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ï Read ¶ The Farewell Season by Ann Herrick ☆ Eric Nielsen has been kind of a dick since his dad died unexpectedly a few months ago He seems to have gotten stuck somewhere between the denial and anger stages of grief, and it s made him stand offish and surly, even to his beloved cat But his grouchiest grumblings are reserved for his Mom, and younger sister It doesn t seem to occur to him that they might be hurting too, or that his attitude is making things even harder for them Despite all that, it s difficult not to like Eric He really doesn t know how to deal with his loss any other way, and he s hurting himself just as badly as he s hurting those around him And now, with football season about to begin, the fact that everything has changed since last year at this time really can t be avoided any longer And what s up with that new girl, Glynnie If she s so determined to be d The Farewell Season is a story about a boy dealing with the loss of his father Eric is struggling with his emotions and can t seem to find the right outlet He s at the beginning of his senior year and his last football season, but he can t seem to be excited about it Not only is he acting out on his coach and teammates, but he s fighting with his younger sister, his best friend, and broke up with his girlfriend He won t open up to his mother either Then, Glynnie enters his life She s a quirky newspaper writer, who wants to interview Eric at the start of the season Glynnie is also dealing with some family drama and she finds herself opening up to Eric As they get to know each other better, they find that they are both dealing with loss, just different circumstances Eric begins to find some peace after t

To say Eric is troubled after the death of his father is an understatement After his father passes away, Eric is left hurt, confused, and angry He lashes out at everyone and cannot see anyone else s pain Where he used to find fulfillment in football, Eric now only finds anger, frustration and empty dreams Over time, he will develop a friendship that will help him deal with his feelings he just has to deal with them before he does something he can t fix When I first read the premise to The Farewell Season, I prepare to be moved Usually, I easily connect with stories that deal with personal issues of triumph after tragedy, and the journey they require The Farewell Season is definitely one of those stories I will admit that I cried while reading this book because I am that connected First, a heartfelt thank you to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review Now to my thoughts.
The Farewell Season was one of those books that has a simple, honest story It s all about real people experiencing a life changing event, and how that event affects and shapes them Eric, his sister, and mother have experienced the kind of loss that most everyone will at some point in their livesthe loss of a loved one The way Eric deals with his father s loss was very real, and very true to how I would imagine a teenaged boy might react Ann Herrick did an excellent job showing Eric through his stages of grief They say that as you progress through those stages, you ll experience many emotions, one of which is anger, maybe some bitterness even Eric is clearly in that stage at the start of the story He pushes his family and friends away, isolate Free on today UK The Farewell Season is about Eric, a high school football player who is grieving the loss of his father With the new football season about to start, Eric is hoping that his life will return to normal again That hope gets shredded when he starts fighting with his sister, best friend Rolf, and his mother I absolutely loved this book This was a quick read that held my interest from page one The Farewell Season is an inspirational book that would tremendously help any young adult who s dealing or has dealt with a loss in their life I know from experience, I lost my father five years ago I am not a football lover, however my father was and I wanted to point out that this book isn t all about football, its about Eric, his family, and his grieving There is a little sweet innocent romance which was refreshingly simple Ann Herrick has a wonderful way wi You can feel the excitement in the air The sweet smell of freshly cut grass freshly churned dirt made from dozens of cleats, and the aroma of those few precious weeks between summer and fall float on the breeze The sounds of clashing bodies and grunting opponents seems a fitting soundtrack to the ambience it inhabits It s the beginning of preseason football practices, and Eric Neilson, one the high school s linebackers is amidst the battlefield that is the football field But what most of his teammates don t know is that Eric has also been fighting battles on a different war field and just how affected he is becoming by his time in the struggle It had only been four months since his father had passed A father who was so largely involved with his football interest and subsequent achievements, that the pain of such a fresh wound was on Thank you to Ann Herrick who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewLet me start by saying that I loved this book It s one of those satisfying, feel good stories that leaves you with a sense of closure at the end The characters are your average, everyday people who could easily be family, friends or neighbors They ve just lost the patriarch of their family and although life goes on, they will never be the same I was touched by their story and even brought to tears, as they struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together This story has the ability to touch all hearts because loss is universal, it s a language we all speak And even though grieving is an essential part of overcoming loss, we don t all willingly give ourselves over to it What then occurs is the inability to heal properly A Story Of How Love Heals And Love Endures Eric And Glynnie Go From Butting Heads To Grudging Friendship To Something Eric Used To Think He D Live Forever, But Not Any As Football Season Starts, He Hopes He Can Live Normally Again After The Death Of His Father But His Refusal To Face His Grief Results In Anger At His Coach, Fights With His Sister, Resenting Added Responsibilities, And Disillusionment With Football It Takes A Special Relationship With Glynnie, Who Is Struggling With The Divorce Of Her Parents, To Open His Heart To Love Again As I posted on.
com under the review section for this book Ann Herrick is a gifted writer that artfully takes the reader into the adolescent heart and mind In her most recent young adult novel, The Farewell Season, viewpoint character Eric grapples with his grieving for his father His struggles are poignant and bittersweet, with touches of humor Ann Herrick is a master of portraying both the darkness and the light.
This story is also one that both fans of football and people who are not sports fans would enjoy.
Bravo, Ann Herrick

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