and a great deal of why we ve stayed friends is because of his excellent writing It certainly isn t because we root for the same sports teams or vote for the same candidates That said, I do believe I can unbiasedly say that Wreathed is an excellent novel that is well worth a read Without summarizing it too much, for I hate reviews that are not much than synopses, the story is primarily of Wendy Jarrett, who takes her mother to a funeral and meets a handsome man named Adam there, the nephew of the deceased From there, the book primarily seems to be a romance between two unlikely partners In this way, I started worrying that it was echoing a lot of what I loved about Edmonds first novel, Rain On Your Wedding Day Which, it should be said, I also quite liked but I want something differe

Not what I was expecting but pretty decent wont read it again I read a lot of books, and this one is definitely different from the ones I have read This is the story of Wendy and Adam They meet at a funeral, which Wendy attends with her mother because her mother has asked her to go with her Adam is related to the deceased Immediately, Adam and Wendy feel a spark between them However, events conspire to keep them apart sort of I found this an interesting, fast moving story, with a unique plot filled with twists and turns I never expected The chemistry between Wendy and Adam is very evident from the start The author has developed them and every other main character well How Adam and Wendy resolve their differences is quite a story I applaud the author for creativity, as I don t recall ever reading a book with a similar plot This is a fantastic book for the reader who is looking for something different, with a little mystery, a little romance

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