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¼ Anthem ¾ Download by ¶ Ayn Rand Mocking, Childish Review The ending, with the Statue of Liberty emerging from the beach, was a nice twist You maniacs You blew it up Ah, damn you God damn you all to hell As it turns out, it was Earth all along.
And, yes, for those keeping score at home, I do intend to use this exact same review for every dystopian novel I read At least I amuse myself and, really, isn t that what matters most Slightly Less Childish Review Look, I fully appreciate how Ayn Rand and her family suffered at the hands of the Soviets before she fled for America in the 1920s, and I understand how that would lead her to develop her virulently anti socialist philosophy and write novels decrying the most dehumanizing aspects of communism But, as with most propaganda and I don t use that word pejoratively, but simply to mean literature used to promote a cause it s got an expirati The baby version of Ayn Rand philosophy, heavy handed, unimaginative, and unfortunately assigned to my son for high school reading I struggle with Ayn Rand because I agree with some of her points and I vehemently disagree with others The point is that bad things happen when the left or the right gain too much control because we always seem to end up in the same place with the government oppressing individual freedoms It is really stunning to think of the millions of copies of this book that have been sold I would say skip it, but if your child is assigned to read it please do read it I m a firm believer that parents should read any book their child is assigned in school to read.
BiographyAyn Rand S First Novel, We The Living, Was Published In With The Publication Of The Fountainhead In , She Achieved Spectacular And Enduring Success Through Her Novels And Nonfiction Writings, Which Express Her Unique Philosophy, Objectivism, Rand Maintains A Lasting Influence On Popular Thought Congrats, Aynnie You ve received my first single star rating I read this in high school when I was reading a lot of dystopian future literature and thought it was by far the worst of the lot Granted, if I d read it when I was younger I might have liked it , but saying that the even younger, less mature, pretentious version of my teenage self would have liked something is hardly a glowing endorsement.
As such I ve steered way clear of her door stoppers I don t think you really need to come up with some faux cerebral excuse to justify selfishness if you re going to be self centered your actions are ultimately justified by your own selfish inner drives, not your intellect At best Rand was a shrewd self marketed Cold War personality At worst she s cynical, petty, pedantic, and mo Definitely the only book by Ayn Rand I will ever need to read, unless I happen to be reincarnated as an asshole When people start modeling their book covers after Mussolini era Italian architecture, worry.
The real tragedy of this book is that the billions of copies that have been printed could have been appropriately used to build homes for people in third world countries This book could not be self indulgent if it came with a bottle of Absynthe and a membership to MENSA Not only is it impossibly boring to read, the characters are so one dimensional that they put V.
C Andrews to shame Do yourself a favor set this on fire and use the fourteen hours that it burns to read Martin s Song of Ice and Fire series instead You won t regret it.
Neither a science fiction masterpiece, nor a futuristic predicament, Anthem is a personal reaction to the collectivist system, dominant in Soviet Union and its modernized colonies for than seven decades Assumed too much reactionary by leftist intellectuals for rather a long time, it depicts the apocalyptic chaos in a world ruled by collectivist thoughts in the same way that Orwell s 1984 builds it for instance, you can think of a world after a nuclear crisis and then come to the meaning of nothingness But forgetting all about suspense and action, it defines what it means to forget individuals for the sake of a system Discovering the word I , when every ruler in any part of the world assumes all the individuals his own

Alright If, for some reason, the values of individuality or independence are completely alien to you, you should read this book Everyone else is better off skipping it It has nothing else to offer and it s got a good chance of convincing that you re smarter or enlightened than you actually are Granted, I was a bit biased against Ayn Rand while reading this But before reading this I had that sort of play aversion that you carry around because it s fun to make fun of famous dead people After reading this my contempt for her has become deep and far reaching.
The setting is simplistic and nonsensical Unlike other dystopias such as 1984 or Brave New World, it s not portrait of a functioning oppressive society or a sad commentary on human nature as much as it is a vague, untenable strawman Other dystopias are written with an awareness or sensitivity toward a long day at work with a lot of that work left unfinished happy hour drinks with colleagues, no they re than that, with friends I have to get around to reviewing a book by mutterfookin AYN RAND of all things DRUNK EVIEW so I ve been on a hiring spree lately, just hiring people left and right because yay my work is actually getting multiple contracts and that means we can actually hire people instead of everyone doing two jobs per usual nonprofit social services type staffing patterns, so anyway I hired this one young lady who is clearly super smart and super organized and super perfect for the job I hired her for, good job mark, yet again, but she is 21 and so I wonder sometimes if her big brain is the tail wagging the 21 year old, who is very, very much 21 years of age, or at least what I remember of myself when I was 21 namely, emotional and critical and all about RI The book is about human identity and freedom, and how one can degrade under the chains of collectivism.
A lot of reviews on this book, which are posted on this site, use the word futuristic events I intentionally put the quotes around this word as I tend to totally disagree with the choice of this word I used to live under socialist regime, a collectivistic society So I can relate and completely understand the events described in the book, where the word I doesn t exist, when it is a shame to stand out and be different from the rest However, you don t need to come from the socialist country to understand that this is about NOW, and not the future We face this phenomenon again I am using the quotes to underline that this actually is a normal event that we face every day , when we need to struggle to form our own opinions to think this is whi

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