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[Sylvia Frost] â Moonbound (Moonfate #1) [college PDF] Read Online ↠´ This was in interesting novella, different but intriguing.
I m intrigued by the idea of serials, so I decided to hold my nose and give another one a read And I was pleasantly surprised Unlike other serials I ve read, Moonbound feels like a complete story although, obviously, there are major plot points unresolved There was plenty of good world building around the unique shifter mate bonds to keep me interested, combined with an intriguing glimpse of the love interest Book two is definitely on my list.
When Werebeasts Emerged From Extinction To Attack Her Family, Artemis Williams Ran From The Federal Bureau Of Supernatural Investigation, Her Nightmares, And Most Of All Her Future As The Mate Of A Werewolf But After Seven Years Of False Alarms, Artemis Decides To Return Home Unfortunately, That S When Destiny Catches Up To Her And Invades Her Dreams In The Form Of A Dangerously Sexy Arctic Werewolf Her Mate He Can Set Her Curvy Body On Fire With A Single Look, Claim Her Soul With A Touch And Artemis Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Until He Hunts Her Down In Reality, Too But He S Not The Only Monster Lurking In The Darkness Moonbound Is A , Word Serial Novella And The First Installment In The Moonfate Serial It Contains Explicit Content, And Is Not Suitable For Minors Nice read I really enjoyed this book It was great read You have Artemis, a human who is marked to be a mate, running from her true destiny and Orion who is just the opposite of what Artemis thought a wereshifter would be She struggles with her feelings and her urges I really can t wait to read book 2 I think other people will enjoy this book and I will recommend to others.
This was a good read for the start of a serial Good premise I actually want to see what happens next Something different Good but needs words tired of this short reads with nothing just few short words that leaves you hanging I chose to read and review this book I love BBW and shifters together They are a great combination This book was a joy to read I was so sad that it ended and want of it The characters are lovable and will get the other books to see what happens next Sweet work that will leave you wanting until it there is no.

Artemis mother and father were killed by werebeasts and she came out of the ordeal matemarked and she has been running ever since She returns to her hometown after her aunt s death and her mate finally catches up with her She fights her pull toward him until she needs his help saving her kidnapped roommate This was fun, sexy and fast paced Very entertaining.
In the 50 s they thought all werebeasts were extinct, they were wrong People have been marked and mated to these creatures Artemis did not have a mark until the night werebeasts killed her parents She was never seen by or touched by the killers She has a furry crescent moon on her right arm She has been ducking here mate since the tracking system was a phone app The outer edges of her city are totally surrounded, but she finds her mate on a site and tries to figure which blip he is She will do anything to stay unmated Orion is her mate and she flees from him until her v positive roommate is kidnapped and his boyfriend killed She will use Orion to find Lawrence, and try to fight off the attraction she feels pulling her all the time.
This started out to be an interesting and unique twist on were paranormal however, it just ended abruptly cliff hanger and was way to short start to finish less than an hour There is no real character depth or back story to fill in the gaps that don t make sense I truly don t understand authors putting so called books out that are really just the first hundred pages or so just so you ll be forced to spend money paying for a hundred pages at a time Why not just publish the entire book for one price

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