Trailer Ô Love & War (Chosen by the Vampire Kings, #0.3) PDF by Ä Charlene Hartnady

Trailer Ô Love & War (Chosen by the Vampire Kings, #0.3) PDF by Ä Charlene Hartnady Ahh Zane and Brant are going to bloody kill each other This book was so good I am in love with this series I m glad that Tanya isn t letting these men bulldoze her like some female leads do.
I have devoured these three books in less than 4 hours and it has been wonderful If you don t read this series you re truly missing out Recommended Great balls of fire I am so in love with this series It just gets better and better Exciting Action Packed Smart original Mysterious Suspenseful Powerful Gripping Riveting Thrilling Addictive Captivating Arousing Romantic Sexy Steamy And did I say hot Oh yeah This story has it all Ms Hartnady has once again demonstrated her exceptional talent by delivering a masterpiece of wonder, thrill and entertainment Both the story and dialog flow beautifully, twisting and turning with surprise elements at each turn Such a delight The characters are well developed and intriguing They come to life, teasing and enticing your imagination The story enthralls you with its magic and fantasy I was on the edge of my seat the entire time Such a wild and wonderful ride Two handsome, sexy va Holy Freaking Hell Tanya Has Just Had Sex With Brant S Birth Enemy After They Connected At Such An Emotional Level, How Is She Ever Going To Face Him Again She Feels Like A Complete Fool Who Just Threw Away Any Chance Of Real Happiness When She Returns To Brant S Manor House, She Finds The Kings Coming To Blows With One Another Over Her When Brant Catches Zane S Scent On Tanya S Skin All Hell Breaks Loose And She S Caught In The Middle Both Kings Want Her As Their Mate They Are Willing To Kill To Have Her The Future Of The Vampire Species Rests Firmly On Her Shoulders So Running Away Is Not An Option Zane Is Bullish, Pig Headed And Terribly Bossy Yet Has Somehow Managed To Creep Under Her Skin Brant Is Tender And Thoughtful, Everything She Always Wanted In A Man The Thought Of Seeing Either Of Them Hurt At The Other S Hand Is Unbearable Will She Be Able To Choose Once The Time Comes Love War Is PartOf APart Serial And Is Approximately , WordsPages The Story Contains Strong Sexual Themes Language And Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age OfM F M 3.
5 stars Totally amazing I love a good vampire book But one with two hot guys and a girl oh yea we have the makings of some great lusting By now you have gotten the feel of who the guys are right Zane is a hot head strong in body with what you would think was a wild side Brent is the one who is soft and gentle with kindness in his eyes WRONG Zane has a whit about him that thinks with the reality of situations Brent thinks only of the NOW if it isn t his way your wrong Tanya has to decide what is in the best of the over all she will be queen and she already thinks like one but, just doesn t know it yet so who should she choose keep reading to find out it is a cliffhanger at the end But that s ok cause you know in your heart and gut what s going to happen in book 4 happy reading.
In this book Tanya is being returned to Brant by Zane Though Tanya feels guilty about sleeping with Zane and Brant doesn t help the situation when he goes into a fit of rage over her scent having Zane s all over it But Zane was there with Brant when Tanya arrives and helps hold back Brant from harming Tanya accidentally while Brant puts his scent on Tanya Zane is there for the whole experience lending to a new idea that Tanya can maybe have them bothif only Brant would agree Zane tries to suggest that they move him and Tanya into Zane s castle, but Brant being prideful and arrogant disagrees saying that he sthan capable of keeping Tanya safe Later Brant s place is attacked and in getting to the bunker Zane meets them in there since it s now his time with Tanya He suggests joining forces and we end before we can see the ou Part 3 of 6Having spent her required time with Zane and since no one has actually explained the Mate s Lore to her Tanya feels guilty when she returns to Brant having just had sex with Zane Brant isn t handling this situation well unlike Zane, surprisingly who seems themature and levelheaded of the two Tanya sees the solution to their problem but trying to win round Brant might be difficult, Zane shouldn t be a problem.
While I personally don t like the serial way it s not so bad when all the books are out and available on kindle unlimited, it s the waiting between books which I hate the most so if possible I wait until the whole series is available and with that in mind it s straight onto the forth book for me now.
The heat keeps risingTanya has feelings for both men and an unlikely alliance of their enemies force the events in this book The pace is breakneck as the three have to come to an understanding Tanya is in love with them both and the author makes that rock Truly well written drama.

Part 3 Tanya is back at King Brant s place and is trying really hard to convince him to let her pick both kings She wishes to save both covens and since she is attracted to both men and does not want them to fight over her well.
that seems like the best idea right Except it s not Brant is as stubborn as mule and so not having it since Zane is his birth enemy The mansion King Brant owns is compromised and during an attack from the elves and werewolves, Zane , Brant and Tanya is forced together in a bunker All the feels read 1 07 2018Will I recommend Eh, 100% YES This series is not only super super smexy, but it has a whole lot of heart I think at times too much heart for the Alpha males to really stop and think about everything I believe that in the end Zane is thereasonable of the two men He is rational, quick witted, and really thinks about Tanya and her needs I would say I totally thought Brant would be reasonable, but nope he s kinda grinding on my nerves Admitting to others he is aroused, but not to himself As a whole this serial has a dynamic story arc, and I know a lot of people are all whiny about the serial format but the author has placed each volume into one book and a really good price, which I believe matches what it would be to buy one volume so you can enjoy away in one book I personally love the th

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