☆ Claiming His Brothers Baby è Download by ☆ Helen Lacey

☆ Claiming His Brothers Baby è Download by ☆ Helen Lacey Won this Through Goodreads First Read.
Really enjoyed this book Was fast of the mark and didn t give a massive character back story Everything unfolded and was revealed as the story progressed Will definitely read this one again.
Cassie fell in love with Doug when he purchased her childhood home and allowed her to stay on as a tenant Several years later and she s pregnant with his son and he s been killed in Iraq His younger brother inherited the home and now Cassie is afraid of being a single mother without a place to live What she doesn t expect is to find out how different Tanner is from how Doug described him The secrets that Doug had are overwhelming and change her entire prospective on not only their relationship, but how she views her life.
Well written, emotionally driven plot, interesting characters Very romantic in the hero to the rescue sort of way I enjoyed the characters and the setting The secondary characters helped to round out the story Because of the emotional aspect, it wasn t a favorite fo Helen Lacey knows how to capture the hearts of her readers each and every single time This time around we meet Cassandra , single mom and trying the best she can Her baby s father died in a covert mission whilst on duty, and she has always known that his brother will one day come and pull her house out from under her and leave her world in pieces Only when Tanner McCord arrives it turns out he wants to give Cassie and the baby the very best they deserve , including a lifetime in his arms, but what will happen when he reveals the truth about his deceased brother A really, really lovely romantic story about a stunning couple that really got to my heart and will live there for a long time Tanner was that classic I love to hate this man but man I adore him so much too kind of hero and totally melted my heart And Cassie, shame poo I just loved it, it was very well written Emotional, sensational It was a story of you would experience in life, sadness, grief, happiness, betrayal, hate, love The storyline, the characters were all so professionally developed I give it 100 of 5 stars and I recommend it to all.
Claiming His Brother s Baby by Helen Lacey Cassie Duncan was living with Tanner McCord s older brother He mainly came home to have sex with Cassie He was in the Army He left when she told him she was pregnant He didn t want the baby or marriage He died before the baby was born Tanner knew his brother was no good A lot happened between the brothers when they were growing up Tanner wants to know his nephew, Oliver Tanner flies to where Cassie and Oliver are living Tanner has always liked Cassie There is a connection between Cassie and Tanner Because Tanner kept a letter to Cassie from his brother, Cassie says she can t trust Tanner They love each other but afraid to say they do A nice read.

In Claiming His Brother s Baby Tanner McCord travels to Australia to settle his late brother s estate and help Cassie Duncan the woman that gave birth to Doug s baby after he died Doug left his estate to Tanner and it is up to him to figure out how to take care of Cassie and Oliver, her baby Doug was a career military man and a great soldier but his civilian life was lacking in commitment.
Tanner is nothing like Doug described him to Cassie so his visit from start to finish is full of surprises, as they get to know one another and he falls in love with both Oliver and Cassie This is a great romance full of revelations and set backs for Tanner and Cassie.
I want to thank Helen Lacey, author and Good reads First Reads Giveaway for my copy of Cherish 2 for 1 that had the copy of Claiming His Brother s Baby as one of the books in the anthology.
They shared their first kiss but the next meeting after than a decade brings them face to face as Tanner s brother s girlfriend One time when Tanner feels envious of his brother.
Cassie is confused that she has these feelings for Tanner when she is in a relationship with his brother That is simply not done.
But fate has its own ways to make things happen.
Thus, Tanner s brother, Doug, dies in line of duty leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend who he had all the intention of dumping.
Tanner has to sort out the chaos his brother has left behind and his heart is all set to make this wonderful family his own All he must do is convince Cassie that he is the man for her and the father Oliver should have had.
Tanner McCord left his ranch in South Dakota and flew to Australia to settle his brother s estate Doug had died serving his country The lawyer could have handled this but Doug had a girlfriend who had just given birth to his son In spite of some very bad history between Tanner and Doug, they still talked Tanner knew exactly what Doug had planned to do about his girlfriend and her baby Tanner just could not allow that to happen He needed to handle this in person.
I loved this one such a great emotional story two people that have so much to get over from their pasts and a link that brings them together Cassie has always been protected by everyone and is happy to let that happen until she meets Tanner the brother of her son s father there is a lot of water under the bridge for both of them and Tanner is such a caring awesome hero loved the setting and catching up with people I have met in past books don t miss this one His Brother S Family Cassie Duncan Knew It Was Only A Matter Of Time Until Tanner McCord Tried To Sell Her House Out From Under Her Still, The Single Mom Can T Help But Be Touched By The Sacrifices The Handsome Loner Makes For Her And Her Son, Even Babysitting When She S Sick She Knows He S Keeping Secrets After All, It Runs In His Family Tanner Returned To His Childhood Home In Australia To Settle His Estranged Brother S Estate Not Fall For The Woman Who D Borne His Brother S Son But One Look Into Cassie Duncan S Blue Eyes, And The Rancher S Heart Was Lassoed Good And Tight He Wants To Give Cassie Everything She S Been Denied But Doing So Means Confessing The Truth About His Brother And Might Ruin Their Chances At True Family

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