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Download Epub Format â All of me PDF by â Shelley Michaels LovedI loved every minute of it read it in one sitting Matt is everything you want in a man Emily is every sisters dream if you had a sister she is the one you want will do anything to make you happy Loved this story so much.
I liked the storyline It pulled me into the book and I enjoyed the characters It was a bit disconcerting switching between the narrator, Emily and Matthew Sometimes it took a while to realize that the perspective have changed This somehow detracted from enjoying the book It has a lot of potential, but it needs a bit of editing.

Ok read The writing language used was a bit weird to me my guess is the author is not from The United States which is why it was different to me.
Kindle Unlimited read This could of been a great read But the characters spoke a little too formal I suppose Definitely needs to be edited Predictable and fast paced.
This was just an ok read for me, and i probably would never read it again Glad that i could read it through Kindle Unlimited I don t know what disagreed with me the most, if it was just the style of writing or if it was really just the fact it wasn t that great.
Bukan jalan ceritanya yang salah pada buku ini, tapi pergantian point of view yang terlalu cepat dan tidak terduga Tidak ada tanda bahwa point of view sdh berganti dan itu benar benar sangat mengganggu Rasanya tidak tega juga ngasih 1 bintang, jadi 1,5 bintang aja lah.
Cute story, I liked well enough but won t Reread LikedI liked this book It was sweet and entertaining It shows that even the most stubborn people find love and happiness.
Self Contained Emily Taylor Spent Her Teenage Years Shielding Her Sister From The Horrors Of The Foster Care System After The Devastating Death Of Their Mother When Emily Was Just Years Old When Matthew Ritchie Appears Unexpectedly Into Emily S Organised Life She Feels Things She Has Never Experienced Before Not To Mention The Sex The Timing Couldn T Be Worse However As She Has Just Agreed To Become A Surrogate For Her Sister And Husband To Give Them The One Thing They Cannot Have Things Do Not Go To Plan When Her Brother In Law Calls A Halt To The Procedure To Allow Emily To Continue Her Affair With Matt Emily Refuses To Accept This And Breaks Things Off With Matt Regardless As She Concentrates On This One Last Thing That She Needs To Do For Her Sister Before Embarking On Her Own Life Aspirations However, It Appears Fate Has Its Own Idea For Emily S Future Awww how sweet Though I don t really agree with some of Emily choices, I loved that it blew up in her face Everything works out in the end, sometimes the way you really need it.

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