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[ Pdf Taming Destruction ( Dutiful Gods #2) Ê drinking PDF ] by Melissa Bell î I had a free copy from the Author for an honest review This Series of books just hit the spot All I can say is wow what a book once I started reading it I couldn t put it down read it in a whole night lol I loved the writing style of Melissa and they way she told the story of Destiny You got glimpse of the rest of the family as well which was nice and set you up ready for the next book I have read all 4 The story has it all good looking hunks, lovely ladies and a real plot to follow and some really steamy sex, whatcan a woman asked for I recommend this series of books to anyone who loves a bit of paranormal gods I have enjoyed everyone of them but it has left me wantingI hope that there will belike Faith Story, Cosmos Destiny and Zandra, Destruction and Megan, Morpheus and Cheval, Death a destruction aka troy is wheelhouse his brother Destiny has all the things he want love and a familyMegan is a 7th generation witch who has forsaken her beliefs due to the death of the man she loved when reaped in the cellar she uses her powers and cosmos answers her prays taking her to safety in her son restrictions realm will she fall in love with destruction Will he be able to not hurt the one women who can make his dreams come true to find out what happens next I strongly suggest that you read this book it was great 5 gold stars Can Megan see past Destruction s duty, to see the man behind the damage and ruin he causes Will Destruction let Megan close enough to see their isto him than meets the eye Taming Destruction is the second book in the Endless Series Destruction is the master of his realm, the creator of Natural Disasters from erupting volcano s to raging tsunamis, shattering earthquakes and devastating hurricanes Megan is a woman who has already lost everything, her mother, her father and the man she loved, the man she was supposed to spend her life with Megan now stands to lose anything she has left, her family home and her mothers craft shop There is a cyclone, hovering off the coast, getting closer and closer by the minute What will happen when Destruction meets Megan, will he destroy her too.
This is

Taming Destruction the second book in this unique series by Melissa Bell.
Again this is a fast paced well written story, Troy The God of Destruction was destined for a life alone because anything and everything he touched would be broken and destroyed He longed for a soul mate and the life his brother Destiny had found.
Destruction sets a cyclone in motion and Megan a feisty human with the bloodlines from witches sets her powers to remove herself from earth and the damage caused by the cyclone with the help of The Goddess Cosmos Is Megan the soul mate of Destruction and can she tame him and bring peace in time I am loving this series and ready to start book 3 Morpheus s Dream None spolier review the second in the series goes from strength to strength, this book again has amazing characters you cant help feeling like your there with them willing things to be right between them, a wonderful love story has its problems to overcome with hot steamy sex that transports you into a world of erotic bliss, within this book you see how the siblings are now becoming a family Highly recommended cant wait for the next one Troys inner storm seams to mimic the ones he controls around the globe Meagan is caught in the middle of a devastating cyclone In desperation she calls out to Cosmos for help Cosmos abandons her in Troys domain, shocking them both As passions flare and Troys identity is revealed an overwhelmed Meagan flees back to the human world The peace Troy has found leaves with Meagan He knows he is the reason for her distress but needs to comfort her After confessing his love, he returns to his home With the ball in her court Meagan must decide to follow her heart and not her fears.
What a great book, thanks to the meddling mom who without this book might not have been possible lol A lovely story, great characters and well written, highly enjoyable, descriptive and non repetitive This author really sets the scenes well, another impossible to put down book Highly recommended Can Megan See Past Destruction S Duty, To See The Man Behind The Damage And Ruin He Causes Will Destruction Let Megan Close Enough To See There Is To Him Than Meets The Eye Taming Destruction Is The Second Book In The Dutiful Gods Series Destruction Is The Master Of His Realm, The Creator Of Natural Disasters From Erupting Volcano S To Raging Tsunamis, Shattering Earthquakes And Devastating Hurricanes Megan Is A Woman Who Has Already Lost Everything, Her Mother, Her Father And The Man She Loved, The Man She Was Supposed To Spend Her Life With Megan Now Stands To Lose Anything She Has Left, Her Family Home And Her Mothers Craft Shop There Is A Cyclone, Hovering Off The Coast, Getting Closer And Closer By The Minute What Will Happen When Destruction Meets Megan, Will He Destroy Her Too I received this free for my honest review, wow this is the second in the series and it just gets better, this will be megan and destruction s story, these characters are brilliant and have their problems to overcome with steamy hot scenes that will take you right there with them I can honestly say Melissa has done an amazing job with all her books I have read so far so someone has to say so I will I WANT TO TAME DESTRUCTION I dont know if its just me or if infact this was a fast read do i care.
NO i loved every word.
Megan broken and fragile in her own way meets Destruction who is also broken and vulnerable in his own way.
can they let each other in can they or will they want to you will just have to read it and find out

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