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Trailer ✓ The Snowstorm PDF by õ Beryl Netherclift A truly beautiful book full of magic and wonder while also being an English family sent to live in the country with older relatives so it s comforting in the element of already having been there while still being a new adventure My absolutely favorite book when I was a kid.
When Caroline, Kit and Richard find themselves visiting their Aunt Amethyst in an English country house called Farthingales, they discover an old snow globe which takes them back in time Using the snow globe, they befriend a boy who lived in the house in its prime, and by pooling their knowledge, try to recover the lost family fortune.
What a great book with all the elements of a mysterious, fun story old house, magical snow globe, lost treasures, eccentric aunt people from the past and three children trapped on their own in a snowstorm.
A book that I loved as a kid I was a total bookaholic as soon as I learned to read, and I adored all things mystery Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Bobsey Twins, Happy Hollisters, all of Enid Blyton s ten thousand or so mystery series And of course the books that weren t part of series When you added in a bit of fantasy, well, then I was in seventh heaven.
I recently was looking through the donated books at the library used book sale and found a copy of this old story and bought it to re read Now, as an adult, I can t believe what the adults let the kids do in that time, things that would get them hauled up on child endangerment charges nowadays, but that at the time I didn t think anything about Of course, I don t know if that was because I was a kid or if it was just the different mind set of that time Back when we were all younger and innouce

Delightful A total gem Copyright 1967 This is an old Scholastic book They used to have book orders back in the 70s I guess they still do I got this one probably in 4rth or 5th grade A favorite reread Definitely a tween story, but I enjoyed rereading it So, Caroline, Kit Richard come to live with their great aunt Amethyst in spooky old Farthingales This is in Devonshire, England When I first read this story I was thrown by some of the English terms Anyway, their parents dump 3 kids a dog on an impoverished old lady who lives in the middle of no where with no money to feed said kids dog This is so they can go on a cruise to New York then to Bermuda for 3 months The kids are fortunately well behaved helpful They have fun exploring the old house discover a snow globe that apparently has time traveling abilities They go back meet Michael from 1836 discover a mystery If they can find some hidden treasure, they An old house in England owned by a little known aunt where three children are sent to live for awhile is perhaps not a new idea, but their discoveries come via a snowglobe, linking their understandings of the house to its history through many owners, and in their learning comes keys to helping their aunt Super fun read, light hearted.
My favorite book as a childI read it over and over How exciting to go to stay with an unknown relativethe mystical 7th child of a 7th child, with the amazing name of Aunt Amethyst In a spooky old house, rarely visited, with so much to explore and so many things not to be touched which makes them SO worth being touched I think I got this from one of those Scholastic book ordersmight have been the Willy Whale book orders I ve always been a sucker for anything with Ghost or Witch in the titlethis one was not at all scary, not at all malevolent, or a story of a haunting It s of a time travel story.
Engaging characters, fun plot to get lost in I m excited that I found my copy not to long ago, at age 46 And I ll read it again.
Caroline, Kit, And Richard Have Gone To Stay In The English Countryside With Their Aunt Amethyst At Farthingdales While Their Parents Are On A Cruise While There They Discover A Snow Globe That Moves Them Through Time To When The House Was In Its Hey Day They Meet And Befriend Michael Who Lived There Then And Together They Try And Solve The Mystery Of The Lost Family Fortune Subsequently Published In Paperback As The Snow Ghosts

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