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[ Pdf Ali í lesbian-fiction PDF ] by Mercy Amare í My Name Is Alison Smith, But You Can Call Me AliI M Okay With My Normal, Boring Life I Have Good Friends, And I Know Exactly What I Want In Life But My Whole World Is Turned Upside Down When My Mom Gets Married And Moves Us To The Upper East Side I Just Have To Survive My Senior Year, Then I Can Go Back To Florida Back To My LifeAnd That Is The PlanUntil I Meet Christian BeckerHe Changes Everything 4 Another Playboy Becker Bro Goes Down Stars This is the second book in the East Wood Prep series by the talented young author, Mercy Amare Alison Smith has lived her entire life in Florida until her mom marries Senator Miller Now she and Alexa, her younger sister, find themselves jet setting to New York City away from all their friends Life as Ali knows it is over Now that you have that song in your head, let s get back to the story, shall we.
Ali soon finds that NYC isn t so bad and neither is her stepdad who let s her go out on weekday nights and weekend parties It s at her first party, where she meets Christian Becker, a playboy who s known for his fuck email ditch em attitude Christian does not date or do relationships girls flock to him He never has to chase Of course, this all chan

The second book in the East Wood Prep series was a great read it was a sweet story between Ali and Christian When I read the first book from the series I was scared that I wasn t going to like Christian in this book But from the beginning of the book he acted so different towards Ali from how he treated other girls he wanted I was just thinking is this the same guy from the first book or did he get switch with another guy For the hole book he was so loving and so supportive of Ali even when shit got hard he wasn t a dick and he never ran away I loved him for that.
Ali was a great heroine but how she handled her secret wasn t the best thing she could ve done it was so dangerous for view spoiler her and the baby with that I saw that she was just seventeen My biggest question was did Another great addition to the East Wood Prep series.
I remember reading the first book and absolutely loving it As soon as I finished reading Char, I immediately bought Ali Ali was an average teen from Miami when her mom decided to marry Derek, a senator from New York Her and her sister Alexa were forced to uproot their lives to go to the city that never sleeps You can imagine how that must have been So leaving her two best friends and all she has ever known, Ali heads to the New York and is immediately introduced to the elite life that she must grow accustomed to Her stepfather, being very rich is able to get her into a very prestigious school with all the other rich New Yorkers Ali is known to be clumsy, so of course the first day she literally falls on her face and meets a guy The guy introduces her to his friends and she begins to become acquainted w

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