↠´ An Architecture ☆ Download by ↠´ Chad Sweeney

↠´ An Architecture ☆ Download by ↠´ Chad Sweeney Poetry In An Architecture, Chad Sweeney Reveals Himself To Be A Frank Gehry Of Language Making An Overwhelming But Coherent Form In Precise Words That Measure The Violet Gleam Of Girders, Where Art Is The Ghost Between Us The World Swells With Meaning Before Things Smolder, Collapse, Drown And Within The Violent Changes That He So Precisely Records, There Are Moments Of Rest And Deep Regard For What Is Passing The Poem Is An Elegy For The World In All Its Beauty And Disturbing Variety Maxine Chernoff Chad Sweeney S An Architecture, With Its Epigraph From Heraklitus The Philosopher Of Fiery Flux , Looks Like A House That Can T Stand Still, Its Sections Shape Shifting Through Spaces Of Meaning That Are Excavated Rather Than Built Among These Magical Passages, The Nouns Are Verbs The Conduit Between I And I Here, House And Inhabitant As Form And Content Perpetually Exchange Their Positions, Showing The Snake Swallowing Peristalsis Of The World By Which These Rooms Are Constituted In Sweeney S Swift Architecture, Memory Assumes The Power Of Imagination, And Language Becomes A Platform For The Mind S Multiplicity I Speak, Therefore I Are Sweeney, As Vitruvius Before Him, Makes Architecture The Sister Discipline Of Music Andrew Jor There is so much to love in this book If you have ever gone through a period or continue to dip in and out of them, like I do where you experience the world as if you are at least two people one living and one observing, this book will show you that you are both alone and not alone, simultaneously and that seeming paradox is at the heart of this book how one can experience a vast set of emotions, landscapes, eras, days, not just as one self but as a myriad of selves One aspect of this faceting of self is compassion, empathy and curiosity, while the darker side of it is confusion, alienation and dispossession The title, An Architecture reflects the conflicting heart of the series of poems, as they break down into the impossibly vast variations of what it is to share space physical, emotional, historical, mental with others,

Chad once played a bamboo flute for an audience as big as my thumb and if you ve seen the size of my hands lately you ll know that this is certainly significant This was only the beginning What that means of course, is that wine much like blood has a tendency to coagulate when spilled Words lack the material quality of both of these previous examples Poetry, in the traditional sense, leaves much to be desired if one is attempting to reconcile the gulf between sign and signifier But as my Uncle Davis used to say without looking up from his crossword puzzle, while extinguishing his cigarette in the eye of my Aunt Lottie, don t ride a sick horse to town, son.
While a book, traditionally, may indicate some level of aesthetic achievement, perhaps even the suggestion that one s attention is best focused on the phrase as a unit of potential knowledge, it is not to say that the I speak, therefore I are.

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