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[Shirley du Boulay] ✓ Teresa of Ávila: An Extraordinary Life [culinary PDF] Read Online ð I learned that overland travel in Spain from 1515 1580 was very dangerous, difficult and exhausting, especially for women There were only ruts for roads, no maps, no Holiday Inns and a lot men who believed that women travelers, even nuns, were fair game for mischief Teresa was very adventurous and intelligent during a time when women should be docile and pregnant I only gave it three stars because I felt the author did not bring this facinating woman s story to life as well as she could have.
Review written in 1998 I m so glad I came across this book My little exploration of St Teresa so far left me completely cold, but understanding where she was coming from changes everything Inspired now to read her writings and discovered her for myself Du Boulay speaks of a vibrant, strong and loving woman.
This Intelligent, Balanced Portrait Of An Irreverent, Intense, And Fiery Renaissance Woman And Her Times Includes Moving Excerpts From Her Letters And Sublime Spiritual Writings Her Unconventional, Progressive Views On Prayer And Worship, Her Outstanding Administrative And Literary Talents, Her Travels Around Spain To Found And Supervise Convents, And How She Spent Much Of Her Life Under The Scrutiny Of The Inquisition Are All Detailed This is a very interesting biography of a remarkable woman It gives a lot of information about life in a convent and the reformation of the Carmelite Order It s focus is on Teresa s quest to find God and do His will and the foundations of Discalced Carmelite Women s Convents that she established throughout Spain To anyone asking for proof of the existence of God, anyone saying, Is God there Teresa s whole life offers a resounding Yes.
While at first I was intrigued by this book, ultimately I was left unsatisfied.
I read this book for my Reformation class and will be writing an academic book review soon and chose it because I knew little about Teresa of Avila.
This book was categorized as a biography but would be better labeled with the term hagiography using the strict definition of the word Teresa of Avila is a saint in the Catholic Church This is her story Beyond the strict definition, du Boulay also indulges in frequent adorations of the saint, almost like fan girl behavior Any inconsistencies in Teresa of Avila s life du Boulay would mention and then praise Teresa because Teresa is a saint What du Boulay did not do is explain how, for example, Teresa could strictly admonish no close personal relationships yet indulge publicly in many of her own.
du Boulay also diverts frequently into what could be termed meditat I have trouble reading for very long lately, but this book I could not put down I found Teresa my Confirmation name a wonderful person to emulate She had an amazing life, and the parts about St John of the Cross made me want to read about him too Often when I read biographies of saints I have a very hard time relating to their stories or even grasping some of their thought patterns This author did a great job of helping the reader to relate to Teresa and of putting her story in the context of the time period I am now ready to read some of St Teresa s own writings.
Well written biography of a great and very human saint A Great introduction It does have a creepy ending which aught to be intriquing enough to make a person want read it.

I picked up this new biography on St Teresa of Avila, the 16th century Spanish mystic and founder of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, primarily to learn about her ecstatic experiences I now realize I should go directly to her autobiographical accounts of those experiences Though Shirley du Boulay writes clearly and compassionately, she focuses too intently for my taste on Teresa s business savvy and dealings with a number of hard headed monks who didn t want to see Teresa s plans materialize I would recommend this for church history buffs, only.
This was an intriguing and well written biography of one of the complex and human saints The author does a good job of making Teresa seem relevant to a modern audience while acknowledging and emphasizing cultural differences I m very interested in St Teresa and look forward to reading some of her work especially The Interior Castle Her ideas on mysticism and personal prayer are intriguing and appealing a fun, interesting read

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